For those of us who live in "the big city," we are used to weird things occurring, car break-ins, tagging, crimes of all types.  It seems to come with the territory and political and racial crimes have gotten worse since former President, Obama, dispensed with all laws and all punishment against law breakers.  But we never expected this:

This morning, the owners of The Trumped Store in Show Low, AZ, a sleepy small town in Navajo County in the northeast part of the state, came in to find their store had been vandalized.  The store has been there since late last year with no incidents of this kind.  Why, we wondered, did this happen at this time.  In politics, there are no coincidences.

In speaking with the owners, Steve Slaton and Karen MacKean, who are also Chairman and 1st Vice-Chairman respectively of the Navajo County Republican Committee, we asked what they thought was the reason for this vandalism at this time.

It could be just some kids out to do mischief.  We can tell you that Show Low is a town where most of the streets are totally empty by 10pm, especially during the week.  They told us that according to the Show Low police, 1.2 million people travel down the road the store is located on, which is Hwy 60, that pretty much crosses the state in a winding pattern from east to west.  It's summer travel season and out of state plates are common.  But few come through at night.  It's not the kind of road most people would drive at night for several reasons.

You might remember the story we posted last week about a meeting of the NCRC where Sen. Sylvia Allen accused a Republican organization of acting like Hitler.  The speaker asked her point blank, "are you calling us Nazis?"  

So we asked Slaton and MacKean: "How many times over the past few years, or ever, have you heard the word Nazi used in your vicinity." "Never," was their unified reply.  Have you had any suspicious characters in your store in the past few days?  "No, we have had to escort about three people out over the past six months, but none recently."  Do you think the events in Charlottesville had anything to do with this vandalism?  "We had not considered that but since we are on a major highway, it's possible."

This was posted this morning on The Trumped Store facebook page:

We woke up to the new "artwork" on the Trumped Store banner and on the building walls this morning!!! Amazingly the police had already been here along with a Good Samaritan who was already cleaning the walls and the banner! The newspaper came immediately, took pics and Steve gave them the whole story! Look for us on the front of the white mountain independent tomorrow!! As Trump says "publicly (sic) is a good thing". 

Let's stand for what is right and good in this Country and protect our President and his family from these anarchists!!! MAGA!!!

It's unlikely that the vandals will be caught unless they brag about it to their friends and it gets out, especially if it's a local person.  The police have been called, the local newspaper interviewed them and it will probably be front page news on their Friday edition and a counter-terrorism task force will be looking into the matter.  At this point in our country's history, where we have a media that knows that Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA were the ones who threw the first blow against the white nationalists in Charlottesville but refuse to report that, where we have progressive CEOs withdrawing from Trump's Business Council saying it's because Trump (correctly) said both sides were involved in the violence because they cannot stomach the idea that BLM and ANTIFA are hate groups on a par with white supremacists, BLM/ANTIFA and others will be emboldened.

Whatever or whoever did this to a small business in a small rural town, we expect to see more of this type of thing until THE REPUBLICANS start to defend our President, split from the Uniparty and start paying attention to the Constitution and the will of the voters. It's time for THEM to take a page out of Trump's playbook: get a spine and fight back for your country to protect individual citizens like Slaton and MacKean!

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Security cameras could be a remedy here.  We need to prepare for the war that is coming so that we can deal with these animals the way they need to be dealt with.  Enough is enough.

We made the same suggestion and were told they are already looking at installing them inside and outside the building.

The War that is coming has already arrived and the main problem is far to many faithful to the GOP have no idea that the Elite GOP are right in the middle of it and they're not on our side and never have been, look at the condition of the country and ask yourselves was this done to us just by the Socialist Democrats?  The GOP is up to its' neck in this and has been playing most voters like a violin, just promise something and deliver next to nothing and the voters will be faithful after all they tried and a compromise is better than nothing. I never have agreed with this and the voting for the better of two evils is just one party of the Theology of the GOP, haven't done that as well and hope in 18 more will join in Against the Incumbent RINO's who continue to Raise the Debt Ceiling and Voted Our God Granted Rights away, check out the Photo and see how these AZ Reps. Voted against US. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

The lesser of two evils is still evil.  The lesser of two poisons is still poisonous.

Unfortunately, here's the problem: when we have two evils running and one of them wins and then they face an even bigger evil, what are we left with?

We must become more active in the process which will include CASH, which I know most don't like to deal with however if we don't then we might as well just all go on Vacation from speaking out as the General Public has a very narrow window of opportunity to inform / influence and that takes CASH.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk



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