MEET THE OPPOSITION: AZRRT was created in an effort to provide a response to the activities of various liberal, leftists and Marxist organizations that have been moving our state from solid red to light purple. One example of those organizations is the Arizona School Board Association (ASBA). The ASBA organization is well funded and its members are well trained. We are featuring ASBA here, but there are dozens of such organizations throughout Arizona. To get an idea of the scope of their activities, go to their activist website,  They have a well-oiled machine that facilitates advocacy by providing automatically generated emails to legislators and by encouraging their members to testify remotely at committee hearings. They are very good at it, and should not be underestimated.

It is the use of computer generated boilerplate email language by organizations like the ASBA that has caused our state legislature to impose the latest set of restrictions on emailing. Fortunately we were able to create which allows us to bypass the legislature's website entirely.

AZRRT is one of the very few organizations that provide a barrier against the flood of liberalism that threatens to destroy our state.

Think about what these liberal organizations are doing next time you receive a call for action from AZRRT, AFA, or any other similar organization, and are tempted to watch a favorite TV sitcom instead of taking a few minutes to contact your legislators and/or vote via the ALIS/RTS.

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You are right on the mark again Jose.  The Opposition is probably the greatest enemy our Liberty has ever faced and they are getting better at what they do with each passing year.  Those of us who have been around long enough to understand the political theory and perspective they embrace have the responsibility to meet their challenge, by educating those who haven't been around long enough.  Thank you for helping to meet this dangerous and dark challenge through your research and writing.  Stay strong and continue on.

Keep up the good work Tom!

This group utilizes the worn out tactic of promoting the often misused concept that "it's all about the children" in order to spread their particular brand of Marxism. A remnant of the old Soviet empire and entrenched into our culture by the Obama regime. Many Americans are totally unaware of the number of subversive groups surrounding us who continually undermine the very foundations of this nation by the activities of these so-called "Community Organizations". Thanks for the info Jose!  


I have been working on these alerts.  I am so impressed by the diligence you have to bring vital information to us.  Unfortunately not everyone sees the value. But, as they say, never give up.  Here in Mohave County we are reaching out to all three districts.  We have a new Mohave County GOP chairman. I will bring up these alerts to him and discuss if he is not aware or something.  Thanks so much for all you do. Nan



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