Phoenix constitutional convention gives ‘rebirth to a new nation,’ planners say

The gathering of leaders from 22 states to recommend rules for what would be the first Article V convention in American history has concluded in Arizona, on what was the 230th anniversary of the states' final approvalof the U.S. Constitution.

"It is fitting that we have met here in the great city of Phoenix," said Georgia delegate David Guldenschuh, a constitutional law attorney. "The history books will write of this convention that on this historic date we gave rebirth to a new nation."

Now, the group must wait for at least seven more state legislatures to pass resolutions calling for a convention where they hope to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to restrict congressional spending. 

The national debt hit $20 trillion Sept. 8. 

The states targeted are Idaho, Kentucky, South Carolina, Minnesota, Virginia, Wisconsin and Montana, several of which sent delegates to participate in the planning convention.

Seventy-two delegates spent four days in Phoenix at the Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention, slogging word-by-word through rules that ranged from whether to call participants delegates or commissioners, to how many votes each state should get during an Article V convention.

The work often was mundane, interspersed with a few heated debates over key issues, some friendly mocking among college football rivals and more than a few groans about the Arizona heat. 

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I would rather have a nation that followed the Constitution.

Giving birth to a new nation sounds like totally scrapping the great Constitution that our forefather fought and died for.

They foresaw this great test to the Constitution........they even allowed for it.........but Why.........?

Maybe for the same reason that God placed the serpent in the see whom Man would choose.........God's way or the New & Improved way of the Devil. 

I see nothing good coming from a Convention of States deciding to create a new nation with a new Constitution.  Who knows, but that it may well be the birth of an entirely new world order.   And it's THAT that should frighten everyone.  Perhaps we are watching Bible prophecy be fulfilled much closer than we realize.

This group is entirely separate from the COS movement.  The latter effort takes away the risks by limiting the degree to which the Constitution can be changed and thus has broader support.  Its purpose is to bring us back to Constitutional rule.

Right!!!!! :-(

I'm mostly with you, Mike.  The Art V was put in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers for a reason, maybe they foresaw times like these, probably did. I'm wearing my helmut now because others on this thread are going to go after me but here it is: for a balanced budget amendment to have a chance to work the politicians have to adhere to the Constitutional amendment and they ignore all of it now. But those against Art V also ignore the Constitution because Art V is in the Constitution for a good reason that does not include just to have something to fight over.

Why would any of the current ignorants of our Constitution pay an instant's attention to a new amendment of a document they have scoffed at and worked so hard to devalue for many years? I find it hard to believe a new effort at making serious something they believe to be a joke will mean much to them without real teeth in a clause which punishes unconstitutional behavior and actions contrary to the oath applied by law through due process.

Agree! The problem is the entrenched snakes that are quietly destroying the ONLY document we need, the original Constitution to the founders ideals. They KNEW MORE THAN US what the dangers were to our Republic, and we see it in clear view with the leftist Marxist agenda. Trump may have been a breath of fresh air but he still has to work with those who continually lie to our faces "for the public good" and the smallest minority of all ... the sovereign individual ... be damned. The drug of spending is what they will NEVER GIVE UP .. if the did, they would have supported Rep. Connie Mack's Penny Plan amendment in 2011 .. , but no they steal our cash and enslave us to themselves in government. Who has the guts to play with evil? Republicans and Democrats who embrace it in the name of a compromise and a "bipartisanship" bills. Why kill the goose that lays Golden Eggs?

What a joke this group turns out to be. There is NO WAY  in which the budget can be balanced under current monetary policy. Recall that President Obama also tried to hoodwink Americans through either his lies or ignorance in 2010. See

Your right ... the Budget Baseline Accounting ... is the gimmick to continue to enlarge the powers of the purse over us all.

I disagree that a Convention of States would be a runaway convention.  Nothing could be done without agreement 2/3rs of the states.  Does anyone really think a collapse of the US or the current constitution would be agreed to by 2/3 of the states?  Or maybe it's 3/4 of the states.  I know it takes 3/4 of the states to ratify a new amendment.  This is STATES, not Congress swamp critters.That's 34 states! If so, then we are already lost.  And the convention in Phx did not give birth to a new nation!  That's just the usual propaganda designed to foment fear.

During this electronic age of misinformation and deceit I think that the trap has been set already for a takeover of our sovereign individual rights by the representatives within those states. I don't trust ANY democratically controlled state legislatures to do that at all for Marxism is their goal, and socialism of healthcare their weapon against our "creator given rights". They disown God's glory ... replaced by man's conceited deceit. I love my government but I fear my government when they WON'T limit spending or that governmental intrusion into life itself.

This is a Spot ON! button



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