From Archie Dicksion:

Over the past several years, many people in the Republican Party, and I suspect in the Democrat Party have abused the proxy procedure to control party elections and the direction of the party within the State of Arizona.

Despite the request of many of the members at large of the Republican Party over the years to change the procedure, party leadership has been able to beat back those requests. As with most such organizations it is about certain individuals remaining in power. The concept being that "my opinion and leadership is much more important than that of the general membership and therefore I am going to block you efforts to effect change".

Over the past several months, many people in the Republican Party have worked long hard hours to bring about change within the party framework and at the legislative level. They were defeated at the party level by leadership invoking artificial rules to prevent the items from coming before the group for a vote. At the legislative level many meetings with individual legislators were made to ensure that a Bill was introduced and considered for passage in an effort to correct this problem. The proposed legislation was passed at the Government Committee level and should have then been placed automatically before the Rules Committee before passing on to the Committee Of The Whole for a vote.

Somehow or another that process got sidelined. The question then becomes who has the authority to sideline the Bill? Well, T. J. Shope as Chairman of the Rules Committee can certainly do that. The Speaker of the House, J.D. Mesnard can also request that it not be brought up for consideration as can the Governor.

As in all cases such as this, rumors abound about the who and the reasons for the Bill not coming before the Committee. When I realized the matter was not going to be brought before the committee, I personally sent and e-mail to the Office of The Governor. The response that I received was basically it was not me and I do not get involved with the legislators. The first part may be correct, but the last part about not getting involved with the legislators? Well you decide for yourself. The real question is why would either the Governor, The Speaker or the Chairman of the committee take it upon themselves individually and personally to block the Bill? If you expect an honest answer to that question, you can hold your breath until you are blue in the face and still not receive an honest answer.

Several people sent emails and phone calls to the offices of Mesnard and Shope requesting the matter be passed. So, did they take it upon themselves to personally block the will and requests of hundreds of Arizonans or was there someone else that requested they block the Bill? We will never know, but for those of you who reside in their legislative district, we can remember this when they come up for a vote for reelection. If they will not support us, why should we support them.

It is time for party leadership and legislators, be they democrats or republicans, to understand that the party base are the ones that work to support them and get them elected to office. It is long past time for them to stand up and support the party base. Remember, merely because we lost the battle, does not mean we lost the war. We must work to bring it up again next year and the year after that until we are successful in regaining control of the party.

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There must be some legislators and staffers who know who orchestrated this sneaky move.  Let them speak up so that we all may publicly shame the establishment shills who are putting their own personal careers over the will of the people and basic fair play.  The shills must be pestered relentlessly until they explain why they did what they did and who influenced them.  Time to take off the gloves.

Do you know any of your legislators?  If you do, perhaps one will tell the tale....if not in public, at least to you.

We MUST elect a NON Establishment chairman or chairwoman in January. From there we can take on the ruling class and get this abuse ended. We have to be tenacious and consistently convey to those in elected office that we realize that they work for us and if they don't represent our will, we will not work for their re-election.  Rather, we will work against them and will do so in this coming election cycle. Makes no difference if there is a democrat elected because there is no difference between a Republican Establishment candidate and a Democrat. Not one dime's worth the difference. 

I haven't voted for any Dems yet, but I do regret having voted for two of the Republicans who won in the last ACC election, who have turned out to be in the pocket of APS.  I didn't believe the warnings at the time, but should have.  Maybe we have to be in political pain for a while until we clean up the GOP.

Archie is exactly right, proxy voting is all about control.  To the cabal, and away from the grass root party members.  I made mention of this issue in recent exec meeting, when I was asked for my report from La Paz County.  I simply said that the problem was far more people were being registered as Independents than Republicans.

The reason, of course, plain as the nose on McCain or Flake's nose, is that our party is NOT a party of the people, it is a party of the cabal.  Hence, far more people are registering as independents than republicans.   Unless we want our Republican Party to wither away and surrender our state to the Democrats, we need to wise up, and restore the party, our party, to the people -- instead of to the cabal.

Hats off to you Archie Dicksion for your tireless effort regarding HB2012! And thank you for your uplifting message to continue striving for the goal.

Thanks Archie!!!

We need to send a stronger message. I need names.

Arizona legislators be AWARE ... either your with us ... or you are against us !!!! The people who did this and who claim we are a "representative democracy" have egg on their faces and should be thrown out of office. Corruption is running the GOP here and its up to each one of us to cut the cancer from the body of politics. 

We will get to the "mountain top".

Republic, not a representative democracy.

Even if I'm not a PC anymore, many of my friends are and this is a big topic of conversation. Here's what I heard from them - this "came down right from the top." What does that mean? Is the top the McCain machine or is the top Ducey or are they both the same?  If it's either of them, and I bet it is, that means they are running the legislature.  I thought it was CQ that runs the legislature so maybe it was he who stopped this.  I think the gov maybe through Mccain

If either option is correct, and I believe it quite likely to be so, then who asked for that help to intervene in the established, normal process?  We'll probably never know for sure, but I would bet, with generous odds given, that it was Sir Jonathan Lines.  After all, who has more to lose with Proxy fairness than he and his minions?  Follow the money votes!



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