From Archie Dicksion:

Over the past several years, many people in the Republican Party, and I suspect in the Democrat Party have abused the proxy procedure to control party elections and the direction of the party within the State of Arizona.

Despite the request of many of the members at large of the Republican Party over the years to change the procedure, party leadership has been able to beat back those requests. As with most such organizations it is about certain individuals remaining in power. The concept being that "my opinion and leadership is much more important than that of the general membership and therefore I am going to block you efforts to effect change".

Over the past several months, many people in the Republican Party have worked long hard hours to bring about change within the party framework and at the legislative level. They were defeated at the party level by leadership invoking artificial rules to prevent the items from coming before the group for a vote. At the legislative level many meetings with individual legislators were made to ensure that a Bill was introduced and considered for passage in an effort to correct this problem. The proposed legislation was passed at the Government Committee level and should have then been placed automatically before the Rules Committee before passing on to the Committee Of The Whole for a vote.

Somehow or another that process got sidelined. The question then becomes who has the authority to sideline the Bill? Well, T. J. Shope as Chairman of the Rules Committee can certainly do that. The Speaker of the House, J.D. Mesnard can also request that it not be brought up for consideration as can the Governor.

As in all cases such as this, rumors abound about the who and the reasons for the Bill not coming before the Committee. When I realized the matter was not going to be brought before the committee, I personally sent and e-mail to the Office of The Governor. The response that I received was basically it was not me and I do not get involved with the legislators. The first part may be correct, but the last part about not getting involved with the legislators? Well you decide for yourself. The real question is why would either the Governor, The Speaker or the Chairman of the committee take it upon themselves individually and personally to block the Bill? If you expect an honest answer to that question, you can hold your breath until you are blue in the face and still not receive an honest answer.

Several people sent emails and phone calls to the offices of Mesnard and Shope requesting the matter be passed. So, did they take it upon themselves to personally block the will and requests of hundreds of Arizonans or was there someone else that requested they block the Bill? We will never know, but for those of you who reside in their legislative district, we can remember this when they come up for a vote for reelection. If they will not support us, why should we support them.

It is time for party leadership and legislators, be they democrats or republicans, to understand that the party base are the ones that work to support them and get them elected to office. It is long past time for them to stand up and support the party base. Remember, merely because we lost the battle, does not mean we lost the war. We must work to bring it up again next year and the year after that until we are successful in regaining control of the party.

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I emailed my LD 14 senator and representatives.  If I receive an answer will advise.

Response to my inquiry: 

Hi Jere—That Bill never made it out of Rules. The reason usually is that there was an issue with it being unconstitutional.  Thanks—Becky

LD 14

That response is the standard issue response any of us would get from our representatives, not the real reason.  The question to ask is "in what way is it unconstitutional?"  By the time it gets to Rules, it has already been through Legislative Counsel to be checked for Constitutionality.

In that these bills are not written, for the most part, by legislators, but lawyers who are hired to do this particular job, I would seriously doubt that anyone in the the legislature has the knowledge to determine their constitutionally.

In any event, it is NOT the legislators job to determine constitutionally.  That is what judges are for.

This "reason" frankly sucks.  Somebody is deceiving somebody, I would almost be willing to bet on this I think!

I said I'd ask and post the response.  She responded, that is more than most legislators do ....and yes I know that bills are held and the only way to determine 'why/who' is having a relationship with your legislator(s) or other legislators, so they will tell you the truth. 


thanks for your efforts with your legislator. The response is that one of the reason a bill does not make it to of committee is that it may be unconstitutional. Not sure how that applies in this instance, but if it were the case, if we know how they consider it unconstitutional, we could possibly amend the bill to make it constitutional.  In any event, it would appear that we are all entitled to an explanation. Failure to do so would appear in my opinion to be a coverup. Perhaps we need to let Rep Shope and Rep Mesnard know that is how we feel. I will be contacting Rep Shope again on Monday if he has not decided to take that day off also.

Unconstitutional?  Not likely!  These bills are mostly written by an attorney working for and in behalf of the legislature.  Some legislator sponsors the bill, and sends it to a legislative counncil, who actually writes the bill, according to the desires of the legislator who has decided to sponsor a bill.

In any event, it is up to judges and the courts to determine constitutionally, NOT some legislator.

I smell a rat!

Funny how the legislators have laws that do not allow for any proxies whatsoever in the primary and general elections in which they are running.  So how can our desire to limit proxies to stop, no, limit unethical practices by certain state committeemen and party officials be deemed unconstitutional?



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