[Editor: When it was first reported that Arizona voter data was hacked, we interviewed Secretary of State, Michele Reagan, on election day about this.  Now she has put out a formal statement.]

Secretary Of State Michelle Reagan: Protecting voter registration information is the number one priority for my Office’s cybersecurity team. That’s why we’ve been concerned with inaccurate reports regarding our voting equipment and the potential exposure of registration data. We have made a number of upgrades in Arizona’s plan for election integrity and those improvements have enhanced the security of your information. Last week the media suggested both Arizona and Illinois had suffered hacks of their elections computer systems.

Those reports implied our state failed to take adequate precautions to prevent a SQL inject attack. Those reports are inaccurate. Our computer security experts tell me that no unauthorized user ever got access to State voter registration information. At most someone stole a login ID of a county election worker. And, several months ago, we implemented all of the recommendations cited in those media reports to prevent SQL injection attacks.

But still, I worry about election integrity issues every day. Over the next decade our state will have to develop and implement a plan to replace aging voting equipment and streamline the state’s voter data systems. We work closely and cooperatively with county election officials to ensure ballots are counted accurately. We test every counting machine before every election. Historically our counties have had to pay for new election equipment as they felt they needed it. So elections equipment is considered in the same context as the sheriff’s department budget or road paving allocations. I understand why lots of other things get replaced or updated before elections equipment but the time has arrived to focus on this issue.

[Editor's note: It is unfortunate that Helen Purcell was re-elected as Maricopa County Recorder based on this issue alone.  She's a nice lady and has done a good job in the past.  But she has rejected updating the voting machines and other equipment in that office in order to assure a fair and accurate vote is counted.  Much has changed in the years since that equipment was installed!  Hopefully, with all the cyber news in front of us every day, that will change.]

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I don't understand why Arizona does not look into going completely to a mail in only voting system like Oregon is using?

This would save the state millions every election. 

Ballot harvesting.  In the SW part of Phx and in Tucson & Yuma where there is a high spanish speaking hispanic population, the cabals have Voting parties.  They have food, beer, music, dancing - it's a party.  While the people are partying, the cabal votes the ballots, gets the person to sign and then they box them up and dump them at the poll on election day.  They have been caught on video at the Recorders office dumping them.

Fraud, plain and simple.  You don't know 'who' filled out the ballot or mailed it.  Very BAD idea.

We were sent out mail in ballots in this past election. I figured that we had to send them in instead of going to the poll where we always voted b/c they had closed down that poll. Then I learned that we could have voted at a different poll. I blame myself b/c I should have called up & checked on this. Next election we are going to a poll-if there is one. My guess is that the county that we are living in is trying to save money.I was told the time before last election that there would only be only one poling place for everyone; so I avoided that by sending in our ballots. We could have dropped them off at another designated place, but it was easier just to put them in the mail. Live & learn.

One question .... if the "early ballots" are so secure ... THEN WHY is the voters signature on the outside of the envelope showing ????? 

Have you ever heard of the mail system running "on time"?  They find letters from years ago all the time. All it takes is ONE Voter to be disenfranchised and it's "progressive" lawsuit time.

Well, the Maricopa County Recorder's office does give you a place to check to see if your ballot has been returned, counted or rejected.  That still does not address the ballot harvesting problem.



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