[Editor: If you spend any time speaking with Mr. Fontes, you will find his to be quite charismatic and charming. Believe this: that is his campaign face.  What we see below is the REAL Fontes.  We wonder how proud the AZ Republika is for endorsing a candidate who treats voters in this manner.  Class shows.  In this case, there is no class to show.]

Maricopa County elections boss tells voter criticizing mail-in ballot to 'go F- yourself'

When a Goodyear voter complained on Facebook that his Nov. 7 ballot was confusing, Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes insulted him, attacked the voter's mother and told him to "go F- yourself."

The social-media tirade comes as Fontes, the only Democrat to run Maricopa County elections in recorded history, is under a microscope.

He beat a longtime GOP elections chief in 2016 with promises of better representation and communication with voters and has faced suspicion from Republican officials and voters.

READ MORE: Mail your ballot by Nov. 1 for the Nov. 7 election

Tuesday's local election is a litmus test for Fontes. 

About half of the county's 2.1 million registered voters are eligible to vote on local issues ranging from bonds in Surprise and Gila Bend to bonds and overrides in school districts such as Phoenix Union, Tempe Union, Roosevelt Elementary, Buckeye Elementary and Chandler Unified.

Fontes has made significant changes to this year's election system by sending all voters a mail-in ballot and replacing 724 small polling places with 27 large ballot centers, which any voter can visit.

The deadline to return ballots by mail is Nov. 1. Voters can also drop off ballots until 7 p.m. on Election Day. Ballot-center locations can be found by visiting www.locations.Maricopa.vote.

Fontes responded angrily to the Goodyear voter, Nathan Schneider, who complained that the election date was hard for him and his mother to find on the mail-in ballot and ballot inserts, and was not printed on the envelope.

"The public should not be forced to make assumptions when voting," Schneider, a Democratic candidate for Arizona Legislature, posted on Facebook. "Adrian Fontes doesn't listen to me, but if any of you have his ear, maybe you could ask him why they are not labeling the Election Day on the ballot and making it more legible, easier to find, and easier to identify."

Fontes responded by asking if Schneider's mother ran his campaign and writing "go F- yourself." 

Adrian Fontes is Maricopa County recorder. (Photo: The Republic)

"(M)y response is not only appropriate but deserved," Fontes added. ["Appropriate?"  A public official saying that to a voter is "appropriate" in any circumstance?  We think he is suffering from stinkin' thinkin'.] "(I)t's less important that I am elected than the work of my staff is defended with vigor.  ... His little passive-aggressive assault against my staff and the work they do deserves no less."

On Tuesday, Fontes released a written statement about the incident. 

Continue reading The Fontes Defense...

[It seems to us that Schneider has a very valid complaint. So, here is the burning question: is Fontes going to get the same rigid scrutiny for screwing up this election that SoS Reagan got for her mistake?  Unlike Fontes, Reagan admitted her mistake and took immediate and appropriate action to assure voter integrity from her office.  AND... unlike her Republican opponent, she is AGAINST the National Popular Vote, a critical issue in our time. Steve Montenegro, her Republican opponent for SoS, LOVES the NPV which will hand the Presidency to the Democrats for years to come and will shred the Constitution! Let that sink in.  But we digress.] 

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How do we remove Fontes. 

Doesn't surprise me in the least that this is his true nature. Democrats have little patience and less tact, they expect compliance and not questions from the unwashed they believe us all to be. I think this a good time to consider recalling Mr. Fontes and replacing him with someone who does not look down his nose at people who ask questions or suggest clarity in public election documents. We start a recall by filing a petition for recall and getting the number of signers required by law to accomplish it.

There's always a lot of talk about recalling those who are dishonest and don't serve we the people. But it's costly to do that and no one who talks about it ever does it.  Probably because they have the will but don't have the skills or money. I think we focus on finding a very good candidate for the 2020 election.  In the meantime, he can hang himself with his own rope and can't do too much without the B of Supervisors vote. They are predominantly republican

Not an easy job but it can be done. I worked on Recalling Gray Davis from the Governor's office in California. They said it couldn't be done but we did it and contrary to the information you will likely hear it was the everyday people who did it not the big buck or politicians who were all saying it can't be done. They only got involved after it was basically a done deal to get on the ballot. Takes a little ramp up of spreading the word and a few dollars to produce the petitions in proper form and a lot of elbow grease and shoe leather but it can be done.

It's going to cost us much more to leave him in.

You are right Larry it could cost us a couple of elections, and our country, if what has happened so far during the Obama administrations and since he took over duties at the Recorders office aren't reversed. I heard he went to a Fountain Hill High School senior class and proceeded to tell the 400 or so he was trying to get to sign up as voters that our POTUS, Trump, was a former game show host and that to defeat him they would need to be signed up Democrats, or something to that effect. This is a violation of law if it is true and I don't doubt it because I trust the source of the information.

That is exactly right, John, he is telling that to ALL the schools he goes to.  He's breaking the law because he took an oath to sever all the people.  I heard he was on a radio show a couple of days ago and doubled down on his F-you remark and otherwise showed his true nature.



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