[Editor: Why did Gov Ducey allow this?  Where are these people? WHO are these people? They have not been vetted because there is no way to vet them.]

October 25, 2016

WASHINGTON – At least 800 Syrian refugees were resettled in Arizona over the last year, more refugees than all but three states in the nation, according to the most recent data from the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.

Arizona trailed only California, Michigan and Texas in the number of Syrians relocated in the past year, when President Barack Obama set of goal of accepting 10,000 refugees from the war-torn country – a goal that ended up being exceeded by about 2,500 refugees, the administration announced in September.

MORE:  3 Phoenix-area faith groups collaborate to welcome 1 Syrian refugee...

The announcement came as Obama unveiled plans to accept even more refugees – from Syria and the rest of the world – in the fiscal year that started this month. The president last year raised the cap on refugees admitted to the U.S. from 60,000 to 85,000, and during a United Nations address last month he committed the country to taking 110,000 in fiscal 2017.

Source: Arizona Republic

[Editor: Fox Business reports that 4110 Syrian Refugees have been settled in Arizona.  Did we hear about that from our governor???]

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When did idiocy replace common sense?

Costco gives them free Costco membership cards.  Then they use EBT cards to get free everything. 

I feel like it is an afront to all the other refugees to let any Syrians in.  BEFORE the Syrian exodus, there were well over 50 MILLION refugees in the world and while some are displaced due to natural disaster, many of them are fleeing dangerous political atmospheres and are housed in camps where the average amount of time spent in the camps is 17 years.  This is what I was told when I was employed by the UNHCR.  My direct supervisor worked at various camps in Africa for well over 10 years... she told me that there are times when they don't have food to give the people and riots ensue.  These people are at the mercy of the world and MILLIONS have been in line longer than the Syrians.  This is my personal, number one beef with letting the Syrians in... at least if we are going to let refugees in, it should be those who have been waiting and are thus less likely to be of concern and more likely to actually appreciate having some semblance of a home with the opportunity for autonomy.  

The SYRIANS are not the only refugee problem in the world and frankly, I am appalled at how ALL the other refugee problems go completely ignored in the mainstream media. 

Those transplanted here by these leftist progressives are unvetted nationals into our shores. It is a HUAMN TRAFFICKING ... that would lead to a Sedition by the Islamic culture Obama flies into America nightly on CIA charter flights. Combined with this Treason of Obama, one against our culture and morals, we have only Trump to pull us away from this evil.  And yes this trafficking is even perpetuated by the Catholic charities ... yet only 67 Christians have been allowed in. We let in the religion of persecutors, but not those who fear the Christian God? Instead of taking in those who HATE us, we should take in those who need us. 

Now tell us all why is that ... you sitting in Congress today ... why did you take "impeachment off the table" ??? You are them, hand in hand, with the alligators in OUR nation's capital. Syrian Muslims are a nation of terrorists to America, they destroyed their own nation, so we let them in here to do what ... make rugs, sell bong pipes, or is it to destroy us from within? It is Sedition and Treason.

Catholic Charities has nothing whatsoever with the Catholic Church. I could start a similar charity tomorrow and call it Catholic Charities for the Poor. Or something.  Catholic Charities is not interested in Christians.  Muslims come into a nation and form their own nations which is why we have no-go zones in America and ISIS camps where no one would go except to die.  No law enforcement goes to these places. There are 2 camps here in AZ. According to Fox



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