Beloved right-wing conspiracy theorist Sen. Judy Burges, R-Sun City West, this session convinced 51 of her legislative co-workers to pass a bill requiring either the secretary of state, attorney general or state treasurer to be absent from the governor's annual State of the State address or any other event that all of the state's executives usually attend.

The federal government does this every year with a Cabinet member for the State of the Union address. That way, just in case everyone at the event is killed, there is one person who can be sworn in as president and preserve the government.

That individual is called the designated survivor or designated successor.

But apparently Gov. Doug Ducey isn't worried about a terrorist taking down Arizona's political power structure. Or maybe he's just more worried about what would happen if Secretary of State Michele Reagan, Attorney General Mark Brnovich or state Treasurer Jeff DeWit were left in charge of the state.

He vetoed Senate Bill 1156, but thanked Burges for her concern.

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Ducey signs tax-break, dark-money bills in final flurry

Gov. Doug Ducey on Thursday brought to a close the work of the 52nd Legislature, putting his signature on 32 bills in a final flurry of bill action.

The Governor's Office reported that, in all, he had signed 374 bills into law and vetoed 14 measures that lawmakers sent to him.

The bills Ducey approved in his final day had a strong business orientation, from tax cuts to deregulation to a new state economic development office. Most of the new laws go into effect Aug. 6.


Economic development: House Bill 2666 creates an Office of Economic Opportunity, which will use data to assist businesses with reducing regulatory hurdles, seeking small-business loans and better using the state's labor force. It will also use data to analyze how Arizona competes with other states. [Editor: More government agencies.  Why not just eliminate all the regulation instead of making more law to deal with regulation that shouldn't be there in a limited government in the first place?]

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Once again we see government insuring that they stay in control over us by perpetuating their own existence & self-interest gain. If it isn't broke ... DON'T fix it ... for our "representatives" in government always seem to solve the problems they created in the first place. Now that's job security !!

Ducey also signed SB1248 (which somehow morphed into a puppy mill bill), which continues to allow puppy mill sales in Arizona. Maricopa County has the second highest population of unwanted pets in the country. We don't need puppy mills providing dogs to sell here, we need to focus on the rescues. In addition, dogs used in the puppy mill industry are often unhealthy for a variety of reasons.

Instead, Ducey catered to puppy mill lobbyists and the industry who sets up loans to purchase the dogs who declared the Department of Agriculture will regulate the mills. Surprise, the USDA already is supposed to and doesn't. And why would a "small government" Republican fall back on big government to do the job correctly?

Ducey had the help of many Republican legislators to pass this one. A few who come to mind--Kavanagh, Norgaard, and Shooter.

none of whom have any competition.  We should start now to primary them in 2018.  It will be here before we realize it.  And dog (no pun intended) them for the next two years.



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