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This group is for discussion of the Convention of the States, Article V of the Constitution, advanced in the Mark Levin book, The Liberty Amendment.

Recommended reading, but not easy reading.  This concept is very thoughtfully presented and it makes clear that it is up to we, the people, to bring America back to her founding principles.  This is a good way to get that under way.


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Citizens for Self Governance

YOU can help in forming a Convention of States

Ultimately, the success of the Article V depends on the citizens of the United States.  Volunteers will be the engine that drives this project.  If Americans are willing to sacrifice their time and energy, there is still time to halt the tyrannical abuses of the federal government. 

Interested individuals are encouraged to join our growing grassroots movement by signing up on the Take Action page. There, individuals can pledge to contact their legislators and will be notified when important volunteer opportunities arise. These opportunities include: 

  1. Volunteering to contact your legislators to support a Convention of the States

  2. Volunteering to attend a legislative hearing to support a Convention of the States

  3. Agreeing to volunteer for the next campaign for a legislator/candidate who supports a Convention of the States

  4. Donating to candidates/legislators who support a Convention of the States

  5. Donating to CSG to support this project


Click this attachment to get a printable copy of this plan.  Feel free to save to your computer.  CSG-How-You-Can-Help-2009-04-2013.doc

From a reader:

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Comment by Michael Alexander on August 27, 2015 at 1:08pm

It's PAST time, Bruce... this guy is a prime example of the "Defeat-All-Representatives-Except-Mine Syndrome"... I hate to sound like a Clinton-style operative here, but what we need is for someone to uncover a good scandal.

Comment by Bruce M Piepho on August 27, 2015 at 10:21am

Mike - your comments are spot on.  Thank you for pointing out the work around King Biggs.  It is time to dethrone him.

Comment by Michael Alexander on August 27, 2015 at 7:12am

The senate rules allow for the leader (Biggs) to be over-ridden by a majority of the majority. Last year when he refused to allow the COS bill to come to a vote, the number needed was 9. Unfortunately, only 7 stood up, and we ran out of time. It's highly likely that the bill will once agaoin be sponsored by a representative in the house where it should, again, pass easily... what we need is a strong co-sponsor in the senate who will whip the votes in preparation for another Biggs pocket veto. Here is the "Laundry List" of senators who were publicly willing to stand up to Biggs and put patriotism over politics last session:

Nancy Barto, Jeff Dial, John Kavanagh, Debbie Lesko, Steve Pierce, Steve Smith, Kelli Ward and Steve Yarbrough

Note: Sylvia Allen was a deep disappointment... she said she would "vote for the bill if it came to the floor", but would not join her colleagues on the Laundry List.

Comment by Bruce M Piepho on August 26, 2015 at 5:19pm

Mike White - Senator Biggs is so entrenched.  He can not be recalled.  Other Senators are not ready to challenge his being the Senate President.

We need to work around him and find some senators willing to sponsor the resolution.

Comment by Mike White on August 26, 2015 at 1:25pm

Is there enough disgust with Biggs within the AZ GOP, especially the Senate, to get him removed from his leadership position?  I have to wonder if he is returning favors to some special interest group (with lots of money), or if they have something on him.  Either way, he must go.  He is not our dictator.

Comment by marc on August 10, 2015 at 8:48am

I chopped up the picture to make it more readable and put it on my website.

If you have a problem with it I can take it down.

thanks to your reader.

Comment by Tif Morgan on August 9, 2015 at 2:02pm

I will be back in a few

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on February 11, 2015 at 10:19am

Senate President Andy Biggs will be putting the CoS Art V bill in the round file and won't allow the Senate to take it up.  Is he channeling Harry Reid?

Comment by Michael Alexander on January 12, 2015 at 10:50am

Note to Marc & Franklin Thomas Fiedler - Right now, today, the federal government - that's Congress, in case you really are as badly in need of a refresher as your comments imply - can and does increase the debt on a daily basis... to the tune of about $2.43 BILLION DOLLARS.

That's every friggin' day!

And, they do this on their own without any checks or balances. What the Convention of States Project and the Compact for a Balanced Budget Amendment propose to do is to introduce AUTHORIZATION BY A MAJORITY VOTE OF THE STATES before the debt can be increased.

Not only does this represent a brand-new hurdle that Congress must clear before spending our tax dollars willy-nilly, but they would have to submit the request in writing to all state legislatures, accompanied by a budget justifying every dime that they are requesting over and above the legislated threshold.

Additionally, the amendment is written so as to require compliance of both the legislative and executive branches of the federal government under threat of impeachment.

If the states fail to authorize the requested debt increase, there is no increase. If they do, than so be it... take it up with your state representatives... but don't sit out there and misrepresent the effort that is being advanced by fine, duly-elected constitutional conservatives across this nation, especially when the only research you've done on the topic is to find out what your opinions are supposed to be today from the John Birch Society.

Oh, that's right... they're the same as they were back in the 80s.

Comment by marc on January 12, 2015 at 8:49am

I agree with Franklin Thomas Fiedler

and the only way to solve the problems now is to remove the laws that got us here.

No more stacking bad on bad. No more problem, reaction, solution


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The best in books to make every conservative start thinking in new ways about America and the world being controlled by the Obama Administrations AND Republicans and Democrats.  Some surprises are in store for those who look!




Suppose the earth and its inhabitants exist in order to identify just what causes mankind continually to suffer so many troublesome problems and afflictions.

At present, most persons decide to act on whatever happens with their thoughts. But doing so puts them in competition with one of the creator's natural laws first identified by Richard Wetherill.


The answer is not complicated. People must stop basing their behavior on their personal thinking. Instead they have to act on the creator's thoughts, here being described in the English language as rational, honest, and morally right.

No longer should people reason from their concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, likes and dislikes, or whatever else comes to mind. Instead, mankind must think the creator's thoughts. That enables them successfully to do what is rational, honest, and morally right.

That may seem incredible until understood. But, consider that it is the way that mankind can escape the death penalty everybody has been paying since the days that people were created.

Join the survivors who have stopped their personal thinking. They now base their behavior on the creator's guiding thoughts to act in a way that is rational, honest, and morally right.

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