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North Dakota becomes the tenth state to pass Convention of States resolution.

Message from Mark Meckler: Just moments ago, North Dakota passed the Convention of States resolution with overwhelming support!This histo…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Mar 24

Article V, Convention of States Comes to Arizona

[Editor: This is a very controversial topic.  Some very good people have fought hard to make this  happen. Some very good people think it i…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

43 Mar 21
Reply by Aaron Ellsworth

Convention of the States- Up Date

By Mark Meckler   Our nation is in crisis right now, and we need some serious changes in order to save what's left of our country for our p…

Started by Tif Morgan

114 Dec 13, 2016
Reply by Bruce M Piepho

The Red pill OR the Blue pill please

(Food for though for all on the issue of an Article V convention written by Phyillis Schlafly.)       Powerful Leftists have joined forces…

Started by John5319

19 Aug 16, 2016
Reply by Roger Teaters

I Think Convention Of States Needs to See Into This

 This is a strange offbeat little share by me, when I first read the documents being proposed to Government, I said, yea right. Then,Humani…

Started by Tif Morgan

1 Mar 20, 2016
Reply by Tif Morgan

Volunteers Needed!!

Over the next two weeks,we are calling on Democrat senators in the AZ state legislature to discuss how a bill moves through the legislature…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

1 Feb 25, 2016
Reply by Tif Morgan

Tea Party Convention Of States Bradley County News

 Tea Party Convention Of States, they say we are nothing but a Bunch of Tea Party Rednecks. That we lack intelligence, do we have a surpris…

Started by Tif Morgan

7 Feb 14, 2016
Reply by Tif Morgan

A Federal Power Check Amendment for the Constitution via Article V

(This article also available at this link.) If We the People could add just one amendment to the Constitution, what would it be? What one a…

Started by David Leeper

23 Jan 17, 2016
Reply by Bruce M Piepho

GOP Hopefuls sign on to Convention of States

Our Article V Amendments Convention is gaining traction among some GOP hopefuls... but misinformation and "fear" are still major hurdles...…

Started by Michael Alexander

19 Jan 16, 2016
Reply by Tif Morgan

ANCHOR BABIES for President??

The U.S. of America is on a crash course to SOCIALISM. GOD and both Natural law and Law of the Nations are being ignored. The Supreme Court…

Started by Bruce M Piepho

1 Jan 16, 2016
Reply by Tif Morgan





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