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I'm not through the whole video yet, but it seems like her argument is "because there are enemies of our constitution out there, we should never propose new amendments to it." As if Congress is the only body "qualified" to propose constitutional amendments. I always feel like I'm pulling my hair out when I have to tell these people "remember 38 states STILL HAVE TO RATIFY whatever gets proposed in a convention!"
"We've never had one - but they're dangerous!"


As I understand, a constitutional amendment and an article V Con Con are two different things.  We have had many amendments with no con con..  Just saying....

If all of you folks that have been pushing to hold an article V Convention would concentrate your time, treasure, and efforts to educating the electorate as to Constitutional principles they would elect constitutionalists to Congress.  We wouldn't need to be having this conversation because Congress is the key to righting the ship of state.  By the way, If they aren't following the Constitution now what makes you think Congress will comply with an amendment?  

Great reasoning. I pushed the like button

No guarantees in life.  Term limits, balanced budget, repeal portions of the 17th amendment, etc. all may help to keep control and power in the states and people.

Did you know prior to the 17th amendment the state legislators could recall a senator?

Yes I did. That was the start of democracy in America, which is now turning into Communism/etc. 

Yep and now "they" have coined the phrase democratic republic.  Let's face it America will not return to the Republic as the question asked at the time of signing the Constitution ready for the states to confirm:

What kind of country to we have?

A republic if you can keep it.

Thomas Paine,


there is no way of reaching the masses to educate them and undo the damage inflicted by public education; nor, of overcoming the money advantage of incumbency.

Much of the damage has been done by the judiciary with its construction of the commerce clause, equal protection, due process, etc., etc.  Congress in turn has abdicated its legislative responsibilities to the judiciary and to executive agencies and the so-called rule making process.

Well crafted amendments can emasculate the judiciary while also providing clear, concise and unequivocal direction to a Congress run amok.  It's too late in the game to expect any good to come from the ballot box.

Well said Vaquero though I wouldn't give up trying to educate.  School vouchers, charter schools, home schooling, defunding state supported universities that stifle free speech, etc..  Conservatives getting involved in and elected to local school boards would help.  I believe that because of our go along get along natures we conservatives have not worked as hard to influence the culture, education, and media as those on the left.  Not one magic bullet but many approaches should be used to turn things around.  Thanks for weighing in!

Educating the electorate has to begin at an early age.  The the current educational system has deleted all governmental, Constitutional and true history, we have an electorate easily steered to improper politics.

@Eric  There was a report on some TV show last night from a professor at some university saying the current crop of students are much more conservative than the current millenials.  I think that is good news and a good start. Won't attach to this issue but thought it interesting.



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