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No need to get out of it.  It's one of the best things the Arizona Legislature ever did.  If you believe the wild accusations made by this woman, you have obviously never read any of Mark Levin's books or Rob Natelson's writings.  Same goes for Mike Farris.  As a previous commenter stated "The idea that (any of these men) are Soros/globalist stooges trying to harm America is as ridiculous as the idea that YOU are."  Please do your research including this response from Michael Farris of The Convention of States".

the youtube version plays better

The only weakness in our current Constitution is the fact that our elected officials have ignored it's limitations and the people have been so dumbed down many seem to believe rewriting some or all of it will make them pay attention to it's limitations.

I know that our current elected are not up to the job of protection of our Constitution, which they have sworn to do on taking office, they prove this on a daily basis. It is up to US to require our elected to live up to their oath and it will be up to US to control our elected and enforce the Constitutional limits on them. I think there needs to be State laws passed to punish those who violate the oath taken and usurpations of Sovereign power not delegated to these elected officials and employees of various governmental office and the penalties need to be severe, jail time and fines, bans from office and loss of all benefits.

This video is right on and the lady is 100% right is what she is saying. I think if they attempt a Constitutional Convention  it will mean a second civil war is just around the corner. They have been trying to eliminate the second amendment for years and will bet nothing like it would be included in anything to come out of any new Convention.

I plan to add this to this page.

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And I don't trust Mark Levin or Glenn Beck! Both are in it for the money and fame

Huldah Does an excellent job taking the facts and twisting them into fear.  Do your own research and you will find the states have held conventions for hundreds of years and over 300 or is it 400 conventions have been held.  They know the rules.  The one thing true is no Article V Convention of States has been held to bring forward to propose amendments.

Read Article V carefully and there is no provision to fall into completely replacing the constitution.  Only the power to step around congress and take matters into the hands of "We the People."  Can you find two thirds of the states controlled by the Democrats to attempt to introduce any amendment to repeal the Second amendment?

Joshua said it best - We have never had one so it must be dangerous.

The Washington D.C. politicians do not follow the U.S. Constitution.  When they do refer to the constitution, they twist the words to mean whatever necessary to justify the desire to control and hold power over the states and the people.  The federal is no long for the people.  RINOs such as McCain and Flake are filled with hate, jealousy and envy.  These two and others like them such a Senator Graham should be ejected from the Republican party after being defeated at polls and tossed from office.  Face it pilgrims we are in a Political Civil War.  The federal oligarchy on one side and the American people on the other side - those with the values of responsibility, limited government, liberty, freedom and the right to pursue our individual version of happiness.

Do not let this video brain wash or trick into false fear.

There are millions of "We the People" who are confident only an Article V Convention of State will restore America to a true Republic.


You are not listening in the first para. She is just reinforcing the JBS video here.

If I am wrong I want to error on the side that does not turn our government into ..... well where it is going. We don't need to change anything but ourselves.

What is wrong with the Huldah video is the fear mongering by the John Birch Society.  Yes JBS is a very conservative organization for yeasr and years - but they are 1,000 % wrong on COS Article V.

"We the People" can not trust or rely on the federal government to protect this Republic.  To do so is to commit suicide for America.

We are going have to agree to disagree on most

Except this: "We the People" can not trust or rely on the federal government to protect this Republic.  To do so is to commit suicide for America.

We have to do it. Somehow someway.

My concern, for decades, is that the teaching of "civics" and anything to do with how the Constitution works or is supposed to work has been scrubbed from virtually ALL public schools.  One more thing that DC should have no say in.  Thus we have an electorate which simply "goes along" with such as Obama and Clinton rabble roused.

You get a SPOT ON like button.

We can nullify unconstutional statutes.



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