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If true, that would be a relief.  Thanks for the tip.

"Neither the states not congress can control what goes in in the convention." True as to congress. (Yay) States can recall delegates. Also, RATIFICATION. Anybody can "write a new constitution." Heck, even Congress can do that. But nothing happens unless 38 states ratify it. People, we still have power at the state and local level - it is Washington that is disconnected. Should we wield that Article V power carefully? Of course! Should we refuse to wield it because Warren Burger and Publius Hulda didn't like Article V? Uh no. I personally know Mike Farris, one of the driving forces behind this Article V movement. Have known him for 30 years. The idea that he is a Soros/globalist stooge trying to harm America is as ridiculous as the idea that YOU are. Read Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments and get excited about fixing things beyond one election!

Joshua, I tend to agree with you. I do see this woman giving very weak arguments against ART V. I once heard a JBS lady say that ART V was just thrown in there. I have a hard time believing the Founding Fathers were careless to the point they just threw anything into the Constitution. The truth to me is that we will never know what would happen until it's tried. Like the Constitution itself. People then thought that group of guys were crazy. It's never been done, they said. If the 57 had followed that advice, we would not be living under this Constitution.  ART V is there because they felt the time would come when it was needed. Fear stops us from doing a lot of things. I have a friend who came into a sizable inheritance. BC he feared investments, he spent all his money and now he has 0. That may be what we have soon with the way we are not represented as mandated by the Constitution.

Well, given that there are already major violations of the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th amendments, I would say that we are already not represented as mandated by the Constitution.  It doesn't take another convention or changing the rules again.  It simply takes following the Constitution as it's already written.  Any time I hear that George Soros is involved, I know it's not out of the goodness of his heart that he acts and supports anything!

A Like button to you

except George thinks he is doing good. We don't. but he does. 8-)

Another LIKE button to you Eric.  Soros is one of many Satanic activists attempting to destroy America.  Karl Marx around the nid-1880s said America can only be taken down from within.

The problems of simply following the constitution as written and as amended is the interpretations by the congress, administration and supreme court.

In AZ we could not get rid of McCain at the last election.  Soros is under indictment in - I believe - Hungary.  The senate minority leader, house minority leader, past president and all the left loonies are not acting out of the goodness of their hearts.

Then there is the Muslim Brotherhood and the constitution should be amended to ban Sharia law.


I'm not at all sure he thinks! :)

George Soros is vigorously opposing the Convention of States effort to call an Article V Convention along with many other left wing groups.  Where did you get the idea that he supports it?  Oh, right, Huldah said so.  Well she couldn't be more mistaken and I suspect she knows that what she said about Soros wanting an Article V convention is untrue. 

JBS and I think so to. Why do they have a new constitution written. They are just waiting for the stupid conservatives to COS

Sure, and the "power of the people" in 1913 passed thee 17th amendment, thereby taking away the states representation in congress.  Look at the mess that has made!

Our Az. legislature passed a bill that makes us part of the states who are now part of article V.  How can we get

out of this?



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