Authored by Marianne Ferrari: 

I want to enthusiastically congratulate the new conservative activist group in Prescott, Mobilization of Conservatives (MOC), for their fearlessness and gallantry in counter-protesting against the Leftists who besiege McCain’s and Gosar’s offices in Prescott, every Tuesday at 1 pm.They are the first example I've seen of what I consider to be a powerful new wave of conservative grassroots activism.

For years, I've watched us Tea Partiers continue to age, fearing that I was watching the last light in the nation beginning to die out. But these Great Ladies of Prescott prove that we are NOT the last enlightened Americans. We were the beginning!

MOC clearly represents a second wave of dedicated patriotic activism that's arriving at the perfect time--in the midst of the Trump Revolution—with a totally different point of view, from the one the Tea party started with. They KNOW we can defeat progressivism, and knowing that really energizes them! They will not be denied. Theirs is a totally new kind of determination than was possible for us, starting, as we did, in the much darker time, as Obama took the presidency.

The conservative movement welcomes their energy, great new ideas, and willingness to speak up to save America! Bravo, Myrna, Julie, Reina, and Rose! 

[Editor:  If you are interested in getting onboard with this movement, contact us at and we will forward your message to these fine ladies. You might want to start a similar group where you live.]

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The revolutionaries from the left have always KNOWN that it is the indoctrination of the children who are their future .... for as Vladimir Lenin DID SAY: "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." ..."The goal of socialism is communism".

Conservatism is the threat to the collectivist ideology of a centrally planned statism from the left !!

OK, we got our feet wet......and they tried to disappear us.  I just read an article on John Koskinen and how he's still hanging on even after targeting the Tea Party.

We need is a rebirth of the Tea Party.  We accomplished some great things our first time around and got some experience.  Now imagine a Tea Party on steroids.

That may be encouraging but we need to start with that patriotism in the schools by this so-called education given out in the classrooms. Free-welding political rants from tenured professors who are re-living the 1970's agenda of "free spirits" are the education problem ... for we long longer stress the basics of Math, English, Sciences, and Economics that would help, rather than harm, our American values & heritage. Actions do speak louder than words ... fire the IRS chief N O W ... unless you Trump ... consider him a "friend" of American greatness.

Congrats to the "new age" ladies!!!  I don't live near (Show Low) them but if I know of anyone that does, I will certainly give them a heads up!



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