I was thinking of this past year and all that has gone with it. This is some of the things that took place in one short year.

This corrupt Deep State organization is not our legal government. It is a corporation, a business entity. Our true government is a Republic and we are sovereign's. This country was hi-jacked in the late 1800's and was further accomplished in 1913 on Jekyll Island when a group of Wealthy businessmen devised a plan to control the finances thus controlling the people. This was done as a part of establishing THE NEW WORLD ORDER. I suggest that you read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin.

FBI is an agency that is supposed to protect the citizens of this country and now we need to be protected from them. The people at the top have become so corrupt that we have (McCabe, Comey, Mueller and may others) that are so busy working for the Democratic party and protecting Bush/Clinton/Mossad/Israel mafia. This is so easy to see just by the way the way the Mueller investigation has gone. Look at the people of the investigative body, all have been pro Hillary and anti Trump. It started out as an investigation into Trump collusion with Russia but, everything that has been found was against Hillary and the participants of the Government offices and the FBI.

CIA was established to protect America's resources overseas. Today they have retreated to being a cruel DRUG CARTEL. We know that the war in Afghanistan is strictly for the control of the drugs. They only work behind closed doors because they agenda is so dark.

MSM has been bought and paid for by the DNC for their owners. They are so total biased in favor of Hillary Clinton and this was so blatantly obvious during the election campaign. Hillary could do no wrong and Trump could do no right. Polls that were rigged by using on Democrats that would be biased in her favor. Even today a year after Trump won the election no matter how much good he has done for this country as far as the MSM he can still do right. This is why the people of this country do not believe you and you are not credible.

BIG PHARMA in their lust for money and power that they have bribed doctors, insurance companies, EPA, and CDC to make and get on the market as many drugs on the market as quickly as possible for their profit. Doctors have been bribed or threatened into prescribing drugs they know do not work and because of the chemical compounds used to make them are dangerous. At the present time there is over Holistic doctors that have been found dead from unusual circumstances because of the research they were doing. A CURE FOR CANCER not just something to make you sicker. Most people are now aware that chemo does not work and more patients die from the treatment than from the disease. Most of the medicines from big pharma are designed to control your illness while working to undermine your body for future medications to be added. Pharmaceuticals are little more than glorified chemical companies.

MONSANTO is a company that is forcing people of the world to use their dangerous GMO foods and seeds. With the use of bribery their control of the EPA and the collusion of BIG PHARMA they can now do pretty much what they want. To attest to this approximately 80% of America's food is GMO.(Genetically Modified Organisms) One of the most used is corn because it goes into food for animals, corn oil and, food for people.

INTERNET The internet is a source of information that is much more reliable than MSM and a place where we can research and learn however, Google, Facebook, Twitter and others are now trying to control that because, the New World Order does not want us to learn what kind of devious crap they use on us to keep us under control.

ISRAEL/EMBASSY Israel is not our friend. They are a part of the corruption working with and through the cabal factions. As I understand it Israel owns and controls the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and to work there you must have dual citizenship with the Israel citizenship ahead of the American even though this is supposedly an American Agency. As far as the Embassy goes that was nothing more than a legal document being put into effect after more than 20 years of being signed into law.

FRACKING/OIL is a destructive means of extracting gas and oil from the ground and using high pressure to pump contaminated water deep into the ground. This is now causing earthquakes in areas that had few or none before. A good example is Oklahoma, where only a few small ones occurs over a period of years and now (the last I heard) has had over 100 just this year and, the more wells the more earthquakes. Oil is harmful to the environment particularly the drinking water supplies. One of the biggest problems with the oil is the numerous leaks from the pipes that spill thousands of gallons in a very short period of time.

HILLARY/CONGRESS Since the election campaign it has been very obvious that Hillary and most of the people around her are very corrupt This is why President Trump changed the name of Washington, DC from a swamp to a sewer. The Clinton Cartel (both criminals Bill and Hillary) have been using all kinds of tactics to accomplish their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for years. There has been a trail to death behind Hillary that continues today. Bill continues to be one of the worst sex offenders in politics and Hillary has done everything she needed to in covering this up including threatening the women he raped. Their political life is no better. My understanding is that Bill had to be forced to sign NESERA on his last day in office. Hillary's campaign was an unbelievable mess with illegal donations, rigging the election against Bernie Sanders, used her pay to play foundation to support her campaign fund as well as took over the DNC money and used that as though it was hers, rigged voting machines,(had a large number of dead people and illegal aliens vote for her, had the press, staff and, bussed people to Trump rallies to stir up trouble. The MSM and the Swamp Creatures have covered up for and protected Hillary through the entire election belief that they can do no wrong She was so sure she had everything locked up because she had been promised that spot. Hillary tried every dirty tactic in the book and could not win against that was not a politician that was playing by the rules. Terms need to be limited. Trump won the presidency because the political agenda in Washington was not in the best interest of the American people. People in America and really all over the world are fed up to the eyeballs with the way our government is run and we have decided to change it. WE THE PEOPLE far out number you so, you may have money on your side we have numbers on ours. A very good example of what the people can do when we stick together is what is happening with Pizzagate/Pedogate that snowball has started downhill and will not stop until it reaches bottom and all that disgusting filth is cleaned up. What is going to be the next snowball just from the options that are in this article? Will be interesting to see. As for Congress you have don nothing but get in the way of what he was trying to do for the country. The Democrats are so full of hatred for Trump they are completely incapable of doing their jobs. You will do anything to prevent him from accomplishing his goals. The Republicans are not much better. They do what will make them look good to the people but, we see through them too. Considering the our legally elected President(both electoral and popular) has had no support from Congress and this is contemptible he has been able to accomplish an amazing amount for this country.


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