During the last week, I was made aware of yet another hit piece about LD23. This time they accused that district of wasteful spending when they defended their state committee from an assault against them by the AZ GOP and Robert Graham.  Every PC in Arizona who has read about that knows it was all about denying over 100 votes to their former chairman, Jim O'Connor, in his bid for the new chairman of AZGOP.

We hear about swamps and cesspools in DC but one of the biggest is the one in AZ GOP.  It is in need of pulling the plug so that swamp can drain but McCain runs that show and it won't happen until the old geezer dies in office.  It will continue if he gets Flake elected to carry on his legacy of destruction of Arizona republican politics.

Sonoran Alliance is McCain's baby. He owns those who run it to prop up the despicable at the detriment of the honest precinct committeemen.  I posted some facts that they conveniently left out of their latest hit piece.  They refused to publish it.  It didn't contain any foul language but just the facts. That site is uninterested in facts, they are interested in propping up the people like Gayla Coletto and the others who supplied them with invented events and are part of the problem with Arizona politics coming from the McCain plots and schemes. LD23 should throw the guttersnipes out.

They are hiding massive misuse of funds in the Republican party.  I wonder if the new treasurer who sounds like a highly intelligent and capable no-nonsense person, can expose that fraud. I also wonder if that man will be safe if he does.

Let me quote P.J. O'Rourke: "At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child - miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of spoiled brats."

That well sums up the entire AZGOP of Graham, Lines, McCain, Flake, Coletto, all the others who cost the LD23 district.

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Sonoran Alliance is a Liberal GOP Rag. 

I just heard McCain's mother is still alive and is older than the State of Arizona. He apparently comes from strong stock. don't know what else to say about that, but the old geezer may hang around quite some time. Sure hope it isn't in the senate.

Dolores, You are right John McCain's Mother either turned 104 or 105 yrs just recently. I wouldn't hold my breath about this man not being in the senate. He is bound & determined that he will remain in our senate no matter that should mean to the people in AZ. Most importantly we should be concentrating on removing Jeff flake b/c he is coming up for re-election in 2018. Then after Flake we need to concentrate on John McCain.

This is merely my opinion. All & all we have to replace both these men & should be working on it now instead of deciding what to do at the last minute.

A strong conservative is just one chance to put our party back together with an ideology of Federalism and Constitutional value. It just might be that a real person would rise to the top statewide, for when is "enough" ... really ENOUGH ... when is passion for the job & for Truth a reality with these political class of thieves we have today? It's time we put our feet, and money, where our mouths are!

Well, isn't that ducky!! When no one was looking did these people just do whatever they wanted  & now that they are up a creek without a paddle; & are expecting the people in AZ to bail them out.?? I am not a PC nor am I really involved in politics in this state; however, I do resent the fact that the 'big' BOYS &  possibly GIRLS are not following the rules. I was disappointed when Jim O'Connor didn't win & yet I wasn't about to be a 'snowflake' & go out & protest b/c I was upset that Jim didn't win. I have to admit I do not know about all that has transpired & yet I do not like what I am reading or for that matter hearing. I do know that there were some very dedicated Republicans that have gone to Phoenix in order to try to straighten this mess out. Guess it's going to take more than  that. IMHO I would not give any money to the people  who have managed to nearly break this party. Personally from what I have observed many of the Republicans are not presenting their best side. That is very disappointing to me. However, I guess many have already let their own party down. Especially the RINOS!!

As a former PC who was pushed out of LD28 by the purge orchestrated by McShame, I have been totally disgusted with the AZGOP, for some time. I am no fan of O'Conner, as he promoted the purge, from what I saw. Until Flake and McShame can be shamed and defeated, we have a hard road ahead.

Remember, you don't have to be a PC to effectively influence and educate your neighbors and friends. I enjoy handing out pocket Constitutions, every chance I get. Some even take the time to read them.

We need to increase the public pressure on Flake and insure that his "coat-tail" express, on the McShame train, is cancelled in 2018!

Rick, if you are referring to Jim O'Connor, you could not possibly be more wrong. Many in his LD have been purged by McCain, one was his recruit who had recruited 20+ more or less new PCs.  I don't know what you think you saw but you are completely wrong. He was a fine chairman of his district and has the backing of 97% of the PCs there.  I know that because I occasionally attended as a guest with my long time friend who is a PC there.

I can only speak from what I experienced. At the time, McShame seemed to control every move and his minions dominated LD28. Until that RINO strokes out, there will be no peace in the party! I am tired of liars, thieves and career politicians. All of which we have, here in AZ. It's time to drain AZ's swamp, starting with Mcshame and Flakey plus Worsley, Pratt and McGee!

There are so many yet not named, however all one needs to do is follow all the Votes on Legislation helping the Gov. set up more control over Ed from his office as well as all the legislation that allows Common Core to further entrench itself in AZ and that gives all the True Picture of just how bad the Septic Tank is in AZ.  I hope President Trump issues a directive to Devos to Terminate Common Core and then it won't be an issue. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Since Trump is about returning Federalism back into the lexicon of politics, I see that termination of Common Care to be the best for each child, in each state within America. We are blessed by Grace to have Trump as President at this time in our nations history.


We had our 'gov to be' speak at our T-Party before the election. He was asked about Common Core & he said he was not for it. Next thing we know, he returned to Phoenix where he told everyone that he was for Common Core. He got some votes from people that attended that meeting b /c he said was against Common Core. My husband & I did not vote for him b/c he struck us as a typical politician & simply couldn't stop talking. I'm with you, I have high hopes that President Trump will issue a directive to DeVos to terminate Common Core. He has said that he was not for Common Core & b/c he said what he did, I figure that he will follow through with his promise. FYI Gov Doug Ducey's speech was video taped.



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