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THE ONLY FLAG THAT DOESN'T FLY This is just amazing, not only is it huge, the proportions are correct. It took someone a lot of time to ma…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

3 on Tuesday
Reply by Jaspersgoat

"Republicans or Democrats?" he asked

The shooting that took place today at a baseball field in Alexandria, VA is the direct result of the Hate Trump campaign being waged by Dem…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

9 Jun 14
Reply by Walter Myers

DHS whistleblower honored with freedom award - an American Hero

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — As a Department of Homeland Security specialist on Islam and terrorism, Philip Haney understood his job was to fol…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

4 Jun 6
Reply by Arizona Freedom Alliance

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain Cut Diplomatic Ties With Qatar…

[Editor: Remember that Qatar gave the Clinton Foundation $1,000,000 that she "forgot" to report as required because she was Secretary of St…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

1 Jun 5
Reply by John5319

BREAKING VIDEO : New Bombshell Documentary “Who Killed Seth Rich?”

[Editor: OAN has done a terrific job in a multi-part series on the murder of Seth Rich.  If you have not yet turned the channel away from F…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

10 Jun 5
Reply by Larry Grafanakis

#StopTheScalpings announces Operation Fight With Fire

NEW YORK, NY, May 30, 2017 – Today, conservatives stand together with #StoptheScalpings to push back against the attempt to silence those w…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

8 Jun 2
Reply by john powelson

You already know about the massive cyber attacks in Europe, but...

have you thought about the obvious next step that is sure to come? Massive Global Cyber Attack Using NSA Hacking Tools Takes Down 45,000 Co…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

15 May 17
Reply by Jack Wilborn

A Chinese Factory Slave Explains Why Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back To America

[Editor: This is what happens when those with resources and a thirst for the latest and most advanced product on the market must have it at…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

2 May 5
Reply by John5319

Killing the Messenger Didn’t Work. Bill O’Reilly’s Back on Monday

Whether you like O'Reilly or not is irrelevant. What IS relevant is that O'Reilly's ousting likely spells the final nail in the coffin that…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

50 Apr 30
Reply by marc

US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan after Green Beret killed

[VIDEO] The U.S. military dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday, just days after a Green Beret was killed…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

5 Apr 14
Reply by John5319



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson



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Suppose the earth and its inhabitants exist in order to identify just what causes mankind continually to suffer so many troublesome problems and afflictions.

At present, most persons decide to act on whatever happens with their thoughts. But doing so puts them in competition with one of the creator's natural laws first identified by Richard Wetherill.


The answer is not complicated. People must stop basing their behavior on their personal thinking. Instead they have to act on the creator's thoughts, here being described in the English language as rational, honest, and morally right.

No longer should people reason from their concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, likes and dislikes, or whatever else comes to mind. Instead, mankind must think the creator's thoughts. That enables them successfully to do what is rational, honest, and morally right.

That may seem incredible until understood. But, consider that it is the way that mankind can escape the death penalty everybody has been paying since the days that people were created.

Join the survivors who have stopped their personal thinking. They now base their behavior on the creator's guiding thoughts to act in a way that is rational, honest, and morally right.

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