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Recently, the [far far left wing] Sierra Club published an article intended to debunk a means to remedy climate change and other environmental problems that, under most circumstances, would appear to be a natural candidate for support, rather than opposition, from a group that calls itself “environmental.” For one thing, the remedy this major environmental organization set out to discredit is: simple and down to earth, utilizes skills and activities that have been familiar to humans for millenia, and involves an interaction that ecosystems have used to cycle CO2 as long as life has existed on Earth. 

Add to that the fact that the target of this debunking involves no complicated technologies, as do solar and wind power. Nor does it require huge subsidies providing get rich quick scams for companies like Solyndra, all of which, I’m sure you realize, makes it a prime candidate for opposition from not-for-profits that prosper off subsidies, grants, and government funding. (see “EcoProfits” on this website)

What is most interesting about this article, however, is something of which I’m not sure even the author Christopher Ketcham is aware. Ketcham’s article, which is headlined: “The Sacred Cow — Cows Will Save The Planet… Or Not, You Choose,” provides an opportunity to contrast the foundational axiom of contemporary environmentalism (send us money to grow more government and the environment will be healthy) with a new realization derived from (of all sources) the space program. This comparison-contrast sheds new light on how ecosystems function and the role life-forms, including us humans, play within them. (Maybe I should be thanking Ketcham rather than criticizing him.)

Contemporary environmentalism operates on the principle that all problems in nature result from the impact of humans, and for that reason the way to save the world from climate change, species extinction, desertification—all environmental problems — is to reduce the impact of humans across the board, whether that impact comes from using carbon fuels, grazing livestock, consuming too much, producing too much, reproducing too much, or doing too much of anything except regulation, reduction, and protection.

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The Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy are Fake Environmental organizations.  They are only about power and control, which in conjunction with programs like Agenda 21 are all a part of the NWO.  
Both the SC and NC are hypocritical insomuch as they say they are about protecting the environment but yet when they remain silent on the illegal alien issue and the damage that they do with their trashing our mountains and deserts with their discarded debris, literally creating vast amounts of trash and human defecation in our streams and river beds.  And not to mention the forest fires they start every year while crossing our borders.   In 2011, per the US Forest Service, illegals/drug mules caused 9 major forest fires in Ariz. alone.  Destroying tens of thousands of acres of forest, wildlife, bldgs. ranches, etc. and causing major flooding issues for the following few yrs. after the fires.  And Tom Hanks paddles along in his canoe, smiling and never a word about the illegal alien issue and the damage they cause.

Fake? or are the members that ignorant?

They are lifelong members of The Ministry of Propaganda headquartered in Brussels ... and our military freed them from Nazism? They are The New World Order of Nazism. 

With out CO2 we die think about it trees need it we need the trees oxygen.

The interaction and complexities of all life cycles points out just how arrogant these leftist groups are. It is all about the misinformation deceit they spread into our classrooms for control and power over the young. "Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed." - Joseph Stalin. This ties in with his other famous quote: "We don't let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?" 



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