It’s Too Late – Broward County School Board Beginning to Admit Their Mistakes?…

As expected – buried deep inside a Miami Herald articleabout the Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, and a school board questioning their progressive policies, we find the following:

[…]  Absent Cruz’s school records, it is hard to say precisely when Cruz’s behavior became an acute problem for teachers and administrators. Disciplinary reports obtained by the Herald show that at Westglades Middle School, which he attended in 2013, he’d been cited numerous times for disrupting class, unruly behavior, insulting or profane language, profanity toward staff, disobedience and other rules violations.

Records show the behaviors continued at Marjory Stoneman Douglas [High School], which he attended in 2016 and 2017 before being transferred, with discipline being dispensed for fighting, profanity, and an “assault.” It appears the Jan. 19, 2017 assault resulted in a referral for a “threat assessment.” A few months later, Cruz landed at an Off Campus Learning Center, where he remained for only about five months.  (read more)

Well, there it is.

This is what Jack Cashill was writing about yesterday: “Did the Progressive ‘Broward County Solution’ Cost 17 Student Lives?”

Yes Jack, yes it did.

Jack Cashill knows all too well, because he watched us follow a similar 2012 Trayvon Martin trail into the rabbit hole of manipulated diversionary school discipline to avoid criminal arrests.  Just so the school system could “improve their statistics.”

Broward County schools intentionally created polices from 2011 through 2015 that culminated in the 2018 mass school shooting in Parkland. We know this with great specificity because five years ago we warned Broward County Florida school board members this could happen.

Cut through the clutter and see why schools are failing students to protect their "stats:" Click Here

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Well, this is quite a lot of incriminating information against Broward schools but really, schools all over America. It's time we start being the adults and treat the kids like kids instead of letting them run the show. I also am disturbed at how many parents in Florida are using their kids as pawns against goverment.  Trump didn't ignore what only the FBI knew. Parents have an obligation to instruct their kids about the facts.

'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.'

Why do so many people take preventive measures 'after the fact, after the event'?  Yet everybody knows that prevention works.  Yet they wait till after a tragedy to take positive steps.   Do we want to become like France or Sweden or England? 

We are At War, but you have to know who the enemy is.  The enemy is not High Schools kids, it's not guns, it IS a society that doesn't believe that watching 'ax murders' on TV, comedians who laugh at snorting coke, corporations and banks that launder illegal profits from drugs and pedophilia and minority moms who let their 13 year daughter stay out all night.

And then after  a tragedy, the "officials" secure the area with a hundred police?  Sorry, TOO LATE.  Your a dollar short and a day late.   You should have (EVERY SCHOOL SHOULD BE) securing their school NOW.   WE ARE "AT WAR" NOW!

I would also not be surprised to learn that at some point he was on prescription psychotropic drugs.  That has been the case with virtually every one of the school killers.

Eric - that has been reported on conservative news outlets but not on MSM.

Did you actually expect that they would?  Ever???  The Regressive Movement has been bought and paid for long into the future.

All "politics" are local.  What happens at the State and Local level in situations such as this is the direct responsibility of those who sit in elected and appointed positions as the public employee's in "charge."  The Federal government can assist when asked, but to intervene without the consent of the Local authorities - is not something they do as a rule....unless in the case of tracking terrorism, or Federal Criminals, etc.  The sheriff of Broward county, frankly, is an asshole.  He deflected responsibility to the FBI and took the position that we need more gun control - when indeed, it was one of his Deputies that served as the Resource Officer and, upon hearing shots, took up a defensive position outside of the school.  But, there are plenty to blame.  The School Board, the Staff and the Parents obviously failed to think this threat through to the end - and the boy who did this deed, was a walking time bomb and they knew it.  so, how is it that the President is at fault?  How is it that the NRA is at fault?  How is it that even the FBI is at fault?  And, how is it that the so-called lack of gun control is at fault?  Guns, in the USA, are specifically protected as a Natural Right under the 2nd Amendment.  Justice Thomas, as did Justice Scalia - has written extensively on the bill of rights and they both agreed that the 2nd Amendment is the most attacked, disrespected and litigated Amendment in the Bill of Rights.  And yet, knives are responsible for the deaths of more people than any brand of gun - ever - and we leave them lying around everywhere.  More people are killed each year in Drunk Driving deaths, sometimes by the car load, than are killed by guns.  Suffice it to say, they both concluded that the 2nd Amendment is a political issue fomented by the rabid passion of persons and organizations who see as their agenda and right to disarm Americans at any cost.  Indeed, the NRA receives a lot of funding from Members, but the antigun movement and lobby in the USA, receives tens of millions of dollars from individuals we know are Billionaire Elitists, like Gates, Zuckerberg, Blumberg, the Coate Brothers, etc., - who are really the people behind the curtains pulling the strings.  This problem will never end so long as Local authorities, school staff and mom's and dad's fail to do their jobs to ensure that their schools and places of business and public buildings are properly protected.  Ironically, it is going to take a person with training and a gun to do it.  If that is what it will take - then what are they waiting for.  Talking and crying and blaming sessions with the President and finger pointing in every direction - will not and is not going to solve the problem that they refuse to address with the vision of solving it.



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