[Editor: for years, conservatives have asked, "If Obama ordered martial law against its own citizens, would the military side with Obama or we the people?"  Maybe this article answers that question.]

On August 1, 2017, Fox News reported the worrying headline, "Pentagon investigators find ‘security risks’ in government's immigr...."

Military bases are among the most sensitive facilities to be found in the United States. Classified materials, weapons and, of course, our members of the armed forces, can all be found on every military base. Time and again, we have seen terrorists in the Middle East carry out “insider attacks” by joining the military or police and then, when the opportunity presents itself, turn their weapons on their trainers and other soldiers.

Military training is highly prized and sought after by terrorists and criminals. Many terrorists travel around the world to attend terror training camps. Undoubtedly, the training our military recruits receive is a quantum leap above anything that terror training camps provide. Additionally, our soldiers learn the “playbook” employed by our military forces on the battlefield.

The thought that foreign terrorists may have successfully infiltrated our military and gained access to all of the above is highly disturbing, to put it mildly. One recruitment program, known as MAVNI (Military Accessions Vital to National Interest), has especially raised serious concerns in this context. Under this program, according to the Defense Department:

The Secretary of Defense authorized the military services to recruit certain legal aliens whose skills are considered to be vital to the national interest. Those holding critical skills – physicians, nurses, and certain experts in language with associated cultural backgrounds – would be eligible. To determine its value in enhancing military readiness, the limited pilot program will recruit up to 5,200 people in Fiscal Year 2016, and will continue through September 30, 2016.

The Fox News report on MAVNI began with this excerpt:

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I remember off and on the press/media reporting on the positive side the actions of berry & co concerning the status of the military. But there never was any urgency about the consequences of the action of these people after trained.  I don't suppose any of them refused to Pledge Allegiance to this country, just a guess.  Did we want more proof that the former POTUS hated this country with every fiber in his body?  More will be revealed in the coming days of the destruction that has been in store for WE THE PEOPLE and this wonderful country now that Hillary did not win and President Trump is in charge peeling away the hate layers of the last regime.

Recruiting foreign nationals to serve in the Armed Forces has been ongoing since at least the mid to early 2000's under George W.. It was a minor scandal in about 2005 that Gang members in Mexico had joined up to try to obtain equipment and training to further the needs of their cartel and it's objectives. Like the LAPD hired about the same time people like of Rafael Perez from various gangs and made cops of them it doesn't turn out so good for many who run into these people in the long run. I would like to know if any of the recruits have turned up in as Zeta's in recent crimes against Americans.



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