President Trump has talked consistently from the campaign trail to the Oval Office about repairing the nationally collapsing infrastructure. While such a program (the largest since the WPA of the Roosevelt era) will put people back to work and ease the burden on local and state budgets, an even more dominant factor comes into play: Medical issues directly related to contaminated water supplies, piping, and pumping stations due to neglect. Very quickly now our country is going to be forced to confront the challenge of getting water to citizens, at the same time of keeping citizens healthy, or at least not contaminated, from an outdated and quickly failing water infrastructure. As are most of Mr. Trump’s plans and agenda to make America Great again, the establishment media has not covered this spreading health crisis. 


Depending on your geographic location, and your ability to gain information as to the age and conditions of the water infrastructure in your area, you may be fine. Older cities and metro-plexus, cash strapped communities and rural areas may be facing some serious need for a complete inspection of their water delivery systems, and their purifying process.


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Lyle J. Rapacki,Ph.D.

Flint was just the tip of the iceberg. Many serious water contamination stories never make the national headlines, while small communities suffer. 

The above quote is from Nina McCoy, a retired teacher from coal-mining country in Martin County, Kentucky. Many of these small towns suffer from poor water infrastructure, often piping wastewater into streams which are then collected for drinking water. 

This is where it gets really bad. Excessive disinfection can cause nasty byproducts like trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, which have been shown to cause cancer and other chronic illnesses. That's why the Martin County Water District has been warning consumers of possible cancer risk since 2002.

To combat the sewage problem, more disinfectants like chlorine are needed.

It is precisely these kinds of scenarios that are popping up all over the country. Aging infrastructure and bureaucratic mismanagement are only making the problem worse. We are on the brink, and a crisis of collapse is imminent. 


Just to add a note, Arizona Water Board member, Mark Lewis, has also warned about this problem right here in Arizona.  Our local governments are too busy focusing on fundraising and riding around in driverless cars to pay attention to the critical issue of water safety but it's not unusual to hear every year about a lawsuit filed against a private water company for contaminated water.  Arizona can be the next Flint!

Trump spoke often about our aging infrastructure but he's so busy putting out so many fires, when will this issue rise to the "critical" level?

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Be careful what you wish for. There's no question that many aspects of our infrastructure are in trouble and need attention, but we certainly don't want to follow in the failed foot steps of FDR's WPA and other misplaced programs that actually hurt America. We need to think critically about where the money comes from before jumping into trillions of spending. We have to stop looking at the federal government as a benevolent supplier of goods and services. The idea that government can create jobs is nonsense. Taking money out of a productive economy to spend on infrastructure shrinks the free market, as we have learned, it does not expand it. It becomes a viscous circle of spend, tax, spend, tax, with overruns and corruption. Private sector funding is larger and more available and if it is motivated to participate will produce better. Government doesn't do very many things well, but the private sector is more efficient and effective if a goal with limits are established up front.  

 Water is one of my favorite subjects and we all require it and know so little about it. 

When I was a kid in the fifties watching all the cowboy movies and TV programs it struck me how many were centered around some plot or other to steal or control the water in some mythical valley or town and the violent wars fought out in on the big and small screens which seemed so far from reality for a young child who could twist the tap from atop a stool or in the bath tub or at the hose in the yard to get all the water I wanted. 

My father sold sprinkler irrigation systems to farmers and ranchers in three states at the time so water was more important and a daily source of conversation in our house at the time. Enough said, I am just pointing to the fact that water was always a subject to get my attention and we had better all pay more attention to what is going on with water world wide because the bad guys and profiteers are at it again and this isn't a B cowboy movie. Many of us in Arizona pay water bills to companies in other states who have purchased water rights or wells here. 

In California they are reprocessing sewage and recycling the water to the main system of drinking water in many Municipalities and districts, known as "Toilet to Tap". Private wells are being seized and handed over to the "local" company or water districts. The World Bank is getting into the water business and in one northern California town they had a meter put on a private well to see how much the owner was taking from it. Huge corporations and water authorities are springing up to do business with the water in aquifers we all draw our water from and in some cases "water districts" with no water or pipes or customers are putting their charges on the tax bills of the people in their district.

Water is being shipped to China in the form of Agricultural Products which require heavy use of water and water itself is being shipped overseas in many forms drying up much of water we think we have. The infrastructure is more and more controlled by big corporate entities who are profit motivated meaning the infrastructure will cost them profit and the bills will fall to the consumer, you and me.

As water chemistry errors are learned we find that water authorities sometimes put chemicals and additives into the system which are not good for us and will kill pests and our fish and animals and, oh by the way, if you have certain health problems you should not drink that tap water either.

Water is on the move and a valuable necessary thing. Don't be surprised if greedy people try to "corner the market" and charge us much more in the future for it. Please look at the links below and this is what we know without much digging and what is said in public. In truth it is much deeper than what I have time for here.

Usually it's not greed that drives us to a solution, but rather our self-interest. Business folk, employees, etc are not in it for greed but to take care of themselves. So, if we can devise a method of replacing the old pipes and other infrastructure elements that will keep clean water flowing without corrupting the process with either private greed or government bureaucrats, we should do it. It usually begins when someone has an idea that germinates into a new technology. Allow the markets to encourage entrance and the solution will show up and we'll all be better off for it.



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