Though Arizona is not shown on this map, research suggests it is happening right here, too.

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Dearborn, Michigan for years.

Where in the Great State of Arizona are these's whores of Satan ? Linedog needed's to know where , when and how long have they been here ?

I did not know that there were any Islams in the state of AZ. Hopefully as long as people contend that there might be, I would hope that these places would be stated. No one wants to unknowingly go into these areas. As far as what Angie Anderson said, Dearborrn, MI has been infested with Muslims for years. If you are in that part of MI (Dearborn is a suburb of Detroit) you best make sure that you stay away from there. If I lived in that vicinity, I doubt very much if I could stay there just b/c I would be listening to their wailing prayers-I guess 2-3 times a day. I am not degrading these people, but I know from friends that do live in that area of MI that they hear this day in & day out & they are also pretty much secluded in their own homes b/c they are afraid of what the Muslims might do to them.  They also used to have some sort of a festival up there during the summer. There were always some men that used to go to their festival saying that they were just spreading the "word'. They ended up getting pelted with rocks & bottles & then seemed surprised that the people turned against them. They had harassed these people in the first place & it was the younger kids that got really nasty & used the words that they did & then threw things at them. BTW, these men professed they were preachers & yet I could never see a preacher attended such an event & then behaving like they did.

There are recognized cells in AZ in Phoenix valley and Tucson that have been in AZ since 2009 and before.  There are several mosques in Tucson and 5 Gulen Charter Schools.  The terrorists that went after Pamela Geller in Texas are from one of them.  The mosque is also tied by a network to the Boston Bombers, San Bernardino and Florida.  There is also a training camp outside of Tucson rumored to be heavily guarded.  You would not be welcome there.

The UN is sending Muslim Refugees, single young men--not families, to Phoenix, Tucson and Glendale.    The State of AZ has no say in who comes into this State.  The religious orgs that are being funded by the UN are choosing who goes where. They get them on the dole and then let them disappear -- 2 guesses where they go.

Find out where they are in your city because they are there.  They start with just a couple of families in a specific area then start recruiting friends and relatives to move into the same area then start spreading out.  They will target the poverty area where property is cheap and they can infiltrate easily.  It only takes 5% infiltration before they start make some demands for halal food, prayers in schools, and the like. at 10% they start running for School Boards and City Councils. 15% they are going after the State legislature.  They will change the laws from the inside. Those "no go zones" will happen.

It is happening as we speak right here in River City,,,,,


This is true. Our best answer at the moment is be absolutely sure we vote for Donald Trump. Hillary is so evil she almost defies description. She and Bill stole items from the White house. The details are in the book The Final Days by the late Barbara Olson, pages 71-73. Her only other book Hell to Pay gives some interesting insights into the character of Hillary. The current head of the CIA, John Brennan is a converted Muslim.  We need Almighty God and with his help we can get the job done

Pray.  Pray more. God will hear our prayers if we are sincere. It is told in the Book, in the Old Testament.  God sent small armies of Israelites against giants and they destroyed the giants.  Pray.

I too have read an article maybe a year ago about no-go zones in AZ. We KNOW FOR CERTAIN the refugees have been dispersed throughout the US and there is NO state that has escaped.  That is widely reported and anyone can go search that out.  If I remember correctly the encampment or no-go zone was somewhere west of Maricopa county well out in the desert foot hills wilderness. I don't think there was a definite location discussed.



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