Watching Sharia - NO to Sharia Law!


Watching Sharia - NO to Sharia Law!

This is an educational & informative group sharing information on WHY Islamic practices aren't welcome or legal in USA.  Art 6 of the US Const clearly states that the Const is the Supreme law of the land & not subject 2 any conflicting law.

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Why would foreign laws and transnational legal systems, such as Sharia Law, violate the public policy of America? Because, Sharia Law would continue to violate U.S.  fundamental constitutional privileges and liberties.


Here we introduce the role of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and related organizations in introducing Sharia law to State courts and other legal forums.  The MB is the most important entity promoting Islamic supremacism, Shariah and the Calphate (“a Sharia-based transnational political order”) to America defined as “civilization jihad.”  Three sources of information better describe the goals and mindset of the MB and their emotional, psychological, and behavioral impact on America.


1.  A strategic document was released in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation criminal trial; the 1991 Exploratory Memorandum (included in the enclosed package) declared that the Islamic Movement was being led by the MB inside the U.S. along with other Muslim organizations through unindicted co-conspirators in funneling terrorist funding; the document details how the MB and Muslims in America spread Sharia Law throughout the United States,


2.  A book called, SHARIA LAW FOR THE NON-MUSLIM, describing the demands made to Muslims and Non-Muslims forcing individuals to practice specific rites that would be considered contrary to public policy and prohibited under our US and respective State Constitutions and from being enforced in our State courts/forums, and


3.  A must read document which is the most authoritative and informative, TEAM B II REPORT: Shariah – The Threat To America* that was submitted to Congress in September, 2010.  This study is the result of months of analysis, discussions and drafting by top security policy experts including former heads of government/military intelligence agencies, concerned with the preeminent totalitarian threat of our time: the inclusion of Sharia law in America. (*Go to google and put in the title to access the REPORT)


The essence of this MISSION STATEMENT to you is to provide a baseline view that supports a statutory framework for precluding constitutionally objectionable foreign laws and legal systems from finding their way into the state judicial system.  For example, Sharia Law is:


  • Sharia is patently offensive to U.S. and state constitutional law because it criminalizes apostasy – leaving Islam (violation of Free Exercise of Religion) and blasphemy against Islam, Mohammed, and Sharia itself (violation of Free Speech). If a Muslim cannot convert a Kaffir (non-believer) to the Islamic principles, then they will be beheaded; all Christians and Jews are hated by Islam and must be killed unless they convert; if anyone speaks against Islam or draws cartoons defaming Allah or Mohammed, they must be killed.


  • Sharia also violates principles of due process and equal protection by discriminating against non-Muslims and women.  There are cases of beheading and stoning of women through “honor-killing” because the women “disobeyed” their husbands (New Jersey trial and recent New York trial); killing of young girls (as in the recent Phoenix case) because a 17 year old became “too westernized and refused to marry;” and 6 year old girls forced to marry men in the 30’s as demanded by Sharia law; men receiving preferential treatment in marriage, divorce, and child custody.


  • Sharia financing with State businesses, banking institutions, and investors helps to fund and expand Sharia Law.


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Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on January 18, 2012 at 8:39am

Click here to view

This video is an excellent video (24 minutes) which explains clearly the three stages of jihad that the globe faces. With a guest appearance of someone you know. It one of the most important videos you can watch to explain what you know is going on all around you.
The U.S. is in stage one.

Parts of Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia are in stage two.

The bulk of the Arab/Muslim world is in stage three.

Right below the video screen, you can click to print a free pamphlet on the three stages of jihad. PLEASE FORWARD THE LINK and this message to all on your e-mail list. (Don’t forget to exercise good e-mail etiquette and use the Bcc line)

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on January 11, 2012 at 1:29pm

A while back, the voters of Oklahoma voted to require the Oklahoma courts rule strictly on U.S. and Oklahoma law in cases that came before the court.  It was a voter initiative because Islamists wanted to be tried under Sharia Law.  But, the voters spoke and that was that.  Wait, no it wasn't.  Yesterday, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the will of the people was unconstitutional and overturned the vote of the people!  Oklahoma courts are now going to be required to rule based on Sharia law if that is requested!!!  So based on Sharia law that it's OK and even mandated to "kill the infidel,"  well, too bad dead person's family.  The Muslim will walk!!!

This doesn't feel like America anymore!

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on December 1, 2011 at 9:01am

Take a look at what is happening in France:

Click here to watch this chilling video.  And remember, the Muslims are re-creating at a much higher rate than any non-Mulsim community except the Mormon community.

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on November 29, 2011 at 8:05am

A 20 Year Plan to Overthrow the U.S. Government

Orthodox Muslims cannot wage all out war on the U.S. and expect to win. But they have a religious obligation to participate in jihad in some order to eventually subjugate all countries under Islamic law, including the U.S. There are more devious ways to conquer than straightforward war, however.  Continue..-Citizen Warrior

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on November 20, 2011 at 8:23pm

Thanks to Carole:

Dear Friends..  I just received this from a good friend in Saginaw, Michigan... here is a group working to stop sharia law in this country.

I have just signed a pledge of support to encourage my state legislature to introduce and pass legislation entitled "American Laws for American Courts" (ALAC). I strongly support the purpose of ALAC--to prevent state courts from using foreign laws that are contrary to our Constitution, including sharia law.  There is great concern about sharia law, because many of its provisions, such as its discriminatory treatment of women, are wholly incompatible with the freedoms and rights accorded to us by our U.S. and state constitutions.

This pledge is sponsored by the organization ACT! for America and will allow ACT! for America to assess the amount of support for ALAC in each state. I  thought you might like to add your name and your support to this legislation. Please click the link below to read the pledge and add your signature.


Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on November 13, 2011 at 9:23pm


One of our revered, comic singers offers a seriously profound prayer.

GOD Bless Ray Stevens.

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on November 13, 2011 at 9:22pm


This is a MUST watch video that shares the horrors of what does exist today, in the White House and the rest of our government.  The Muslim Brotherhood are everywhere; do not kid yourself.  This is a time in our life that we must be alert and resilient to all threats, and not be silent. Please share this video with everyone you know.


Muslims denoucing Bill to "ban foreign laws"  I AM SO PROUD OF THIS BILL!  Just wait to see what is coming next!


Rick Perry supporting Islamic curriculum teaching and other Islam outreach!!!!!!  This needs to be circulated!!!! And he is friends with Islamic outreach groups!?!?!?


Can Sharia be Our Law Overnight?


Why not? Isn’t that how laws are passed now?


Thanks to HJS for this excellent list of what lies around the corner after the US adopts Sharia law.


Do you want a system in which each female is owned by some male? Either a father or a husband—with the power of life and death?

Do you want a system in which husbands cannot even be asked about the cuts, bruises, broken bones, etc., his wife recently suffered? Or his children suffered?

Would you be fine with a system in which no parent has to worry about going to court whenever deciding to murder his or her children?


1.     …In which flirting can be a capital crime?

2.     …In which such ancient terms as blasphemy and apostasy can be capital crimes?

3.     …In which female testimony in court is 50% of a man’s at best; and at times she may not be allowed at court?

4.     …In which a wife cannot leave the house without her husband’s permission.

5.     …in which a husband can divorce easily but a wife to divorce is almost impossible?

6.       …In which much crime is punished by retaliation of the family, not by courts? (If someone murders your brother, you may kill him, or his brother). 

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on November 13, 2011 at 9:15pm

An interesting read.


Folks, please read between the lines.  This is not about building a mosque; it is about the growth of Muslims and the dangerous intrusion of the Muslim Brotherhood into our backyards.  The education starts with understanding the Muslim or Islamic theory of recruiting.  First you are recruited into their web and then you are sold a package of goods or "bads" sort of speak.  Don't let the Sharia Law enter your State.  We passed our Bill last legislative session to NOT allow Foreign Law in our State.  You all can do the same. New Strategy For Ground Zero Mosque -

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on November 13, 2011 at 9:10pm

Robert Spencer


When terrorists strike at home or abroad, and PC propagandists rush to assure us that jihadist terror doesn't reflect "true," "peaceful" Islam, they're not only wrong, they're dangerous -- because they lull America and the West into letting their guard down against their mortal enemy.


And not only do self-appointed "experts" lie elaborately and persistently about Islam -- they have also replaced the truth about Christian Europe and the Crusades with historical fantasy designed to make you ashamed of your own culture and heritage -- and thus less determined to defend it.


But there's a remedy: In The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to Islam (and the Crusades), Robert Spencer reveals all the disturbing facts about Islam and its murderous hostility to the West that other books ignore, soft-pedal, or simply lie about.


The mainstream media and numerous books strike a common theme: "True" Islam — as opposed to the terrorist's "extremist" version — promotes peace, justice, freedom, and tolerance.


The problem with this argument is that it is false and, therefore, dangerous, since it blinds us to the true nature of the enemy we face.


I want you to know the truth about Islam's violent teachings, bloody history, backward culture and morally depraved founder. That's why it is important for you to read a copy of the New York Times bestseller The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Islam (and the Crusades) by Islam expert and Human Events contributor Robert Spencer.  His other extensive collection of educational pieces can be found at Jihad Watch.


Exposing myth after myth of the "Islam means peace" establishment, Robert Spencer tackles all the hot-button issues regarding Islam and the Crusades.  Do yourselves a favor and follow Robert Spencer’s writings on Islam whenever and wherever possible.  He is a master and an expert in his field of educating other on the dangers of Islam.

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on November 13, 2011 at 9:09pm

Triumph on Capitol Hill! 

On July 25th, 2011, over 100 people crowded into a Capitol Hill room in the Rayburn House Office Building designed for 75 to hear CFNS co-Founder Dr. Peter Leitner reveal the first report of its kind about the fifty-year infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the United States and its culmination in homegrown Jihad. The event immediately made waves, with parts of the presentation quickly airing on YouTube, and others being covered in print that week. As a result, CFNS has walked onto the national stage and is now certainly recognized as a leading American citizens organization in the battle against Islamist terrorism!


Figure 2 Rep A. West with the Drs. Saxton and Leitner


Congressman Allen West, who sponsored the DC briefing, introduced the program with an expression of praise and unequivocal support for CFNS. In the audience were reporters and cameramen from Fox News and CBN, journalists representing more than ten different online news sites, senior staff from over two dozen members of the House and Senate, officials from the Department of Homeland Security and the military, and representatives from a wide variety of Washington think tanks and lobbying organizations.


Figure 3 Dr. Leitner


Following CFNS Chairman Dr. William Saxton's overview of CFNS, Dr. Leitner used a riveting PowerPoint presentation to outline the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and the organizations it supports in the United States. He minced no words in systematically setting forth descriptions of the MB's founders, the current leaders, the ideology, and its U.S. infiltration plan. He also announced the unprecedented development of CFNS's proprietary database of almost 6000 individuals associated with the MB in the U.S. and the approximately 200 organizations with which they are involved.


Figure 4 Dr. Leitner


Attendees hardly moved during Peter's one-hour talk! A spirited question and answer session followed right up to the time when the room was needed for another event.


Figure 5 Audience


In all, it was a landmark day for CFNS!


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