Editor:  There is a group of serious people who have launched a petition to Impeach John McCain.  This has not been done by AFA or any AFA team members and it won't be easy to get done.  But we support every effort to get rid of McCain.  He is not just a liability to the health of the Republican Party in Arizona and to the U.S. Senate, he's corrupt to the core.  Please refer to this article about McCain taking Soros money: http://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/az-legislation/forum/t... 

He has trashed President Trump already in a way he never went after Obama. He thinks he is important and is now too big for his britches and it would be nice to take him out by any means necessary!  He and his buddy, Flake, controlled the elections in our state Republican party in order to get RNC money that will be spent entirely on getting Flake re-elected.  He will direct funding away from other candidates in the primary if they run against Flake!  He crows about being more popular in Arizona than Trump because he won his election against a weak candidate by three times the margin that Trump won, partly because illegals voted for him but not Trump.  He told a recent caller to his office that he only speaks personally to those people who contributed $10,000 or more to his campaign.  So much for being a public servant.  Like Obama, he thinks he is god. 

The petition: "Senator John McCain dealing with Syrian terrorists, providing weapons to terrorist, accepting money from foreign interest, accusing the President with false document."  Go HERE to sign the petition. Time is of the essence!  This is a We the People WhiteHouse.gov petition.

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The problem of party politics is that self-interest EGO's get in the way of common sense actions that can allow the real conservatism to win. Divide and Conquer is the mainstay of the DemocRAT leadership at both the state and national levels ... all the way down to Paul Penzone who refuses to enforce existing Federal Law on illegal immigration. So much for "law and order" ... they don't care ... never care about social order ... only a social "justice" of the socialist "oppressed".

I just signed the petition.  Only ONE person had signed before me, so I was the second signer.  WTF??????  All these people responding with so much FAKE outrage!!!!  If you are going to bellyache about the traitor McCain, then go to the site and sign the damned petition.  If you don't, then shut  up.

Yeah, but if there was one when you went there and you signed it, wouldn't there be 2 now? BC I just went there to sign and it said 1. Even the one who started the petition would have signed. Does this petition not show but one at all times no matter how many have signed?

We need 150 signers before it will show the number of signers.

I signed it too

I am the first signer. As far as I know, they don't put it on until 150 person signed it. So, first we have to find 150 people. 



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