Sen. John McCain is taking a beating all over social media and conservative blog sites.  On social media, the constant question to Arizonans is: how could you people be so stupid ?  We, of course, ask the same question!

This video captures all of McCain’s dirty deals in one fell swoop, including his ties to ISIS and Soros.

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I doubt seriously if this video shows 1% of his dealing considering the many years he has been in office and who his friends in the senate and elsewhere have been and continue to be. This is simply the latest crop of mature co-conspirators he is associated with. In the 90s it was a different crowd with more local ties than the current ISIS buddies. It's about time Senator McCain was investigated by the AG's office for his deals and ties to foreign threats like ISIS and local ones like Soros.

Yeah, but every time a headline like this is sent around the more likely the uninformed might get informed. That to me is the real value of such a video and the headline. That pix speaks volumes. It would take a very long video to scratch the surface of McCain's corruption.  Who would watch that?  Can we start a petition to have McCain investigated? He's sure more of a problem than Russia

I agree with you. Better some info than none at all. Maybe if we sent this to Jeff Sessions he might take an interest he is a good man and may have an idea about McCain since they were both in Senate.

The question all should ask McCain to watch him squirm, is .... Do you wear boxers, briefs, or depends on what day it is???

where is the video

click the link that says This video in the message

Click on the picture and it will take you to a site.....

Well surprise surprise!!!  I still can't believe he is still where he should never have been !  What a black eye he has been for Arizona!  He has a clone in Flake who is going with the same playbook!  Forget the fact that he lied & admitted it , when he said he would be a one term Senator!  He now is soooo "concerned" with we the people that he keeps sending emails, snail mail, & links to his website, all filled with the same crap & timing as his model mcShame!  Seeing as how its coming up election time!  We tried to recall both parasites but had people who were so fooled by them & wouldn't sign our petitions!  

McCain received over $5 Million for his vote to pass the TPP. 



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