We've long known that the sitting Scottsdale City Council wanted to get rid of Councilman Phillips. Phillips is the one who always asks the question at study sessions: "Why are you doing this when you know it's illegal?"  We've long known that they reached into Paradise Valley and hand picked a former councilman who was widely hated, Dan Schweiker, to move into Scottsdale for the sole purpose of defeating Phillips.  Perhaps you don't know that the dishonest council (except Phillips and Littlefield) voted to allow Schweiker, promising he is running for Council to make Scottsdale better, to build a multi-story building in the very center of the Scottsdale Mall across from City Hall with his personal penthouse residence on the top floor.  We wonder how much and who he had to pay off to get THAT project done?  That is not zoned residential!

We've long known that the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, the Scottsdale Realtors acting with the National Assoc of Realtors Fund and out of state developers support the election of Korte, Klapp, Schweiker and Mayor Lane because these are dependable votes in favor of whatever these entity's desire.

We've long known that these four candidates have raised and mostly spent over $100,000 each with one raising over $200,000 to win a seat that pays $24,000 per year for a 4-year term for council.  Pretty bad return on the money ordinarily.  Except the benefits to the donors and the candidates ends up being sizable!

NOW, we know how much at least on Independent Expenditure (Dark Money PAC) has spent on these candidate over and above what the candidates spent.  We are sure the recent signs that are blue with Guy Phillips in large white letters and a big RED circle with a slash through it - you've suddenly seen them on every corner - are an example of where the money went. The sign said NO! GUY PHILLIPS BAD FOR BUSINESS.  THAT REALLY GOT OUR ATTENTION.  You see, Guy Phillips has been a small business owner in Scottsdale for 20 years. In his first term, he has expedited the permitting process, cutting through the red tape, so small business owners can get up and running in days instead of months.  Tax money flowing into Scottsdale sooner.  For contractors, he proposed and helped develop an APP for contractors to be able to know exactly what time on what day the Code Inspector would be at the property, meaning man hours were not lost on wait times.  He's also helped streamline plan approval so projects can start sooner.  Sounds like pretty good business practices to us.  What have the other candidates done for Scottsdale business?

We'll report that if we find anything, anything at all!

See dark money expenditures here: Dark_Money_Expenditures.pdf

Phillips, by the way, has no dark money working for him, he has taken no developer, special interest money and has so far run his campaign on approximately $35,000.  The difference is that he has the support of activist grass roots.

Full disclosure: One of the AFA Team members serves as co-manager and political advisor for the Phillips campaign.

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