[Editor- The City fathers (and mothers) are taking a page out of Phoenix's liberal book and are trying to soak the public once again. Every two years, they are in desperate need of another Bond issue and they intend to run one in November of this year. Two things are important: 1)these bond issues (taxes) will come on top of all those Governor Ducey is putting on citizens this year, and 2) the council wants to spend $68,000,000 to confiscate 30 acres of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve to build a disneyland-like group of buildings to show visitors the desert. Of course, these buildings will sit in the midst of that very desert so why not just let visitors see it in real time? Residents are up in arms because they have taxed themselves already to buy this land for a.... PRESERVE. Meaning, all comers,keep your hands off this land and leave it in pristine condition for future generations. They have formed a petition drive to put this on the ballot for residents to vote on. It will fail because residents see it as an attempt to destroy natures beauty in the Preserve. And to satisfy promises made to out of state developers.

We have to ask the question: City Council thinks Scottsdale is so broke they need to float a bond issue to repair streets - which already passed two years ago - but they have $68million for this boondoggle in the desert preserve? Insane!  Let us just say: Councilmen Phillips and Littlefield are firmly against these two proposals.]

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Over the last few weeks, City Council has planned for next year's bond and tax increases. Some infrastructure are key for the City's health. Whatever side of the Desert Discovery Center you are on, we all agree its a wedge issue to other capital discussions. If City Hall has enough money to build this tourist event center, they don't need money for roads. If City Hall will sell our Preserve, what won't they sell? Why are some Councilpeople so fixated on bonds

Guy Phillips is listening to the residents, and leading. He is using a sales tax increase to build consensus around what most of us believe are critical, non-political infrastructure needs for the good of the City. His approach takes advantage of matching funds, has a deadline, and avoids the quagmire of the unpopular Desert Discovery Center.

Kathy Littlefield spelled it out at the last Council meeting. The disconnect, frustration, distrust of the vision.

Milhaven, Smith and Korte tried to jam an extra $30M into the omnibus $350 bond ask at the very last minute. They gasp and guffaw when people express their distrust. You are reading this all wrong. The people have complete trust in your vision of density, development, compromised infrastructure and special interests. We trust that you will not change.

Our ballot initiative is ahead-of-pace. It will permanently stop the $68,000,000 DDC boondoggle. Citizens can then have clear non-politicized choices for bond projects in 2020, after critical infrastructure needs are addressed. Its a good compromise for everyone. The only loser is Sam Campana and her lobbyists looking to get rich at the expense of the taxpayers. Awww, so sad for Sam, she won't get her cushy $250,000 a year job running an empty museum.

Join us at City Council this coming Tuesday May 1 at 5pm. We will have unlimited dums-dums for your enjoyment. Wear your shirts, bring your signs, bring a great attitude, let's have fun!

Howard Myers wrote a good, long read on the bonds, the impact, and the Preserve. Check it out here

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Scottsdale is a big ole conglomeration of confusion to me. Scottsdale once was the most conservative city in AZ but then the ignorant voters elected people like Linda Milhaven, put there by Wells Fargo to steer all interim financing to her bank. Korte bought her seat through the Chamber and has been a disaster. Lane stinks but was an OK guy when he first was on the Council.  What that town needs is a few good conservative candidates.



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