By Tristan Manos

"Fake Cruz Rhymes With Fake News": (I've) observed the ongoing "Ted Cruz for this, that, or the other high office" buzz. Reflecting upon the past, here's an important ("Drain The Swamp") reality check going forward. This is The United States of America. "We The People" go by the U.S. Constitution. Ted Cruz freely, openly, and proudly admits to being born in a FOREIGN nation to a FOREIGN national father (furthermore, Ted officially renounced his Canadian citizenship in May, 2014, after becoming "U.S. Senator" in January, 2013). The same Ted Cruz pretended to be a constitutional candidate for President and Commander-in-chief (POTUS/CINC). 

The RNC permitted this constitutional violation. The AZGOP and MCRC also permitted it, some of the top officials therein (both past and present) even going so far as to promoting and backing this unconstitutional candidate. 

Also included are endorsements by multiple AZGOP state legislators, multiple AZGOP members of the U.S. House (quirky Senate positions), NFRA (AZRA's national headquarters), Tea Party Patriots, and more. [snip] 

The bizarre idea of Ted Cruz in higher office, especially U.S. Attorney General, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, or anything related to rightly understanding the original meaning of the U.S. Constitution (the same Constitution he violated), is more than misguided: it's an extremely dangerous threat to The Republic. 

Coincidentally, the one and only Republican candidate for POTUS/CINC who called attention to this throughout the "Race for President" is now The REAL POTUS/CINC (DJT). "America 1st" for POTUS/CINC really means something. Realizing exactly what it means, The Founding Fathers and Framers wrote it right into the Constitution: USC AIIS1C5's "natural born Citizen" (born in AMERICA to AMERICAN parents, possessing corresponding natural born allegiance). "Keep The Republic" means "Keep The Constitution." 

[This article was also posted in MCRC Briefs]

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I agree with this but also want to remind everyone, we already had a POTUS, who isn't, never will be a citizen or a patroit!  

Why did we put up with that?  Because of the lazy people who don't think for themselves & just go along to get along!  Which never works .  Ted is probably a nice guy but I 'd hope he does what is right, follows the Constitution as written & is honest enough to withdraw his name from any office that requires being a U.S. citizen born from both parents being American born!

America First is not just a motto, it should be in all our hearts, no matter the price!  Just saying.

How soon we forget the Facts-of-the Matter with regard to the treasonous Obama. The followers of his sedition all funded by Soros which is todays "brown shirts" of the Hitler era. If one is so perfect, as none are, as one would want Ted Cruz be ... I suggest they look deep within THEIR past for such excellence in character. Just because one is born in Canada doesn't mean that they don't have conservative values and Christian morals. After all look at what Canada has as its leader, a socialized Marxist stealing that nations wealth for pimps to provide to their whores. The Spirit of Truth is what matters, no matter where you were born or the color of ones skin. I love my country but I FEAR my government and its handouts.

You said a mouthful, there, Barbara. I recently read the Constitution on elections of presidents and it says not a word about nice guys being eligible to run for or be president.

Yes, some of us remember and will always remember, calling attention to the 2008-2016 Usurper's story and what it represents in both American and world-wide political history, some of us committing to see it never takes place ever again, in our generation and future generations.

It also factors into how things played out afterward.

There's also stories of even more impostors.

As for you saying: "any office that requires being a U.S.citizen born from both parents being American born," there's actually 0 elected or appointed office in American government like that.

It's important to always run through the same formula for each and every person, and saying someone is American born is only 1/3 of the formula, so the other 2/3 must also be factored into anyone's citizenship status.

Here's some important points of information related to this overall subject matter:

A "natural born Citizen" is a person born in the U.S. to U.S. Citizen parents, whatever the circumstances of however the parents became U.S. Citizens (so long as it's by the book and rightly observes the all-important "subject to the jurisdiction thereof") qualification. It follows that if the parents are U.S. Citizens at the time of their child's birth and their child is born in the U.S., then their child will automatically be given "natural born Citizen" status.

As per the U.S. Constitution, the office of President and Commander-in-chief is the only constitutional office in America requiring a prospective candidate meet the "natural born Citizen" qualification.

For U.S. House and Senate, the prospective candidate must be a U.S. Citizen (only, and observe how "natural born" is missing here before "Citizen").

In general, there's 3 basic forms of U.S. Citizenship, based upon where the person is born and the citizenship status of both parents at the time of the person's birth:

1) "natural born Citizen" (as explained above)

2) "born Citizen" (born anywhere, so long as 1 parent is a U.S. citizen and goes through the required paperwork, however, in this scenario, being born in the U.S. is of a far greater advantage to the person's U.S. citizenship status, whereas, sometimes, being foreign-born may call into question how that foreign nation sees anyone born within its jurisdiction, and then it gets into being born in a jurisdiction versus being born subject to the jurisdiction thereof)

3) "naturalized Citizen" (once a foreign national -- citizen of a foreign nation -- a person who goes through the official protocol to become a U.S. Citizen)

There's 3 basic factors for identifying citizenship:

1) Person's Place of Birth (jus soli/right of soil)

2) Citizenship Status of the Father at the Time of the Person's Birth (jus sanguinis/right of blood)

3) Citizenship Status of the Mother at the Time of the Person's Birth (jus sanguinis/right of blood)

Ted Cruz was most certainly NOT a natural born citizen. Heck, they questioned McCain with two American citizen parents whose father was based in Panama but the airbase and hospital was considered American territory. Now take Obama. He had an underage mother, unable to pass on citizenship; a father that no one can actually prove; was a citizen of Indonesia when his mother married an Indonesia man when kids could not go to school in that country unless they were citizens; who never restored his U.S. Citizenship and was probably still a citizen of Indonesia; and who had a social security card from Connecticut where he never lived.  If no one cared about all that, it's for sure no one cares anymore about the Constitution which was proven when so many otherwise smart people claimed Cruz is a natural born citizen of the United States of America and no one gave a rip that he really is not.



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