America's problem is people's failure to acknowledge the importance of James 4:17 and to honor it by doing what's right? A result: we tend to reject facts and pretend our elected officials represent us. Not so! Consider these facts. 

* Government was created to secure people’s unalienable RIGHTS.

* Any Act diminishing or destroying our ability to enjoy a RIGHT is an illegal Act.

* Those responsible for passing and/or perpetuating an illegal Act are criminals.

* If the Act supports an enemy of the Constitution the criminals are guilty of Treason.

* A comparative analysis of lawful and present government shows members of both major political parties supported creation of the New World Order (NWO) on behalf of bankers who, if one accepts current monetary policy that’s in consonance with the 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto as being legal, will one day hold title to all real wealth of their choice, a mortgage on the remainder and a claim on all future production. We are in economic bondage!

* A nation must be one of laws or lawless! America is lawless so far as politicians go. The Supreme law must be upheld.

* It’s self-evident members of our major parties don't honor their oath. We are being ruled by a criminal syndicate.

* Our Constitution and willingness to unite on actions designed to hold the criminals accountable offer the best and perhaps ONLY obstacles to the criminals promoting the NWO.

* Two options available for restoring the Republic are enforcement of our laws via action by law enforcement personnel and/or “we the people” or the election of people having the knowledge, courage and integrity needed to do so.

Discussion: A second American revolution focused on returning government to one of, by, and for the people is needed. It can and prayerfully will be peaceful but if this is to be Americans must unite, not in body but in spirit and action to convince law enforcement personnel to honor their oath and hold those responsible for our plight accountable under the law or insuring the election of qualified representatives.


> America is at a crossroads! We can get behind a plan such as that at or be engulfed in the NWO. It's an individual decision.

> Leadership dedicated to uniting voters is needed at every level.

> Veterans, due to their geographical dispersion, access to facilities, earned respect, training and obligation are in an excellent position to provide this leadership and should gladly do so.

> To restore our Republic America must control its own destiny. To do so it must withdraw its commitment to support U. N. policies, regain its independence, bring monetary policy into conformance with the Constitution and repudiate its fraudulently created debts. 

> Voters should support a political party and/or individuals not under the control of the unseen hand. At is a questionnaire designed to help in vetting candidates.

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It's certainly a positive view.  Trumps first appointment to the Supreme Court is positively a huge step in the direction of a return to Constitutional Law.  Another might be the return of the word "America" when referring to this country. Can we still say the "states" are actually United any longer?  And referring to the "Republic" as being that, and not a "democracy" might begin to instill some sanity back into the discussion.

It seems to me that we are more united than under Obama. It is just that the Main Stream Media does not want to acknowledge that it is true. They grouse and complain and point to anyone on their side of the opinion making them seem more numerous and louder than they would be if they didn't have the press as their bull horn. The liberals are loosing many of the strongest supporters like the labor union rank and file and other working class Democrats who love our country like we do and don't agree with the "globalist new world order" wishes to destroy it by selling out the American Workers and making every third world country better at our expense. My dad was a life long Democrat but he would never have gone for the stuff being pushed by Hillary, Bill, Obama and the Bush's which has put America in the hole we now have a chance to climb out of, if we will.

Don't believe everything the media reports, They Lie. Study and find the truth it is available in most cases we just have to look for it. Trump is absolutely correct, they report "False News" on a regular basis. It is now rare to get any truth from the big three networks ever.


A couple of comments on yours.

1. You said: "It seems to me that we are more united than under Obama." I think we are more united in spirit than we have been for many years. What we lack is being united around a plan that will allow us to be unified in action thought NOT in body so we can be mutually supportive on issues and actions of common interest while retaining our freedom to pursue our special interests.

2. You said: "Hillary, Bill, Obama and the Bush's ... put America in the hole we now have a chance to climb out of, if we will." Here the operative words are "if we will." BUT WILL WE? I see America's problem as being our individual and collective failure to acknowledge the importance of James 4:17 and to honor it by doing what is right. To date we haven't. Rather than come together around a plan that will allow us to have unity of action on highly important issues and actions we remain splintered. We pick some issue or action that is near and dear to us and join some group focused solely on that issue/action and ignore all others. To date, we've had millions of Americans and thousands of organizations doing that and all to no avail. We continue being led into the global prison euphemistically called the New World Order.

At a meeting held in Kansas City, MO on Constitution Day 1993 the late Governor Mecham, the late Judge J.J. Boesel, (also a retired 06 JAG officer), retired Senator Don Rogers (R-CA), the publisher of Media ByPass magazine, myself and a few others agreed on what we found to be a viable plan for concerned Americans. It is summarized at

Missing is a communications system to support the plan. But still, we can communicate to a limited degree. Perhaps a starting point would be to agree on a statement as to America's problem as previously stated, that a manifestation of this problem is the Federal action that has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution as alleged by thirty Republican governors in 1994 and that we should adopt the governor's pledge "to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution" as a common goal. If we would do that we could then begin a responsible discussion on the major objectives lying on the goal's critical path. 

A personal observation. I've been here and done this.

It is a lot easier to write about it than do it.

"If the Act supports an enemy of the Constitution the criminals are guilty of Treason."  Not necessarily.  The Constitution defines Treason at Article III Section 3 Clause 1:  "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."  However, Title 18 United States Code Section 2383 "Rebellion or Insurrection" as follows:Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."  -- and, of course, the singular, exclusive, absolutely only authority of the United States is the Constitution of the United States.

Secondly, the government of the United States is not a "criminal syndicate," though it operates as though it were.  When the federal government committed mutiny against the sovereign nation-States that created it and own it as a wholly-owned subsidiary in 1913 by declaring the 17th Amendment ratified when Article V prohibits any State from being deprived of its suffrage without its Consent, and more than ten States withheld their Consent, the federal government abdicated its single exclusive authority to govern and devolved into a rogue occupation government.

Also, what is coming is not the "Second American Revolution."  What is coming is the Second Bolshevik Revolution the World Communist Federation has been ramping up since COMINTERN in 1925, with breath-taking acceleration in the last four or five administrations.  The American people will be the COUNTER-revolutionaries, and we are armed, and we will enforce 18USC2383.

Lastly, short of putting down the aforementioned SBR, the only lawful method of restoring Constitutional government is to support STATE rejection of the unratified 17th Amendment, demand STATE representation in the U.S. Senate, and joined with other STATES in bringing the federal government to Constitutional heel.

Time to support Constitutional STATE governments in which STATE Senators obey their oaths of office.


I view the members of the financial/industrial cartel seeking the New World Order to be enemies of the Constitution? If you disagree that could lead to another discussion. If you agree then I suggest our elected officials (all of them as far a I can tell) are giving them aid and comfort by acts of both omission and commission. I have yet to find any elected official will to address our unlawful monetary policy that is in consonance with the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto.

Regarding a 2nd American Revolution: I stand corrected. It will be a third as the second - albeit a non violent revolution - is over. It resulted in our now living under all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto.

Re the 17th Amendment - You might find of interest.   

No question of it.  The bankster families of the autonomous City of London who infested the British House of Lords, and to whom Great Britain was and is today their wholly-owned subsidiary, want their colonies back.  (Or more correctly, their descendants do.)  And the less humane among them intend to enjoy payback for 240-some years of a bunch of rabble thumbing our noses at our "rightful masters."  You may be unaware, but the events of which we speak have been planned since Andrew Jackson kicked them out of out nation with extreme prejudice in 1834.  They notified their "imperial managers" (their words) of their intention to regain economic control of their "colonies" (their words) by the year 1900, and political control by the year 2000.

They were thirteen years late with regaining economic control (16th and 17th Amendments, neither of which were lawfully ratified); the former to facilitate their theft of our gold and silver monetary system and its replacement with worthless paper fiat currency, a percentage of which must be removed from circulation every time it changes hands in order to mask the rampant inflation it causes, and the latter to remove the standing of the States to complain about their obligation to not make any Thing other than gold and silver Coin a Tender in payment of debt.

Thank you for your link.  You may find equally interesting.


I visited the link you provided. I found there to be a wealth of information on it that everyone should be aware of. I commend you for your efforts. I saved the url on my favorites list and will pass it on.

What I didn't find is a plan for bringing people together to form an undeniable political force. I suggest this is needed as I have found it matters not how well we educate our elected officials. They simply continue to ignore facts.

One can only conclude they either won't read our founding documents (organic Constitution) or they can't comprehend what they read or they lack the integrity to do what is right or they are full fledged communists intent upon destroying our Republic. For whatever reason they are guilty of subversion, rebellion, insurrection, depriving us of our rights under the color of law, and/or treason; all crimes under title 18 of the Criminal Code. We have become a lawless nation! The question is: what if anything are we going to do about it?

Those of us that organized the Constitutionalist's Networking Center ( back in 1993 did so with the thought that our posterity deserve to inherit a lawful government, that a failure to plan is a plan to fail, and that since we couldn't find an organization having what we considered a viable plan we should provide people one through which they can enjoy unity of action on issues and actions of mutual interest while retaining their freedom to pursue their special interest. Hence

I applaud your efforts, but your efforts will doubtless reveal to you that no "Plan" to restore Constitutional government has any chance of bringing people together to implement it unless those people are already mostly on the same page.  All political power flows from the people, but the advantage we in America have is that we are citizens of sovereign nation-States no different than France or Germany or any other nation.  Unlike the European Union, however, created by economic treaty; our federal government was created by Constitutional compact.  Our States did not waive State's rights to the federal government; they delegated them conditioned upon specific purposes.  When the creature fails to perform as instructed, the power of the creature devolves back to the creator.  Making people aware of these facts is the purpose of my site, and I believe it is the purpose of yours.  Only when enough people are aware and begin heating up their State legislatures will the State legislatures begin to see the light.  When the States start heating up the feds, the feds will see the light.

Thank you for your kind words and please feel free to spread the information far and wide.

Keep in mind, though, that "states rights" can easily abrogated by a congressional law, often actually created by outsiders whose profits might be hurt.  Think of what Congress did to pulverize and gut Vermont's law regarding specific labeling of food content.  Monsanto was the lead behind that and they spent many millions to ensure their poisonous spray would never be revealed to the average shopper. 

this I can get behind. the 17th amendment is our problem and your saying it is not real and the states should nullify it and remove McCain.

And how do we teach that to our state Congressmen?

I may have over simplified that.

Initially, to our State Representatives and Senators, it sounds like so much conspiracy theory, and when they focus on it they immediately recoil in fear of losing all the bribes they get from the federal government.

We teach that to our State Representatives and Senators by continuing to bring it up, and to point out that the only bribes the States get from the federal government is money the federal government has already robbed from us under the illegal Sixteenth Amendment (which, although Courts have ruled it valid several times it is nonetheless a case of robbing us blind and bribing us with a cane.  Point being, if the States declare the 17th Amendment null and void for lack of ratification, the next step is to declare the 16th Amendment null and void for lack of ratification (too many States rewrote it and ratified something not proposed, and at least one State -- Kentucky -- voted it down and then listed it as having "carried" on its legislative record).

Frankly, I despair of every achieving that objective before the Marxist insurgency (funded by the aforementioned bankster cartels) executes its Second Bolshevik Revolution, but when the smoke clears and the perpetrators are in prison or dangling from lampposts and freeway overpasses, it is vital -- absolutely vital -- that those of us picking up the pieces and putting Humpty dumpty back together again knows how the parts fit together properly.

Right now the election of Trump has pulled the rug out from under the 'Progressives' (read "Socialists," "Marxists," "totalitarian thugs") and they are more than pissed.  They are trying to reverse the election by whatever means necessary, and failing that, to gin up enough ignorant cannon fodder to convince themselves they will win it if they start it anyway.  THAT is your Treason you mentioned, and you will note that recently New Times reported on a group of somewhere between 25 and 50 'Progressives' demonstrating at the Arizona State Capitol carrying AR-15's and AK-47's at the low-ready position.  They have as much right to do so as we do, but that is the beginning of their escalation.  It also reveals their cynical belief, from the very beginning, that their cries of 'gun control' only applies to their political enemies.  See the graphic at the beginning of this post.



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