America's problem is people's failure to acknowledge the importance of James 4:17 and to honor it by doing what's right? A result: we tend to reject facts and pretend our elected officials represent us. Not so! Consider these facts. 

* Government was created to secure people’s unalienable RIGHTS.

* Any Act diminishing or destroying our ability to enjoy a RIGHT is an illegal Act.

* Those responsible for passing and/or perpetuating an illegal Act are criminals.

* If the Act supports an enemy of the Constitution the criminals are guilty of Treason.

* A comparative analysis of lawful and present government shows members of both major political parties supported creation of the New World Order (NWO) on behalf of bankers who, if one accepts current monetary policy that’s in consonance with the 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto as being legal, will one day hold title to all real wealth of their choice, a mortgage on the remainder and a claim on all future production. We are in economic bondage!

* A nation must be one of laws or lawless! America is lawless so far as politicians go. The Supreme law must be upheld.

* It’s self-evident members of our major parties don't honor their oath. We are being ruled by a criminal syndicate.

* Our Constitution and willingness to unite on actions designed to hold the criminals accountable offer the best and perhaps ONLY obstacles to the criminals promoting the NWO.

* Two options available for restoring the Republic are enforcement of our laws via action by law enforcement personnel and/or “we the people” or the election of people having the knowledge, courage and integrity needed to do so.

Discussion: A second American revolution focused on returning government to one of, by, and for the people is needed. It can and prayerfully will be peaceful but if this is to be Americans must unite, not in body but in spirit and action to convince law enforcement personnel to honor their oath and hold those responsible for our plight accountable under the law or insuring the election of qualified representatives.


> America is at a crossroads! We can get behind a plan such as that at or be engulfed in the NWO. It's an individual decision.

> Leadership dedicated to uniting voters is needed at every level.

> Veterans, due to their geographical dispersion, access to facilities, earned respect, training and obligation are in an excellent position to provide this leadership and should gladly do so.

> To restore our Republic America must control its own destiny. To do so it must withdraw its commitment to support U. N. policies, regain its independence, bring monetary policy into conformance with the Constitution and repudiate its fraudulently created debts. 

> Voters should support a political party and/or individuals not under the control of the unseen hand. At is a questionnaire designed to help in vetting candidates.

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And that lesson was....???

this is what I wrote on my website. Note it is written to a different level of understanding than you folks. But I would still appreciate your comments.

Besides this, the fact that we're starting to understand the problem.

We the people are going to have to solve this problem. It is not going to happen via our federal government. I know this because Pres. Trump is not in control anymore. Probably never was. When the health care bill was not repealed and the missiles were launched on Syria I knew that Pres. Trump was not in control. The cabal that's running this nation definitely stepped in. So the only conclusion is that we the people are not going to solve this politically, because our federal government is not working for us.

Maybe our state governments will work for us. Our representatives live in our communities. We have access to them. We have the power. We out number the elites a million to one.

Repealing 16th and 17th amendments would resolve most of our problems. They were illegally passed, thus not real and binding. The states (AZ especially) need to start acting like they are null and void. We (AZ) could then appoint real Senators and remove McCain.

---------------------- this part I don't know about.

What we'd appoint new Senator. The next time McCain showed his face in what he thinks is his AZ office the sheriff would arrest him for trespassing and impersonating a Senator.



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