Trump Said “I” 36 Times In Address… Now Look At Obama’s First Congressional Speech

In President Donald Trump’s Tuesday congressional address, he referred to himself half as many times as Obama did in his congressional address.

That should say a lot.

The Washington Examiner reports:

President Trump planned to point to himself during his first speech to a joint session of Congress at a much lower rate than former President Barack Obama did in his first address in February 2009, roughly half as often.

Trump used the word “I” 36 times during his speech at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday evening.

During Obama’s first such address eight years earlier, he said “I” a total of 68 times.

Read the full transcript here.

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This was one of the very best speeches I have ever heard and President Trumps night to truly shine. He was truly amazing. His words came directly from his heart. Thank you Mr. President. His Bless you and God Bless America.

On a scale of 1 to 100, I give our President at 110 in tonight's speech. A GRAND SLAM if there ever was one.

Amen....I too give him 110%.  Very inspiring, encouraging and patriotic.  America has hope again!!  Bless him God. 

I agree with you totally, Jim. I never thought to count the number of times that "I" was said in Trump's speech. I appreciated the essence of what he said & did not have the time to count the number of times that he said "I".

I can hardly stomach looking at Obama. Trump is a true champion for America.

Happy to see/hear Uncle Scam has disappeared with the Obama wind and we now have the real thing: a President we can be proud of.  All good things come to those who wait.  Thank you, God.  The only thing that kept the speech from being perfect was when the camera landed on Pelosi's screwed up face.

Hahahah  Pat  that was the best part!  Hope she gets to see it herself.  

     What a wonderful tribute to a fallen warrior and for his widow!  Bringing to light the suffering families who lost loved ones to the illegal immigrant situation was also poignant. God bless and guide you , Mr. President! Finally, may the inner city kids begin to get the education they need and deserve.

Agree with Mr O'Connor.  Best presidential speech since Reagan. The Democrats made absolute asses of themselves, which for them is an easy task.

This speech that  Our President Trump gave, was the best I have heard ever in my lifetime. He spoke on every topic that I could think of with great passion. I was so proud of him tonight. The Dems were just disgraceful and acted like little children. There were moments of tears. God Bless him.

I loved the great speech too!

But I'm dismayed at folk's return to partisanship politics. Obama was not just a president, he was trying to close the communist agenda. So yes, Trump's speech sounds good relative to peer propaganda by Obama.

We have to keep fighting the media and the leftist agenda.



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