This is from the editor of Arizona Daily Independent.  It's right on target.  It's an opinion and is not published on their website so far as we know.  See if you agree. [Full disclosure: we were not a fan of Diane Douglas in her first election.]


I wanted to give everyone, who cares about the kids of Arizona and the state of our schools, a heads up. Tomorrow morning (9:00 a.m.), Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas is planning to propose to her fellow State Board of Education members the adoption of the Hillsdale Barney Charter School standards.


Diane’s proposal and decision to take action are important for a number of reasons. The first, and certainly not the least, is that for too long the State Board, under control of Governor Ducey, has dodged a serious discussion about the state of what is really happening in our classrooms. They hide behind the notion of local control, in my humble opinion, not because they fully understand the real world consequences of that idea, but because they don’t want to do the hard work of undoing what doing nothing has created.


Unfortunately during her tenure, Diane has become the target of both the left and the right. It strikes me that the attacks from the left are more predictable and therefore more manageable. The right, on the other hand, has seemed only willing to complain that progress was not occurring fast enough. At the same time, although well-intentioned, the frantic nature of the demands seemed to scattered the fires of discontent to the point where they simply grew to only feed the critics on the left.


Although I do not have any faith in Frank Riggs, and I have serious concerns about the ADE under his control, I do hope that conservatives can be patient and find productive ways to further their agenda through his public service.


Diane’s proposal is also important in so far that it sends an important message to the State Board Of Education. I don’t know that I fully support all of the standards, but what a great place to start! The State Board is trying to turn junk every few years into something of value. Enough. We all know what works, but because it doesn’t make textbook companies rich, it is dismissed. The fact that Diane is willing to challenge the all-powerful SBE and force them to examine their paradigm without fear of future certain reprisal is -I fear - a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for all of us.


I hope that the one lesson we all take away from the last four years is that no one we elect will be able to make real change unless we change the public’s understanding of what is wrong, how our system works, and just who is responsible for what. Conservatives can’t wring their hands anymore and toss each other under the bus. Conservatives MUST form an organization - or multiple organizations - to educate stakeholders on the duties of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, State Board of Education, and local school boards. Without that fundamental understanding NOTHING can change.


Diane is about to hand the kids, parents, teachers, and taxpayers of this state an amazing opportunity (that the Governor would have destroyed her for). I hope that anyone, who cares about kids and this amazing country, will applaud her and thank her. Their support and gratitude should also be shared with the SBE members.


That’s  just my two cents.




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I thought having a non politician as the head of schools would be a good thing & I truly think Diane was quite capable of 

doing the job!  What I didn't consider ( nor did Diane, I'm sure) was the flak from the "powers that be" including Sylvia Allen!

  I saw first hand how Sylvia  & her cohorts were orchestrating all the hurdles & when I confronted Sylvia (via personal email) she was absolutely nasty in her response to me.  I knew then what we were being dealt!  I have no skin in this game other than concern for the education of the kids . I have no children in any school but I can see what they are Not getting & am  appalled at that!

I had read this in today's Briefs. I had my first choice Branch and my backup choice was Dianne. I liked her on the occasions I met and heard her speak. Branch and Dianne were in my mind best of the field of candidates.

Not to be so now I am expected to vote for what I viewed as a slick willy politician. Ugh!

I wish Ms Douglas well and appreciate whatever strides forward she can make for AZ kids.

I do not have kids but I do care about stopping the progressive/socialist agenda of indoctrination.

This is the good news we need to hear.  It's too bad Douglas didn't do this earlier. It is the reason she got elected and not doing it is the reason she did not get re-elected.  When will politicians learn they must serve the voters, not the other politicians? Sure, I know Ducey is a creep and fought her but there are times when we have to stand against these professional pols.



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