[Editor: Sen Allen has said she is against Common Core.  But is she also against good charter schools? As bad as the schools are in Arizona, it takes real effort to get an F.  We are not surprised.  Sen Allen wrote an article for the local paper in Navajo County wherein she referred to America as a democracy with "inalienable rights!"  [LINK]  Isn't this covered in American History 101 in high school?  In 2015, Senate President Biggs named Allen as Education Chair.  Allen calls for civility but calls a fellow republican, a guest invited to speak at their Republican district meeting, a Nazi and continued the tirade in the parking lot when the speaker left the building. [LINK]  In another instance, Sen Allen said "during a hearing on uranium mining in Arizona, she proclaimed that the earth is only 6,000 years old." [LINK]  We have to wonder, is there a grade lower than an F?]

Preliminary Arizona school letter grades were publicly released this week. And one left-leaning group wasted little time pointing out that a charter school associated with state Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, was among the 35 schools that received the lowest grade: an "F."

Allen is also the chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee.

The school in question is George Washington Academy, a charter school Allen said she helped bring to Snowflake "because parents did not want the Common Core curriculum." 

Josselyn Berry, co-director at ProgressNow Arizona, said in a press release this week that Allen "for years preached the benefits of charter schools and vouchers for students and parents, but ironically the school she co-founded has gotten the lowest rating a school can get."

Allen said in an email that "it is unfair to use this new system as political propaganda to attack any school."

MORE: Why hundreds of Arizona school letter grades remain 'under review'

Allen also shifted blame to the new grading system, which the State Board of Education spent more than a year creating because state law requires schools be graded.

"I have grandchildren who go to this school and I have personally seen the help it has given to children. It is not an F school," Allen said of George Washington Academy. Allen said she only works part-time for Edkey, George Washington Academy's charter holder, leading a character program at the school.

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The author of this article, Ricardo Cano, is a reporter for AZCentral.com (part of USA Today) and the AZ Republic and two years out of CSU Journalism school.  Not necessarily bad stuff, but he is not known as a supporter of Republicans.  Nor is there any info on how much of his commentary originated with, or is at least in support of, AZ teachers unions.  This is too much of a hit piece to be just another education article with no underlying agenda.

Dear Editor,

     Before taking snipes at Sen. Allen's view of the age of planet earth as uneducated you should spend a little time on the Institute for Creation Research website. There are many scientific reasons set forth by intelligent scientists that dispute the theory that the earth is millions or billions of years old. You may buy into evolutionary thinking but there are many very intelligent people who do not. Mocking someone's personal view of when things began is not appropriate to the discussion.

I have to wonder who the AFA editor is for this article, given AFA's typically conservative viewpoint.  This article seems to be in line with the fringe progressive/establishment groups' attacking of Sen. Allen over the last few months.  And this accusation applies not only to the political bias on display in the article, but to the Christian-mocking commentary as well.  What is the true, underlying political agenda behind this article?  Be honest; spit it out.


We look for information in all kinds of places.  We often use the "blind squirrel" method, especially when there is supporting information that we have or have posted before.  You, of course, are free not to believe anything we post or believe it's not conservative enough or whatever makes you happy.  Please disclose what Christian mocking commentary was made by AFA. Patoooie!!

A bit testy and defensive.

Yes Mike you are. And a bit mean-spirited too

Dear Mr. Petty:

We took no "snipes" at Sen. Allen.  We simply reported the facts.  By the way, there are many very intelligent scientists who believe the earth is at least hundreds of thousands of years old if not more - probably billions - based on carbon dating materials dug up from the earth.     Space.com

No mocking involved.  Well, we do mock her statement that some conservative, highly active and knowledgable anti-McCain Republicans are Nazis.


Since the topic came up, can someone tell us exactly what a "snipe" is? Years ago, it was a fictitious critter that teen aged boys took other teens with bags out to dark areas to look for.  Otherwise, they are birds so we are not sure exactly how that fits into this conversation.

Snipe can mean - a carping or snide attack!  See Webster's. To the editor - you brought up Sen. Allen's personal view about creation to mock her intelligence - at least be honest and admit that was your intent with the question,"Is there a grade lower than F?"  Carbon dating depends on the interpretation of facts. Since our education system has only taught Evolution for the last 60 years at least have the courage to take a look at the other viewpoint.

I looked that word up too. Heres what Websters says other than its a bird "a contemptible person".  My Websters says nothing about carping or snide attack. Jerry you must be reading a different article. I read the editor comments 3 times and nowhere does the editor ever mention or allude to creation in any manner.  Frankly I have no idea what you are talking about. Methinks you are exposing your own bias here.. Editor you have nothing to own up to here. Sounds like someone trying to save face for making insulting statements.  Oops now I guess I will be insulted

Dear Jaspersgoat,  Get a new dictionary my friend! Snipe actually has multiple meanings. The inference to creation was regarding Sen. Allen's view about the age of the earth. See the uranium mining comment. The editor was sniping at her belief regarding when the earth was created and he knows it. I don't agree with Sen. Allen's political comments but trying to demean her intelligence by attacking her religious belief was not appropriate. No insults - just letting the editor know not everyone buys into evolution. Nothing I have written is intended to insult you or the editor. I hope you now understand why I commented about creation and know that I oppose common core, rinos, etc.

Jerry, I believe the only one "sniping" is you.  I followed the links and they verified the comment you call 'sniping."  Yes, you have been insulting.  Nothing was said about creation OR evolution and I have to wonder if you are taking something since you are engaging in FAKE NEWS.  The editor neither said nor inferred any comments about evolution or creation but only about her comments, what she her self said. You sure read a lot into a nothing burger. If her intelligence was demeaned, it was by her own comments and you can be sure she says the darnedest things all the time.  You can be protective of Allen but most of us know she's hardly the sharpest knife in the drawer by a long shot. I used to get her newsletter and some of them left me scratching my head especially when she co-sponsored the National Popular Vote. Then I changed emails and she doesn't have my new one. WE pay her salary so I think she should be more representative of the people.  But I am done with this back and forth which is getting us nowhere since you seem to have some antipathy toward AFA and I like this site for the info they bring out.



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