[Editor: Sen Allen has said she is against Common Core.  But is she also against good charter schools? As bad as the schools are in Arizona, it takes real effort to get an F.  We are not surprised.  Sen Allen wrote an article for the local paper in Navajo County wherein she referred to America as a democracy with "inalienable rights!"  [LINK]  Isn't this covered in American History 101 in high school?  In 2015, Senate President Biggs named Allen as Education Chair.  Allen calls for civility but calls a fellow republican, a guest invited to speak at their Republican district meeting, a Nazi and continued the tirade in the parking lot when the speaker left the building. [LINK]  In another instance, Sen Allen said "during a hearing on uranium mining in Arizona, she proclaimed that the earth is only 6,000 years old." [LINK]  We have to wonder, is there a grade lower than an F?]

Preliminary Arizona school letter grades were publicly released this week. And one left-leaning group wasted little time pointing out that a charter school associated with state Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, was among the 35 schools that received the lowest grade: an "F."

Allen is also the chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee.

The school in question is George Washington Academy, a charter school Allen said she helped bring to Snowflake "because parents did not want the Common Core curriculum." 

Josselyn Berry, co-director at ProgressNow Arizona, said in a press release this week that Allen "for years preached the benefits of charter schools and vouchers for students and parents, but ironically the school she co-founded has gotten the lowest rating a school can get."

Allen said in an email that "it is unfair to use this new system as political propaganda to attack any school."

MORE: Why hundreds of Arizona school letter grades remain 'under review'

Allen also shifted blame to the new grading system, which the State Board of Education spent more than a year creating because state law requires schools be graded.

"I have grandchildren who go to this school and I have personally seen the help it has given to children. It is not an F school," Allen said of George Washington Academy. Allen said she only works part-time for Edkey, George Washington Academy's charter holder, leading a character program at the school.

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The East Valley Tribune today released an article on this subject: East Valley Tribune



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