We know for certain that very little actual education happens in institutes of higher learning.  This is not new but the schools right down to elementary schools are focused on indoctrination, not actual education.  And why does any university need an Office of Diversity?  Diversity runs through every group of people.  Identity politics is just another type of "diversity" designed to turn one group against another and in our view, serves only to separate and divide us.  It also suggests in a very insulting manner that certain types of people need government's intervention in order to function throughout life. This practice diminishes those involved and is an evil practice of controlling populations.

Look at the bribery requested of the professors.

This hire was controversial and typical of U of A, hire two people to do an unnecessary job of one.

You decide whether this constitutes bribery and/or pay offs.

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Pretty sick and left winged!  That's not education; it's INDOCTRINATION!

How can our universities whine about not having enough budget when they have money for nonsense like this?  These schools need to undertake streamlining like just about every major business has had to do to survive in a competitive market.  As a taxpayer, I don't want to pay for such politically correct fluff like this that not only wastes money but probably is structured to indoctrinate youngsters to worship internationalism and socialism.  We need our governor to give the universities some goals for implementing the Arizona Management System (lean techniques).

First, fire Jesus Trevino.  The university does not need a six figure "Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence and Senior Diversity Officer."  That is just another name for identity politics and identity education and is designed to change America permanently. I knew there were black people and brown people and Asian people and odds and ends of white people since I was 5. We mostly had racism licked until Obama came along and made it the centerpiece of his presidency.  God, please bless America.

This is an example of the fraud occurring in the Colleges and Universities across the entire nation. It is just one more proof that the "kids" are being indoctrinated at the expense of a real education. Encouraged to attend this opportunity by awarding points toward graduation for receiving a vague "VOD" voice of discovery "Intergroup dialog". 

I think it is about time we test the college and University teaching methods by testing the graduates of these schools, at one year after graduation, and if they can not pass examinations questions provided by professionals in the line of work covered by the diploma the college or University must repay any of the student loans taken to obtain that degree and the diploma forfeited to the lending institution. Many of the current graduates are in reality only qualified to take up space in Mom and Dads basement and will remain a drag on the economy of the country and state as long as they live. 

Further many have been indoctrinated to believe they are entitled to be recipients of public funds because of their unique status as a put-upon class held back by a system of racism and bigotry hundreds of years old. This class looks to me like one designed to instill in others the belief that certain races or cultures have a disadvantage and must be given a pass and helped along. 

History proves all this happy crap wrong, there are successful people in this country of every racial and cultural group, unlike many of the countries they originated in, and the opportunities are greater now than they ever were in the past when racism and bigotry was systemic and even then many succeeded inspite of the challenges and against odds which would stagger.

Giving people who don't know the subjects a degree and a mountain of debt to go with it is not what I call helping them. It is a fraud perpetrated in the name of social justice which further harms those it pretends to help and has wrecked much of the value in a College or University diploma. We hear stories of Corporations hiring people with College degrees who have to be taught to write letters and reports and in some remedial reading. It is time to hold the Colleges and Universities accountable for the fraud.

I'm not in disagreement.  But how does one go about such a gargantuan job?  We can forget Congress.  And many of the states are in agreement with such "education".  (California, anyone???)

We need to lower the taxpayers' subsidies of the universities, not increase them just because their operating costs keep skyrocketing and they clamor that they can't make enough through tuition and alumni donations alone.  Only if they have no choice will they start streamlining just as businesses have had to do survive.  Let's stop rewarding them for their reckless spending (a la VOD).  They must live within a stern top-down budget, not bottom-up.  We need Gov Ducey to declare that they must embrace the AZ Management System to streamline their operations.

You are right on Mike. It doesn't help anyone to subsidize the failures, it simply makes them more profitable for those who participate on the end receiving a check. To me it is one of the biggest consumer frauds going. The students get a faulty product at major expense and we subsidize it through our taxes and higher welfare paid to the students who are unable to work at a job that pays. Then industry is paying for workers who are untrained and unable to perform at acceptable  levels in industry costing business more which they pass on to the public which buy their products.

I would put many of the farm kids who graduated 8th grade in the 50's ahead of most of the college graduates from today. The only thing the grads would likely do better in is computers and online games.

Farm kids of today are just as intelligent as anyone else.  What few of them there are have one thing going for them ahead of the city kids - a work ethic,

That is great insight, Eric.  I don't think we see many farm kids in the BLM or Resistance/Antifa

I've been studying the "new" children - identified as "Indigo Children" - for quite a few years and am writing a film script about them.  They are quite amazing and are being born all over the world.

A few years ago, I wrote the following, it is as valid now, as it was then, maybe more so.  Let me say about the university's program, it is an insidious scheme to indoctrinate our kids.  Parents, find them different schools if you can.  If you can't, don't expose them to this dangerous scam to confuse them...under any circumstances.

My original statement:


Multiculturalism Good or bad?

I admire those that speak more than one language. I really do.

But, one of the things that unites citizens in this country is their common language. This is an essential and important factor in the unity of our country. We all can communicate with one another if we choose to do so. This is the United States. We are united and we are one - because we can all communicate with one another. The present effort to support multiculturism in our schools, the diversity efforts that we routinely hear about are, in the long run, detrimental to our country and its unity.

Examples of this are right next door. Quebec speaks French, unlike the rest of their own country, Canada. Guess what? They have been talking secession from the rest of their country for years. One day, they may actually succeed. It is the language barrier, of which they are very proud, that helps promote this destructive behavior. Like our little Havana's or China Towns, where different languages are routinely spoken instead of English, language differences only support a forced separation of the people involved, and ultimately hinders their assimilation into the mainstream culture.

Yes, it's neat to be able to speak foreign languages. That's fine. But, we need to remember that they, in fact, are foreign, and should not be elevated to the level of being part of our fundamental fabric and culture nor ever be allowed to become an accepted part of our in-house culture within our own country. Allowing this to happen will only splinter our citizens into isolated groups who cannot or won't communicate with each other, and will promote an unhealthy diversity, leading to irreconcilable differences between isolated segments in our own fundamental culture.

The issue is not as simple as this, but this conveys the message none the less: This is America. We speak English here. Join us if you wish, but when you come, expect to "join" us.

Those that come here need to recognize their reasons for coming here. The underlying reason is that their own culture has failed each of them in some manner. Yet, many are pushing these failed cultures upon us under the guise of multiculturalism and diversity being good for us. They in fact, are the beginnings of a slippery slope, leading to yet one more failed culture exactly like the one these immigrants have abandoned. Few understand that these failed cultures are what these immigrants desire to bring with them when they come here. Most of these cultures have failed their citizens so badly that their citizens have resorted to running from them instead of attempting to fix them. Assimilation into our culture is a far better option than bringing their broken cultures with them, only to place themselves in a similar situation that they ran from.



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