Earlier this week I was alerted to an event at MCC [Mesa Community College] on Wednesday.  The event was put on by CAIR, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Black Lives Matter.  The title of the event was "Know Your Rights".

A friend attended the event with me.  It was actually quite scary.  It was an opportunity for a lawyer from CAIR and an ACLU representative to lie and mislead minority students.  The lawyer even referred to the United States as a democracy.

They spent much of the time berating Sheriff Arpaio, President Trump, police, ICE, FBI, anyone in a position of authority who is charged to protect us.  They described how the students who are breaking the law can avoid the law and lumped every encounter with authority into harassment.  MCC even has a club called "Undocumented Club."

One of the Maricopa County Board members, Jean McGrath, attended.  Please thank her if you see her at any GOP meetings in January.

My friend and I felt we were in another world while at that panel, not in the United States.  CAIR's plan is to do these panels at schools all over the country.  There is no doubt they are trying to take over our country using our Constitutional Rights against us.

Those of you in Tempe, we now have three Council candidates associating with #Resist, Local Progress and Sanctuary cities--they are Lauren Kuby, Patrick Morales, and Genevieve Vega.  Their positions do not keep us safe, instead they cozy up to organizations like CAIR, BLM, and the ACLU to work against the United States.

We need to watch for and attend these events when possible and challenge their rhetoric.  When my friend got them off-script they stumbled.  We need all of us to get involved in stopping this.  Most of our elected officials are ignoring these dangerous groups and those who do speak out aren't getting the support [they] need to make change.  It is up to us to do something before they take over.


Peggy M


Jean McGrath told us that at Scottsdale Community College there is a room with flags from all over the world posted.  However, they left out the flag of Israel and instead have a Palestine flag.

I tend to forget the community colleges but they look to be as dangerous as universities and K-12.

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This really makes me sick and worried and scared. If we do not stop them who will ? What is wrong with the head one of these schools allowing this ? They will get to our children before we know it. It is called brain washing their minds.

Can you say "Sold out?"  Do you not think the "heads" of the schools get their orders from someone with power to enforce their agenda? Maybe SPI Douglas is getting ripped because she is an outsider and got in over her head? It is too coincidental to think every school system in America suddenly came to the conclusion that Common Core was a great idea. I would think the deep state would go after young people first, they are so impressionable and easy to manipulate.

Hi all,

We have an update to this post.

We just found out the lawyer who spoke for CAIR was employed in the AZ Attorney General's office until recently.  While this may be a common step to get experience, it appears to me she had the opportunity to find out all kinds of angles about our government and the way it runs to then use it against us.  Was she the only intern available to hire by Brnovich?  Was he required to fill minority quotas? 

Thanks, Peggy



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