Education Majors have the LOWEST SAT scores: What did they really teach our kids

Many of you, our readers, are far better informed on educational shortfalls than we are.  However, from our view of the #RedForEd moral travesty, these teachers are the last people who should be screaming for higher pay, not that some don't deserve it.

What are the teachers teaching our children with this absurd march?  They are teaching that critical thinking is not important - just go with those feelings!  They are teaching that if you can gather enough uninformed people together, you can break the law without consequence.  The are teaching students that mobs rule!  Gov. Ducey and SPI Diane Douglas are slobbering over themselves applauding this illegal act.  What does that tell our kids?  It tells them that swarms of people can control Arizona Government, and control them they did.

Why aren't these 50K "teachers" marching to put education back in the classroom?  Why aren't they  marching to put Civics, the Constitution and Prayer back into the classroom?  The elimination of these things have produced fools who themselves don't understand these concepts. Noah Karvelis, who failed his teachers certification test because he couldn't answer simple Constitutional questions, is who these teachers are following!  Why wasn't he marching against Common Core?  And by the way, he is a MUSIC teacher!  Music is important to societies but hardly a requirement to become educated adults.

Education ranks 26th out of 33 for necessary critical reading skills at the college level, 26th out of 33 in SAT scores required to get into that major but jumps up to 25th of 33 in writing skills.  It ranks just ahead of Social Services in most categories.  What does that mean?  It means that people with lower SAT scores choose Education as their major.  Our kids are being taught by people who are at or near the bottom of the educational knowledge ladder.  Source: Business Insider  As low as it is, education ranks above MUSIC majors on this scale of SAT scores!

Before you really dedicated teachers jump on us for these findings, understand that these do not pertain to all teachers.  There are good and even great teachers in our system.  But we know that many of these people leave teaching earlier than they should to seek careers in other fields, such as private business and knowledge-rich industries, where they can use their teaching skills more fully and with less stress.

Viewing this #RedForEd from the political side, because this was all about politics and not much about education (perhaps you saw the interview with the teacher who confessed this was not really about teacher salaries at all):

From American Post Gazette: McCain destroyed the Republican Party in Arizona.  Republicans are better at fighting with themselves than fighting the enemy. It’s time conservatives either put on their black armbands and continue crying in their beer or rise to the challenge before them. Take no prisoners and give no quarter! Make no mistake the enemy won’t. (emphasis added)  As was said in the past “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.” This is not a shooting war but it will be even more deadly to this nation.

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"This is not a shooting war but it will be even more deadly to this nation."

Unless you don't consider what happened to Steve Scalise or our police officers or the interesting way that cries for gun control come gushing forth after each massacre that happens in a Gun Free Zone (and how the gun grabbers seem to have a bill written and waiting for the smoke to clear).

I hope we don't "NICE" our nation to death by not making this a shooting war!  I'm not advocating it, but we need to be prepared if the other side goes too far - and I wish I knew exactly where that line is, seems like we're at it or have already passed it!

Gosh, Paul.  Consider context.  That was not a general statement but only a statement about the education strike and the war on education.  Most of us don't intend to shoot teachers or legislators who cave to them.  If the dems go "too far" I don't think our side would stand down but  if you have been on this site long you know that AFA is pro-2nd amendment in everything including defense. 

I certainly concur with your NOT shooting teachers.  However, RINO season maybe opening up soon!

As i said, I don't advocate any violence, but we can't let anyone "foreign or domestic" bring down our country.

Just wait until McCain resigns late in the year so that Ducey can appoint an establishment RINO, and it will be too late for the voters to have any say in a special election.

Mike, Ducey only has to wait until June 1 and he can appoint another RINO to take McCain's seat. I have pretty good info that is what will happen. McCain is history and we the taxpayers are paying his salary while he is not anywhere in sight.  As I think about it, that is worth every penny.

I hear the footsteps of Robert Graham being welcomed into the Senate for he and Mr. Lines are cohorts in a closed door "bipartisanship".

Violence is sometimes the only option left.  Like you, I hope it doesn't but from where I sit, we are being overwhelmed by the socialist progressives like those behind the RedForEd and our team is out fishing.  Countey 2nd right after God.

Re: the first part of the posting -- teachers like to compare their pay to that of engineers since they both require 4-yr degrees, not considering the SAT differences.  But how many engineers get all that time off plus those unbelievable benefits?  None, unless they go into teaching.

Second part of the posting -- the only way to encroach on the establishment's total control of the state party apparatus is to start filling vice chair positions with constitutionalists/conservatives.  But that likely won't happen until Ducey and Lines stop blocking proxy reform.  They know exactly what they are doing.

Just where does "education" start? In the home !!!

We learn not to touch a hot stove, we learn to respect others, we learn to become responsible by cleaning the house and picking up after ourselves. It all starts at the home front, where at the kitch table we learn basic economics. It is there that we learn the political gamesmanship to get our own way ... over that of the parents household RULES.  Society has crumbled into a heaped mass of a centralized PC collectivism ... because parents can't say no, and reinforce it with consequence. If Gov. Ducey had stood his ground, the up swell from parents would have resolved this mess he created by increasing their demands and giving in to it.

My daughter was a teacher in an inner-city Michigan city, she had lofty goals to help those who needed "education" badly.  She left after 5 years because of the demands from the Administration to "race to the top" by getting another degree, while raising 4 kids.  Now that was stupidity at its finest as she was already the districts "teacher of the month". Money will not solve the "education" problem once the cancer of this Cloward-Piven "chaos" spreads to the classrooms of the progressive collectivist class of thieves which has entrenched itself in the whole of our national value system. This was the demand of socialist progressives ... where you would strike in violation of laws and against a Constitution ... and then you get rewarded with more spaghetti thrown at the wall.  

AZGOP chairman Jonathan Lines is so excited that Ducey broke the law by manipulating the budget to give teachers a pay raise; that he blackmailed legislators into passing this mess, that teachers went on strike against the law.  Bye-Bye, Arizona as we have known you. You are officially a blue state now.



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