This November there will be a whole lot of school districts asking for voters to approve budget overrides and/or bond issues, which will increase our property taxes. Some organizations, notably the AZ School Boards Association, will argue in favor of these tax increases using information that is either incomplete, outdated, or both. It would be a good idea for tax payers to look carefully before voting in favor of these tax increases

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NO BOND TAX - Vote NO on the Scottsdale City bond issue November 3, 2015

Just HOW MUCH of the need for these bond issues ... are due to the UNFUNDED mandates of Common Core???

If it is the case that it is, then the to vote NO makes so much more sense than to blame the citizenry for not approving such spending.  Our children and grandchildren are the victims of this run-a-way spending, that has made us a "debtor nation" to the world that is today's America.  Audit the FED, freeze the spending for illegals in our "education" free zones, and hold those who make up the political class of thieves accountable ... for the theft of our nation and state's sovereignty.

I fear that once again the uninformed voters will approve this tax because it is presented to them as "help the chidren" and WE know what that means don''t we? So sickening to know that these funds will be going toward Common Core support and to line the pockets of the unions...again and again and again!!!

I agree totally with John 5319...his head is on straight!

The school funding trough the AZ budget is already 54% of the total budget according the Sen. Kavanagh.  It is not a matter money.  That is just another way to bilk the public.  They get enough money in every district.  The problem is that it does  not get to the classroom and that would probably be the problem with even more money.  You may have read on the Arizona Republican Assemblies tab that they have endorsed a NO on all tax increases until the taxing bodies clean up their mis-use of funds.  The leadership of the Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Council votes unanimously last Wednesday to do the same.  You can't get those guys to agree on what time it is ordinarily.  Conservatives and RINOs alike understand.  You also might know that there are 97 taxes imposed on citizens already.  Not every one will apply to every person but it's staggering.  To find that, click this link and then midway through the article is a pdf with that list.   Print it out and wave it at your taxing boards at a meeting and watch their reaction!

And then you have to ask yourself, why is every school district running these budget overrides at the same time?  Every district that failed to get them passed in 2014 have them on the ballot for 2015.  Collusion, maybe?

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