[Editor:  Just a note from the past.  When Ms. Douglas ran for SPI the first time, she told our head Admin that she could not change Common Core.  Killing Common Core was her entire campaign. When our Admin asked her why she was running on a promise she already said she couldn't keep, she said, "I changed my mind."  One does not change the facts by changing their minds about the facts.  This is the reason AFA never supported the Douglas campaign.  Thank you to Gilbert Watch for sending this article so we could post it for your information.]

When does “repeal and replace” not mean “repeal and replace”?  When Supt. Of Public Instruction Diane Douglas says it. 

Incumbent Douglas has been cranking out media releases, including taking a recent victory lap on the anniversary of the State Board of Education’s adoption of “Common Core Rebrand #2.”  Her false “Common Core has been repealed and replaced” narrative has recently appeared in Frosty Taylor’s 12/20/2017 Briefs.  It also appeared in the 12/19/2017 issue of the Yellow Sheet.   

For the record, the Common Core Standards haven’t been repealed or replaced.  At most, they’ve been “tweaked.” 

Don’t be fooled by Douglas’s red herring argument when she states:

“More than 200 teachers who donated thousands of hours in working groups, as well as countless dedicated parents, 10,000 public comments, several nationally recognized technical experts, prominent anti-Common Core authorities and the Arizona Department of Education’s (ADE’s) K-12 Standards team all helped shape the new Arizona standards in practice. There is currently a feature on ADE’s website that outlines the Top 5 ways Arizona’s new standards differ from Common Core.” 

The truth is, she ignored virtually every teacher, member of the public, nationally recognized technical expert, and prominent anti-Common Core authority that offered specific recommendations that would repeal and replace the Common Core Standards.   

Instead, hundreds of recommendations from Achieve, Inc., appear throughout the “redline” versions of the ELA (English and Language Arts) and Math standards, and were incorporated in the “final, approved 2nd draft.”  For those not acquainted with Achieve, back in 2009, Achieve partnered with the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers on the Common Core Initiative, and a number of Achieve staff and consultants served on the writing and review teams.”   (See ELA Redline StandardsMath K-5 Redline StandardsMath 6-8 and High School Redline Standards, ELA 2nd Draft Standards, and Math 2nd Draft StandardsSee below for 2 examples of “changes” to the Common Core Standards.

Incumbent Douglas’s deceptive narrative isn’t anything new.  She’s been doing this for over a year.   

Continue reading on Gilbert Watch

[NOTE: Diane Douglas is running for re-election as Superintendent of Public Instruction.]

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Let's start with the math standards.  Let's let you do your own research because from what I have read about your posts, you are thoroughly indoctrinated. My neighbor teaches 3rd grade and she can no longer teach under such a terrible curriculum. She will be leaving the field. Yeah, that's what we want: good teachers leaving education to the progressives, which, I'm sorry to say, Florence obviously is but doesn't even know it.  Like progressives, she is shown facts but she only sees them as propaganda misinformation.  I've never met a teacher who agrees with common core.  Never.

To Florence from Larry:

Fortunately, you are in the extreme minority which is getting smaller all the time.  You are fighting a losing battle, but go ahead and continue your fight.  The more you fight, the more that the otherwise unaware will become aware.  Thank you.

Florence:  If you want to discuss the elections of the next SPI, that discussion goes on the Watching the Elections page.  I think most of us agree that Douglas has done a poor job and does not deserve another term.  The real question is who among the candidates is best suited to run the Education Department.  On that, our members will not agree.  So go ahead and make your case on the Elections page.  Thanks.

Common Core is a United Nations / New World Order One World Governmentprogram. 

Now that we know where she stands, we know we need to remove her before she turns our children from American citizens into World citizens.

To Larry from Florence,

I am a patriotic American and have no intentions in turning my students into World citizens.  Can you cite a single Common Core standard that would back up your opinion?



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