[Editor:  For whatever reason, the Obama administration and agencies confuse themselves with Congressmen.  They believe they can mandate law to suit themselves and there is no leftist issue that Obama and agency heads don't insert themselves into.

You likely heard about the tiff going on in a school district outside Chicago where the ACLU if trying to force Township High School 211 to allow a transgender student to freely use the girls locker room.  The male student has been injected with various hormones to restructure HIS system to HER system so the process has begun.  However, the student retains his male anatomy.  In an effort to accommodate the student and avoid a lawsuit by the ACLU, the school superintendent ordered the high school to establish a changing room and shower facility in a private room within the girls locker room.  No, said the ACLU. That makes the student feel "different." (We suggest the student IS different but that's another story.)  So the high school curtained off an area in the same locker room for the in-transit student to use but withheld permission for him - or is that herm - to use the showers at the same time as the girls.  It is a large open group shower and these girls are as young as 15!  Any rational person would say this is a reasonable effort to accommodate what is going to be a huge problem around the country very shortly as the LGBT wave rolls across America.  

Well, that wasn't good enough either.  The transitional student felt "left out."  Herm wants to shower with all the girls.  The ACLU agrees that this student's "rights" are being violated.  The girls, of course, have no rights despite the Constitution that guarantees the rights privacy under the unreasonable search or seizure clause.  So the war is on because the Superintendent refuses to cave in and put these young girls in jeopardy.

Get ready, folks.  This is coming to YOUR school soon as the LGBT community invades your community, coerces their city councils to pass these ordinances to give "special protections" to the LGBT at the expense of everyone else's rights.  To the left, 'Civil Rights' goes only one way!]

Not Kidding! Obama’s Dept. Of Education Orders Mixed Sex Showers In High Schools

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has ordered a taxpayer-funded school district in the suburbs of Chicago to allow a male transgender student who dresses like a girl and otherwise identifies as female to use the girls locker room and shower on school premises.

The feds delivered the edict against Township High School District 211 in Palatine, Ill. on Monday, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The Department of Education has given the school district one month to let the student use the girls locker room. If the district does not capitulate, it risks losing federal funding.

The Department of Education’s civil rights division made its Title IX ruling after a two-year investigation using a “preponderance of evidence” standard.

President Barack Obama’s Department of Education — which manifestly is not vested with judicial powers — has taken to applying Title IX, a comprehensive 1972 federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, to transgender cases.

The unidentified high school student at the center of the ruling currently is listed as a girl in school files, uses girls’ restrooms and plays on girls’ sports teams. (RELATED: Strapping California Senior Calling Himself Female To Pla...

Read more on The Daily Caller  [On the plus side, this could spell the end of public education which could turn out to be the silver lining in this mess!]

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This is already starting in Tempe High Schools:


Peggy, I'm glad to see that the Tempe School Board stood up to this. It's totally uncalled for & I can see no point in it. It's almost as disgusting as teaching the small children sex education (simply b/c we have Arnie Duncan as our school Czar)! There is no way if I had a child in high school that I wouldn't let the board as well as anyone else that would listen to me, know how upset & disgusted I am about this whole matter! It worse came to worse, my child would be removed from school & I would home school that child.

TUHSD didn't stand up to the transgender stuff. The lawyer and Board chose their words carefully so as not to offend and to assure a trans student would be accommodated.

But don't call it Christmas Vacation! You might offend someone who's not religious.

Hard to believe that our government would want to have mixed showers in high schools. They have already forced so much down our throats & this is the final straw. If the schools agree to this, I would hope that there would be a stink made by the parents. Since when do we allow a 'herm' in our locker rooms & showers in high school? Supposedly this herm was offered a private area for his changing & showering & yet 'herm' doesn't 'feel comfortable.' I would say it's time to home school the kids.Students do not need to be exposed to this when they are in high school. We have had our share of Bruce Jenner & I'm sure most high school students are aware of 'herm'. Despite that, they do not need anymore at this point.

A lot of perverts will just love this won't they!!! Personally, if I was a parent of a young girl in this situation, I would not allow them to shower at school. They can just wait until they get home! This Country has gone insane!



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