[Editor: Hundreds of orchestrated calls and emails are being sent to Electoral College electors across America trying to get them to cast their votes for anyone but Trump.  Sources tell us there are multiple safeguards to keep the will of the people from being thwarted by rogue electors. Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA) has filed a bill in the U.S. Senate to overturn the Electoral College in favor of the National Popular Vote. That won't happen, either, because it requires a vote for it by 38 states.  Thirty-three states are in the hands of Republicans.  However, contact your own state House and Senate members in Arizona because the Soros funded group is bringing that bill back to Arizona in the coming session starting in January 2017]

The Electoral College is part of the Constitution. And it's been more than two decades since we've made any amendments. Video provided by Newsy Newslook

Arizona's presidential electors have received a torrent of emails and phone calls in recent days pleading with them to choose Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or any other candidate except President-elect Donald Trump.

The state's 11 members of the Electoral College, who were chosen by the state party, are scheduled to assemble Dec. 19 to cast their official votes for Trump. Electors are not required to vote for Trump but pledged to support the party's nominee through affidavits submitted to the secretary of state.

Four electors told The Arizona Republic Thursday that over the past week or so, they've been hit with thousands of emails, phone calls and letters sent to their work and homes.

Robert Graham, chairman of the state Republican Party and an elector, said the emails are mostly coming from out of state and appear to be part of a coordinated effort to try to deny Trump the presidency by swaying enough electors to back anyone but him.

Similar efforts are underway to encourage "unfaithful electors" in states across the U.S. to oppose Trump.

"It is total harassment," said Graham, who estimates he has received about 1,700 such emails and letters. "It started about a week ago. Now? Bam. It's hardcore."

Graham shared some of the emails with The Republic.

"Your vote against Mr. Trump, a demagogue, would be the epitome of patriotism," one email read.

Read another, "His close ties to Russia, his volatile temperament, his lack of experience, and his bigotry are not the qualities that we want representing us to the rest of the world. ... He lost the popular vote by the most significant margin in history. Please consider casting your vote for another candidate, or abstaining from voting entirely."

And another: "Please vote your conscience at the electoral college — it's clear from the popular vote that most voters didn't want Mr. Trump."

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[Editor:  While Trump likely did lose the popular vote just as George W Bush did (Michigan has still not reported but is supposed to on Nov 22), he won more counties than Hillary by a large margin. THAT is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they put the Electoral College in effect.  You might know that Hillary's largest votes came from California and New York states.  Do you want all of our future presidents to be elected by only two states?

We will add this video since it is both surprising by it's source but also to make a statement with which we agree about the Republican party: Video on The Daily Caller]

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These people are always pouring their hearts out for the poor and animals.  They should spend their time and money donating or volunteering in one of these areas and be people of action instead of words.

I agree with you completely.  There are a lot of problems out there, and there always will be, but people somehow think that the President is responsible for fixing them all, but the reality is that no President can fix anything, it is up to the people and always has been. 

The wimpies who are whining & crying over this make me sick!!  Obviousily we seem to have become a bunch of men who don't know how to "man up" & women who don't know where they put their "big girl panties" !  The founders had more moxie than all the liberal thinkers of today & since we are a Republic, not a Democracy, the election stands!!  Did we raise hell by burning, destroying property, killing police, injuring people who didn't agree with us when Obuma seems to have won but not the popular vote?? Our way of life has almost been totally destroyed by the likes of the "protesters" who are nothing but rabble rousers!!  Decent people honor the winners & hope we can come together for all citizens of this beautiful God inspired country!

I keep hearing about this "republic", but haven't seen any signs of it in a very long lifetime.  Texas calls itself a republic, but runs as a "democracy".  And we seem to be expecting some particular thing from a man who has never been in politics before and who has said very little a out his intentions.  Other, of course, than "making America great" again.  Slogans don't mean squat, as Obama adequately proved.  There are still 525 other folks out there in major government, most of them "lifers" and you can bet they're not going to give up their perks. Nor their passion for major payoffs to benefit the really big criminals, those who poison our foods and our soils, in come cases world wide.

The Donald promised to go after Hillary for her crimes.  That seems to have changed and he's not going to prosecute her for it.  I'm simply astounded.  But at the same time, not surprised.  Major crimes, but what the hell, let her get away with it.  Are things *really* going to be different?  Don't count on it, my dear friends.

Eric, you will remember that Benjamin Franklin said to Mrs. Powell in answer to  her question, "What have you given us?"  He said, "A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it."  There are three key words in that sentence: Republic, YOU, Keep.  It is not up to politicians or elected officials to keep the Republic.  It is up to we the people.  It is we the people who have failed this Republic.  We vote ignorantly. We vote non-strategically.  We vote emotionally. We vote smart.  None of us does all the right things every time and most of us vote as just described.  It is OUR job to recruit people who need to know and to educate them and get them to recruit.  It is ultimately, OUR job to keep the Republic.  That starts at our local levels because those electeds often move up the chain.  Far too many voters do not take their vote seriously and those who do are not good at educating those around them.  This is a process that must never be left behind, but we as a nation have left the process.  Now, it's so deep in the weeds that it will take years to get back to the Republic of the Founding Fathers. That is no reason to give in. It is the reason to stay in the game and think strategically which we have found is the hardest lesson conservatives ever need to learn.

We complain because Trump has not met our expectations only two weeks after the election.  Really?  Remember what Trump said during the primary over and over: it's foolish to reveal your plans to the enemy!  He knows how to play the game to his advantage and that means to the advantage of America.  We will see Hillary prosecuted before it's over but Trump himself may distance himself from that for very good reasons.  Strategy!  It's the difference between winning and losing.

Thank you AFA. you stated it so much better & clearly than me!  

Even clear thinking people for Hitlery say" give the President -elect a chance!

Think we should all quit second guessing but keep watch.



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