Are you not surprised?  These people are well past unhinged, they are mentally deranged beyond repair.  We understand their disappointment that their gal didn't get elected.  The fact that she won the popular vote in California that put her in the top vote-getter category just gives them a cause around which to rally.  The votes are no-question voter fraud since they are not quiet that they are registering illegal residents and getting them to the polls.  A fact hardly worth a mention to these people.

Indeed, their derangement and over the top rhetoric is serving our country well.  Even democrats are taking heed and getting involved with #WalkAway from the democrat party.  Only a couple hundred-thousand have left the dem party to date, but the movement is spreading.  Whether they join the Republicans or Independents or Libertarians doesn't matter.  They won't be casting ballots in the dem primary.

We rarely re-post Breitbart figuring those who read Breitbart have probably already read what they put out.  But this is an exception because it is a rally cry to conservatives.  Do NOT believe what you hear in th media... like we need to tell you that!


The latest batch of Axios/Survey Monkey polls shows that Democrats are in real danger of losing three U.S. Senate seats, which means they have no chance of capturing that chamber in 2018.

In order to take control of the Senate, Democrats must hold on to all 10 seats currently up for grabs in states President Trump won in 2016. On top of that, they must snatch two seats from incumbent Republicans.

According to these polls, Democrat incumbents in Florida, North Dakota, and Indiana are losing to their Republican challengers by three, five, and two points, respectively.

Another endangered Democrat incumbent, the increasingly embattled Claire McCaskill, is only ahead by two points in Missouri.

Democrats do appear to have an opportunity to pick up Republican seats in Arizona, where likely GOP nominee Martha McSally is four points behind Democrat nominee Kyrsten Sinema. Not helping matters is Jeff Flake, the wildly unpopular Never Trump Republican who retired knowing he had no chance of winning re-election.  [Note:  Kelli Ward is well back of Sinema, as we have predicted, and McSally, also predicted by us since McSally entered the race, and losing ground]

Also at risk is Republican Dean Heller of Nevada; his Democrat challenger is up three.

Nevertheless, if these polls prove to be 100 percent accurate, the GOP holds the U.S. Senate.


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This is certainly a comprehensive poll. The questions are straightforward, not leading. The unanswered question is who they polled?  More of one party than the other? More older or younger?  It all matters as to how people answer and vote.

The Commie Democrat Party has become irrelevant.

I would never underestimate the lengths the DNC will take to win.

In my universe here in the high desert I can say that I believe Ward will be the winner in LD-1.

I trust not the polls flying around.

I trust these polls as much as I trusted the polls during the 2016 campaign.  None at all.  It's like the Left is trying to prophesy themselves to victory.  It didn't work then, it won't work in November.  I expect conservatives and Republicans to come out in record numbers as we see the possible total annihilation of the DemoCommie Party.

Larry, I do think the polls are indeed used by both parties to try and twist their respective bases. Each party uses them to raise money. The RINOs to push their favorite fair haired candidate and after the primary to sing party unity. The DNC to file lawsuits and gather voters whereever they can snag them.

I am voting for Ward, Bennett, Stringer and Campbell. I have little choice but to vote for Fann. 

If Bennett loses the primary I will be pragmatic and vote for Ducey. If Ward loses the primary I will not hold my nose and vote for McSally for that would be sending a Flake or McCain to the U.S. Senate I will write in Kelli Ward's name.

We honestly have the opportunity to send the most conservative candidate choice of the two republicans running for the U.S. Senate to The District (Sheriff Joe is not a vote) and at the same time shove a conservative down the throats of the GOP. 

Be quite nice to see not only a red wave but a conservative red wave.

I do believe Ward can beat Sinema in a debate.

I shiver sometimes at how obstinate republicans can be about elections.  I can't imagine anyone thinking that a democrat who is guaranteed to vote against Trump on every issue would be better than a lousy republican who will vote for him some of the time and certainly on SC nominees.  We get too emotionally wrapped up in our own ideology when our ideology this year should be what helps Trump nominate more supreme court justices.  NOT a democrat.  Not even Joe Manchin who is the most conservative of the dems and has frequently voted with republicans.  Not even he will break and vote for Trump's nominee.  I hope republicans aren't fools again this election.  And btw, Ward is trailing in local inside polls too.  This poll here tends to be very fair something like Rasmussen who called it for Trump right in the beginning.  IF it were a two person race I believe she would poll better - maybe win - but Arpaio is skimming conservative votes.



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