Guns seized from Arizona Agency after the director fired

This is not the headline we expect to see about a government worker and especially not about a candidate for State Senate.  In fact, this actually happened.

The Director of the Department of Economic Security of Arizona, appointed to the job by Gov. Ducey, was fired for... well, we don't really know.  There have been several conflicting reports.  One is that said director fired too many people from a bloated department.  We would expect that would be one of the jobs of the Director of DES in a time when thinning out the herd of unneeded state employees is desperately needed.  Perhaps it was due to exactly which employees were fired.  

Other reports say it's because said Director held a party for employees on government time and brought in alcohol.  Most of us know alcohol is not allowed in government officers.  Apparently, the Director was ill-informed.  Or maybe it's because he took a state airplane to Yuma for a celebration with the staff there.  He had no authority to use the airplane, it is reported.  

Whatever it was, it may have been the right decision, surprising as it was.  You see, this Director is a pal of the governor who hired him, Gov. Ducey.  Although reports are that he wasn't particularly qualified for the job and had never held any other, lower level government job, LD23 Senate Candidate, Timothy Jeffries, had a bigger problem.

After Jeffries was fired, and apparently unknown to Gov Ducey, it was discovered that Jeffries had weaponized his department. When we say weaponized, we don't mean in the current sense of having an entire agency go after political opponents.  No, we mean firearms at the agency.  The last we searched this issue, firearms are only allowed on government property under certain conditions and one would have to go through an extensive process to get permits for that.  That didn't seem to bother Timothy Jeffries, now a candidate for the state Senate in LD23.  These guns were discovered after Jeffries was fired.

Jeffries had amassed 45 guns and 85,000 rounds of ammo using our money, tax money.  The reason, he said, was that his employees would have to go to the homes of the poor, aged and ill people using the services provided by the state.  Any one of them might be armed.  He cited the situation in San Bernadino as his reason to bring in guns.

Less than an hour after Jeffries was fired and escorted out of the building, state troopers confiscated the weapons from the agency.  They also followed Jeffries to his Scottsdale home and confiscated the weapon he personally carried but paid for with tax money.  Jeffries was not the only one fired.  Four other employees were also fired that day and were armed with weapons purchased with tax money.

Other state agencies allow employees to carry weapons at government buildings.  These are those who are law enforcement who are sworn officers, not standard staff.  Duties such as those of agents with liquor, gaming and revenue departments and even investigators in the AGs office who might be tracking down known criminals do carry.  These types of duties were not apparent in the DES department.

Interestingly, when this firing was reported at the time, the Governor's office did not reveal anything at all about the cache of weapons and ammunition found in the offices and possession of Jeffries and other staff.  Some time later, the AZ Republic got a tip and inquired of the Governor's office about the weapons.  Ducey's spokesperson, Daniel Scarpinato, refused to say why they kept that a secret but did say they had been transparent because they were admitting it to the investigative reporter!   Seemingly, if the Republic reporter had not received a tip about missing ammo and inquired, no one would ever have known.  Sure, transparency!

Our take away from this is that Jeffries is either naive about what is required to be a public employee or he's dishonest.  In just a few months of employment, he managed to bring in illegal alcohol, swipe a state airplane and use government money to buy his personal gun and ammo, secretly.

Sounds like a democrat except democrats are afraid of guns!

Sources: Associated Press, AZ Republic, Albuquerque Journal

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Drain the swamp

I call BS on this entire situation. First, as an Investigator myself, I have tried repeatedly to contact Tim Jeffries, by several means. Specifically, to show him about how major fraud is documented at DES. Second, as The Director of DES, he should have been given permission to use a State owned airplane, if the trip was justified. Third, everyone should know that DES has an OIG Department of gun carrying officers, so of course he had reason to buy weapons and ammo! Although, I don't what Mr. Jeffries has to hide from the public (possibly Aggravated Identity Fraud?) It does appear there is a politically motivated campaign against him. He should ask OIG to investigate him to clear him name. lol. They are ALL corrupt in that department. This is how I know!

Brad, you are incorrect on all points.  

First of all, this all happened two years ago.  He was not running for anything then.  It was reported in the AZ Republic and also on the AP.  Please check the list of sources.  He was in trouble for use of the airplane to go to Yuma for a celebration.  Presumably, you read the article?  A celebration might be good for morale but it's only a 3 hr drive and a celebration is not "justified" to run the department.   He apparently did not get permission from the right place.... or any place since nothing we searched alluded to any permission given.  And at a diffrent party in the DES, he brought in alcohol on government time.  No, no, no!  At the time of his action, there was no one in the DES authorized to have weapons and ammunition on site.  He may have had it in mind to hire and train people to use the guns and ammo but he was fired and no one knew he had the guns/ammo at the time.  If he was planning a new program that included weapons, wouldn't he need to clear that with someone?  Of course.  HB2339 in 2014 and SB1257 in 2016 failed to pass to allow certain people with and without concealed carry to enter government buildings in AZ.

Given that we are not running for anything, this all happened somewhat under the rug some time ago and there was no campaign going on that he was involved with at the time, it's hard to make the leap of being "politically motivated" except everything in politics is politically motivated.

Why since this happened 2 yrs ago being brought up again -- that in my mind spells political motivation by some culprit.

Let me clarify, based on my own experience at DES. I went to give them clear evidence of Massive fraud in that agency. I was met with ridicule by three bullies carrying guns. They told me to go to The Police Academy to qualify to do my own damned investigation. Then I sent a copy of those files to General Mattis, so he would get it to President Trump, during the "Rigged" election campaign. If you have ever applied for food stamps, welfare or AHCCS, you know you can also register to vote, even in an alias name! This is why we want to secure the border and find and arrest the criminals! What I found in public records indicated DES employees are involved in the frauds they are responsible to prosecute! That is why I tried to contact Tim Jeffries. No response, but rest assured, the Giant Red Wave is coming. Knowledge of the truth holds REAL POWER!

He went rogue it seems and for it seems self enrichment two red alerts here.

Of course the gov's office should come clean / total transparency.

If this is a politically motivated hit -- due process is called for.

This is interesting because I have been suspicious of several out of nowhere candidates this year.  Jeffries is one of them. 

To answer the question, any decent blogger site would be looking at these out of nowhere candidates.  I'm trying to figure out why anyone thinks that is unusual.  It's what I expect when I come regularly to a site like this.  I guess you guys prefer to vote blind? SMH

So who do you think benefits from this except voters? there are other candidates in that race.

It sounds to me like some people need a lesson in candidate vetting.  We certainly need to look hard at new candidates who have no relationship with their districts like this person.  I get nauseated when I hear activists screaming about how bad our elected people are but here is a chance to see the background of a new candidate and flak is flying everywhere.  I don't get to vote for this race but if I did I would sure be happy to know something about who is running.  The incumbents always have been vetted and have records to run on but new people in the swamp, not so much. Just because this guy has this two year old history is no reason at all to sneer at it. Past is prologue to the future so yes, certainly this is material info  People, pay close attention to the info about new candidates or we may be sadly surprised later

One point not hit hard enough is that this Jeffries, if I am reading it right, is a friend of Doug Ducey.  So, we have a typical appointment process in politics being based on friendship rather than qualifications.  Our current unqualified governor is using taxpayer money to give a job to a friend who then goes on a spending and partying spree on our dime? 

Arizona's swamp needs cleaning big time.  These swamp dwellers start at the top, and are controlling those swimming the bottom, they just need exposing.

Very true, Randy Miller. Very true!

It's a swamp!



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