All of us in Arizona are carefully watching how the 9th Congressional District shapes up in a world where Republicans cannot be trusted to keep a single promise.  The misery of this situation is that this has been the case for decades but we in the Republican party are just learning the depth of the unscrupulousness of our elected officials in both parties.  Until the past year, we thought we got snookered by OUR own elected Congressman and that it was an aberration.  In truth, the moral decay of Republicans runs as deep as it does with Democrats.  That leaves it to us, the voters, to fix. 

CD9 is an important district for Arizona and can be up for grabs.  The trouble is the past Redistricting Committee gerrymandered this district in the most creative way.  See below for that information.

Much is said about voting for the less of two evils. In most cases, everyone on the ballot falls into the category of "evil" as a euphemism for 'candidates who are known not to be reliable in what they promise.' Politics at all levels, from the PC level through the district level and all the way to the Congressional level is run on euphemisms.  Where is Diogenes when we could use him to look for the honest man?  We, the voters, have trouble with finding those people.

So today, we look at our choices for CD9 to replace Sinema.

First, let's be clear what we are dealing with here.  It is said in some circles that CD9 is the most balanced district in Arizona with a nearly equal number of republicans, democrats and independents.  We took a serious look at those numbers when the redistricting was done in 2011, even tracked the boundaries on google maps right down to what streets the boundaries followed.  It was like a walk through the twilight zone.  More on that later.

Here is our opinion of the field for the Republicans:

Irina Baroness von Behr (R)

If we knew nothing about this candidate, we would be suspicious on that name alone.  Who uses that name in politics?  Even if that is her actual birth name, it's not a name that should be used in a middle class district.  That aside, here is a blurb of her campaign introduction: "I am running for U.S. Congress in Arizona's 9th District. I will be Arizona's first bi-racial congressperson."  Shades of Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren and Hillary "I'm Jewish" Clinton.  It's embarrassing.  The rest of her introduction is boiler plate language with not a single original thought.  This appears to us to be a vanity candidate but you can check that out at this [LINK]  Our advice to Ms Behr  ...von Behr... Baroness - oh, whatever name is appropriate for her, to save her money and time and go to the Spa instead of the Congress. Check!

Correction:  We have been told that Irina's father was black.  We have also been told she is not bi-racial.  However, we did come across an old photo of what looks to be a very young girl- presumably Irina - with her parents, once of which is a black man, the other a white woman. 

Dave Giles (R)

We have had a chat with Mr. Giles and he seems to be a normal, rational person.  He's an engineer in the technology field with an economic background.  He convinced us, at least for now, that he is a true straight-shooting conservative. Here is what he has to say: 

  • I am a conservative Republican running for Congress in Arizona’s Ninth District.
  • I know that the people of Arizona will be better served if their representatives in Congress follow the Constitution when making any decisions.
  • Please check out my website to see my experience.

Seth Liebsohn (R)

"From Liebsohn's website: For the past twenty years I have dedicated my professional and personal life toward better and more positive social outcomes for our nation’s youth, and for all Americans’ greater economic opportunity and national security.

"I not only served as the head of Empower America, but also as the Vice President and a Senior Fellow of one of our nation’s other great think tanks, the Claremont Institute which is dedicated to teaching the principles of the American Founding."

Mr. Liebsohn has spent a lot of his time speaking to Republican groups, possible Democrat groups, about substance abuse among our young people.

Dr. Steve Ferrara (?) 

From reading his website, we would assume that Dr. Ferrara is a Republican, but it never reveals what party he belongs to.  He is a retired Navy Captain and a National Academy of Sciences Fellow in DC so he has had a sniff of the swamp.  He has a history of service to our country and his website has a lot of information and you should check it out.  He has a lot of good experience to run on and win.

It looks to us like the Republicans have fielded a trio of real possibilities.  Your job is to sort through the information and then select one candidate you can support with vigor.

Oh, the Democrat field?  Remember, they have the voting advantage because the Redistricting commission gerrymandered the boundaries to include equal numbers of party registrations.  But, here's the dirty little secret: they put high turnout Democrats with low turnout Republicans.  That means the dems like to vote and the republicans are apathetic in that district.  The key, then, is to incite and excite the Republicans into caring about how represents them and our country.  The Republican candidate who wins will do the best job of turning out Republicans to vote.

Now, to the Democrat candidates.  That is a more crowded field than usual which tells us the party either thinks ALL of their candidates are great or none of them are worth clearing the field for:

Chad Campbell: those who closely watch the AZ Legislature will know a thing or two about him

Talia Fuentes: she is being called the "bright new star in Arizona Democrat politics."

Greg Stanton: ex-Phoenix Mayor so radically liberal he makes Pelosi look like a moderate.

There are also a few Independents.  The bar to get on the ballot for Independents is pretty high but then, there is no such thing as an "Independent Party."  These are either disaffected former party loyalists, people who can't make up their minds or those who forgot to indicate a party when they registered at Motor Voter!

Without debate, this will be the Congressional race to watch and, if you believe in any of these candidates, go to work for them!  Elect the best candidate possible to run against the Democrat and never underestimate what the democrats will do to keep that seat.

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Thanks for posting that photo of Irina BVB.  I too have been told she is not bi-racial so this probably settles that question. Either way, I resent bringing race into this contest.  I've had enough of defining people by skin color or area of the world where they were born. We had racism nearly wiped out here until BO came to office and made it his singular mission to foment hate again #MARA (Make America Racist Again). Tell me about your cultural background and I'll know something about you: "I grew up in a socialist country and know I never want America to be that" or something like that.



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