This is a serious position and with everything we face with corruption and crimes in Washington, we need an independent thinking, knowledgeable person with strength and determination to honestly represent our values while there. Voters need to check out all of these candidates, then decide which one they prefer.  I will be writing about several other candidates, and I encourage others to as well.  We must be more engaged in evaluating those we elect in office.

Steve Montenegro is a candidate for Congress.  He continually boasts he is of “Constitutional” mindset and knowledge.   I like Steve and believe he is a good man.  However, I believe his understanding of the Constitution, and his position as a legislator with political integrity is seriously lacking.  I have had several conversations with him while visiting his LD 13.   He stood up in front of the group, trying to explain why he co-sponsored the Popular Vote for President and stumbled over questions.  I stood and asked why he supports destroying the Republic and our sovereignty and he told us that wasn’t happening.  I asked him who was superior, the federal government or the states?  He said the federal government.  I informed him how he was wrong with constitution references and he then said “Well, we are equal”.  Really?  Once again, I stood in front of the group and challenged his take on this.  Is this who we want to send to Washington?

If you are running for legislator of any state and will be taking the oath to support the constitution, then you damn well better Read it; Know it, and Understand it.  How can you be in the state legislature for over 8 years (each time promise to defend the constitution) and co-sponsor HB 2456, Agreement with the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote?  Unforgivable!  There were 45 legislators who co-sponsored this garbage, shameful.  Most were Republican.  You can find them here:

Then Saturday evening, January 13, 2018, he goes on radio with John Rosato and claims he didn’t support this Bill.  This isn’t honest.   Although Steve later changed his mind, just presenting it, demonstrates complete ignorance and a willingness to steal your sovereignty and independence.  Not to mention the entire bill was unconstitutional since the Electoral College is IN THE CONSTITUTION and requires a constitutional amendment which no one in their right mind would support.  Maybe 2 campaign donations totaling $1830, from Constantine Querard and another $1284 Lisa Querard, Constantine’s wife had something to do with his support.



Randy Miller


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I spread the word everyday news articles that allow you to post a comment.  

I'm one of those offended by the comments about Franks.  Whether I like his votes or not, his mistake to ask a staffer to be a surrogate for him and his wife was simply that, a mistake.  I do not consider that sexual harassment the definition of which is this: the act or an instance of harassing, or disturbing, pestering, or troubling repeatedly; persecution:  Nothing I've heard said or seen written does this situation fall under this definition.  If she repeatedly told him no and stop asking, which we have every reason to believe he did not, them we could consider it harassment.  

It takes a lot to offend me because we are in a time when everyone is offended by everything but I don't go there. Talk about his voting record but don't discredit his character unreasonably.  I am told you did same to a woman some years ago when you were in a tea party.  Maybe you should be accused of sexual harassment.  Just saying

I like Steve as a man not for congress the party bosses have been pushing him and Lovas far to hard for me if I was voting I would support Clair he knows the constitution better  

Hi Ernie; Thanks and I'll also not Violate my Oath which is reason enough for anyone not to vote for my Career Political Ladder Climbing Opponents, oh please recall the Forum where Montenegro called out Lovas on his wife's fund raising, well Lovas forgot to mention one of her larger clients is Sen. John McCain, legal business even though he votes against Our Rights Regularly. God Bless You; Van 

This is something I've posted elsewhere that merits repeating here.

He most certainly voted to approve the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). Had that been in force in 2016, Hillary Clinton would be president, and Arizona's Electoral Votes would have gone to her, even though President Trump won our state. Compare Montenegro's vote for NPVIC with Phil Lovas's vote against it. What makes this even worse than it might seem is it wasn't based simply on a one-off vote. Montenegro sold out to a fast-talking snake-oil-salesman lobbyist (named by others in this thread) in supporting this bill, and the lobbyists in Washington will definitely come a-lobbying if he wins this election. Finally, his Yea vote ran counter to the Republican-Party Platform plank that specifically said--and still says--the Party rejects the NPVIC. Not only is he not a conservative Republican, if he won't follow the party platform, he's not really a Republican. The picture shows the vote tally on the bill.  Note: there were 20 so-called Republicans who voted Yea.

One thing's abundantly clear from Clair VAN Steenwyk's posts:  as he becomes more strident in his positions and arguments, he also becomes more illiterate in how he writes--and none of his posts would get a passing grade from a seventh-grade English teacher.  In addition, he always seems both angry and unwilling to listen to, or even hear, anyone else's comments.  Those are characteristics embodied in many extreme left-wing Democratic-Party politicians--and intelligent people question how their constituents can vote for them.  We in CD-8 will be ill-served in the U.S. Congress if Clair VAN Steenwyk wins this election.

Unfortunately, even a fifth grade English teacher.  I've rarely seen so many run on sentences, among other ambiguities.  As far as his temper goes, I can't be a judge of that.  I do know that many pols can easily get carried away and political discussion today equals political dissension.

"Conscious streaming", as you put it, with lack of proper lengths, incorrect punctuation and midway shifts in subject is simply extremely difficult to follow, Clair.  In places, one has to stop, go back and figure out which thought fits where.  Put into speech, and it can be even more exasperating.  And the more upset or emotional  you get, the worse for the reader/listener.  Please take this as support, not disdain.  A critique, not criticism. You can easily use a text app which makes corrections as you go.  If you think so little of your audience that you don't care, that  will be "read" into your future thoughts as well.

The term you seek is "stream of consciousness."  You may call it that and try to hide behind it; I call it what it is: an inability to rationally and articulately convey your thoughts.  You tout your history and experience, while leaving out one of the most important elements of it.  You've lost every political race you've entered, and the causes of that have nothing to do with your opponents or the voters.  Your losses have everything to do with you--even if your arrogance prevents you from seeing and accepting that.  A healthy sense of self is a positive trait for an elected official to possess--egomania, which you regularly display, is not.


Is it just me, or did Clair delete some of his comments that people weren't happy with?

Hi Randy; People not being happy with what I say is nothing new to me, however I'm trying not to get involved in discussions that I don't believe are necessary for me to be in and thought I'd begin with this one, no offense to any just moving in another direction.
God Bless You All; Van 



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