This is a serious position and with everything we face with corruption and crimes in Washington, we need an independent thinking, knowledgeable person with strength and determination to honestly represent our values while there. Voters need to check out all of these candidates, then decide which one they prefer.  I will be writing about several other candidates, and I encourage others to as well.  We must be more engaged in evaluating those we elect in office.

Steve Montenegro is a candidate for Congress.  He continually boasts he is of “Constitutional” mindset and knowledge.   I like Steve and believe he is a good man.  However, I believe his understanding of the Constitution, and his position as a legislator with political integrity is seriously lacking.  I have had several conversations with him while visiting his LD 13.   He stood up in front of the group, trying to explain why he co-sponsored the Popular Vote for President and stumbled over questions.  I stood and asked why he supports destroying the Republic and our sovereignty and he told us that wasn’t happening.  I asked him who was superior, the federal government or the states?  He said the federal government.  I informed him how he was wrong with constitution references and he then said “Well, we are equal”.  Really?  Once again, I stood in front of the group and challenged his take on this.  Is this who we want to send to Washington?

If you are running for legislator of any state and will be taking the oath to support the constitution, then you damn well better Read it; Know it, and Understand it.  How can you be in the state legislature for over 8 years (each time promise to defend the constitution) and co-sponsor HB 2456, Agreement with the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote?  Unforgivable!  There were 45 legislators who co-sponsored this garbage, shameful.  Most were Republican.  You can find them here:

Then Saturday evening, January 13, 2018, he goes on radio with John Rosato and claims he didn’t support this Bill.  This isn’t honest.   Although Steve later changed his mind, just presenting it, demonstrates complete ignorance and a willingness to steal your sovereignty and independence.  Not to mention the entire bill was unconstitutional since the Electoral College is IN THE CONSTITUTION and requires a constitutional amendment which no one in their right mind would support.  Maybe 2 campaign donations totaling $1830, from Constantine Querard and another $1284 Lisa Querard, Constantine’s wife had something to do with his support.



Randy Miller


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Drain the uneducated swamp

I fully agree with Randy Miller on this one. This would hurt our State along with many other States. The problem is, people are not well informed about this issue at all. A lot of Republicans all over the country would not get in again. There is a great need to inform the public now. Never vote yes on this Bill for the NPV.

I have believed for many years that a huge majority of politicians and bureaucrats could not pass a 1950s 10th grade test on the Constitution.  I also believe that such an education be a requirement for any public office. 

It ain't gonna happen.  One of the very first areas the demoprogs went after was the educational system.  I can't remember the last time I heard of any "public" school actually teaching a "civics" course.  Dumb them down and prevent them from learning any real history, alter the real history of supposed heroic politicians, and you can sell the dummies almost any story.  It's not that they're unwilling to learn,  its made impossible for them to do so.

Now open the doors to an entirely misunderstood and totally alien religion/philosophy and treat them as we would any neighbor and "protect and support them", require nothing from them, and you've successfully sold the Constitution its own destruction. 

Am I being an alarmist?  Probably.  But I don't see any clear path out of the morass.  Perhaps Pogo's statement, "We have seen the enemy and he is us" has completely taken over.

Training in the Constitution should obviously be required for any politician but also for police officers, soldiers and any other place of public service.

How can they in good conscience take an Oath of Office that includes defending the Constitution when most have never even read it? 

I believe the answer to that question is that they are relying on their superiors to tell them what is Constitutional and what is not.  The Oath is personal but the commitment is conditional at best.

Steve Montenegro falls into this category.  I believe he is basically a good man but too trusting of others.

He trusted the Speaker of the House but never verified whether the NPV was Constitutional in fulfillment of his Oath of Office.  He trusted C.Q. his campaign manager who was a paid lobbiest for the NPV but never investigated or verified anything he was told.

Most of our representatives are not even reading these bills.  They trust that the committees did their due diligence, while failing in their own.

Next time you talk to one of your representatives ask them if the actually read the bills before they vote on them.  If they are honest, the answer may shock you.

Clair, your statement "Now the final blow, Franks soliciting sex with staffers" is out of line and unsubstantiated.  That is not what I understood how it all went down from "News reports".  Trent Franks is a humble man, for I too have met him several times and talked with him.  Although I agree with your assessments on the voting for unconstitutional FISA, NDAA, and CISPA, lets not take liberties at him as a man and his character.

Yes, it was inappropriate to seek surrogate mothers within his office staff, but that is much different than asking them to go to bed with him as you insinuate here.  He admitted he was wrong and also stated he and his wife have been unable to have a child, more or just one I am not sure, and he was seeking a woman to help them as a husband and wife wanting another child of their genes.  Believe it or not, having a surrogate is not uncommon. 

Now, I am sure you will find something here to pick on, that is okay, do your thing.

Mr. Franks did what was right and resigned, in order to save face and protect the party from further embarrassment.  Although the timing left us in our current predicament, he was the only one with similar issues and complaints to do so.


Here is what I am talking about.  You failed to address the issue I pointed out, you say he went around trying to get women in bed, reading into something to suit your needs, avoidance.  You distract us with your ranting about other unrelated issues and people.   Finally, you claim to "know" I am a Franks supporter when in fact you would have no way of knowing this because you are unable to listen to what people actually say when they try to talk with you. 

Believe it or now, I actually voted for you because I didn't want Franks.  Then the last two years I started paying more attention to you, "trying" to have a discussion with you.  I will admit Clair, we both have a tendency to upset the status quo.  For that I am a fan of yours, but there are too many other issues which I am willing to discuss, or try, with you in a private setting and not air them here.   I am glad we have another choice for a vote this time that is proven to be a constitutionalist and fought and continues to fight for our constitutional foundation. 

Yes, you are an abrasive person to try and talk to and it does turn people off.  We aren't talking about running a company as that you keep touting.  Yes you are knowledgeable and that is great.  I also believe you are an intelligent person.  But the package isn't all there to fit, in my humble opinion what is needed for Arizona and the Country.   That doesn't mean others won't disagree, that is fine.  You are asking for my vote and I have a right to explain why you're not getting it.

Former Sheriff, Richard Mack is the best choice for our state and country, but I am sure you will have a rapid comment and attack piece on him, we can expect no less. 

I wasn't "Angry" Clair.  I was frustrated, and not over your not wanting to do a "Hit Piece" and McSally.   No candidate should do a hit piece on another candidate.  The reporting of facts that are not consistent with statements of candidates is, in my opinion, useful for the uninformed.  You do have information that is useful that most average voters don't have because they aren't behind the scenes like you and myself, being a PC for many years. 

My frustration was with your constant cutting me off and constant saying "I don't care" when I dried to give information to you about what Sheriff Mack has been and is involved in many cases and activities all over the country and in Washington to this day. 

I was trying to give you information in response to your claim that you are the only one on the debate panel that goes to the capital and argues or fights against bills you aren't happy with.  You don't want to hear anything other than someone patting you on the back and agreeing you on everything.  If it isn't what you want to hear, your reaction is, well, unpleasant.

If you can get past this, you would be a good candidate and one I could consider voting for.  I am speaking from experience and trying to say it as a friend because we do need more people with your knowledge base.  I just think you could do better at building alliances with like minded warriors rather than trying to be the lone wolf.

Randy the RNC does hit pieces on conservatives all the time get informed google democrats against agenda 21 the manifesto of the new world order.

I'm just thinking you, Clair, should man up.  What you just described is nothing to what you would have to put up with in Congress.  Please, spare us the whining.

This above reply was to Clair Van Steenwyk's  comments he has since taken down.

The normal way is ask the DR you don't walk up to female staff an ask.  Mr Miller I may know you I was in LD 4 at one time. I wasn't getting truthful info from the Republican party the wee hiding something from the rank and file. I want you to think back to 1992 and Ross Perot he knew that George H. W. Bush had sold this nation out when he signed UN Agenda 21. I would like you to buy the book Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Korie. 

Thank you Ernest,

I have the book and have been handing them out while trying to inform others of Agenda 21, glad you also are knowledgeable on this.  The sad thing is our whole country has been unwittingly buying into the whole "Green" propaganda nonsense.  Several of our cities are seeking the "LEEDS" certified designation and approval from the U.N., an unelected body by the way.  Anyway, this is a discussion for another time, but one that should be done.

If you remember from my post, I said it was inappropriate for Mr. Franks to approach his request in the way he did.  

Thank you,




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