Just around the corner on February 27 is the Special Election primary vote to fill the CD8 seat vacated by Trent Franks. The Republican and Democrat winners of that election will go head to head on April 24. Then they will go right back to campaigning for the permanent seat in the August primary. Franks was generally semi-conservative even though some tea partiers saw him as a very conservative lawmaker. We disagree due to his alignment with the likes of McCain and Flake and bowing to their pressure on some important issues in his time in the House. Nonetheless, Franks is a decent guy and people in CD8 liked him and feel at a loss at his resignation.

Here is the very crowded Republican field in no particular order:

Chad Allen  

David Lien

Richard Mack

Christopher Sylvester

Brenden Dilley

Phil Lovas

Stephen Dolgos 

Bob Stump

Clair Van Steenwyk

Debbie Lesko

Mark Yates

Steve Montenegro

That makes 12 Republicans and three un-named Democrats in a district that is unlikely to elect a Democrat. Let's take a look at who these candidates are (we included websites when we found them):

Chad Allen – a business owner from Goodyear, has no political experience and the standard line up of issue positiions.

David Lien – Minnesota native where he ran for office is a very blue district and lost. Served as city councilman for four terms in a small Minnesota town and served in various positions in the MN Republican party. Lives in Glendale. A very long shot.

Richard Mack – Popular former Sheriff of Graham County, AZ. A political activist, he is known for his role in a successful lawsuit brought against the federal government of the United States which alleged that portions of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act violated the United States Constitution. Loved by many but disliked because he's not the perfect candidate.

Sylvester, Dilley, Dolgos, Yates are also rans and will not affect the election in any major way.

Clair Van Steenwyk – Professional candidate described by Seeing Red Arizona as “ego driven, perpetual candidate promotes his online radio show” Routinely garner's a few votes but has never finished any race higher than last place.

Steve Montenegro – Former AZ House member, favors NPV even still, takes his orders from CQ (Constantin Querard) We cannot figure out why Franks endorsed this man when he endorses the end of America with the National Popular Vote. Despite what he claims on any given day, he still supports NPV. This job needs someone with critical thinking skills and Montenegro doesn't have that gift.

Debbie Lesko – supported by all the progressive Republicans, we would take a wide berth around this candidate. Like Montenegro, has collected plenty of donations from those you would not want to chat with at a cocktail party.

Phil Lovas – It's true he was an early supporter of Donald Trump. It's true he worked hard on Candidate Trumps campaign. So did some our our team members but we don't consider that is the best resume` for a Congressional job. His singular issue seems to be “Elect me. I worked for Trump.” His wife is a bundler for progressive Republicans like McCain and was on the payroll of devious Robert Graham, AZGOP Chairman. Pass on him.

Bob Stump – Our first introduction to Stump was some years ago when he followed his well-liked father on the Arizona Corporation Commission. Unfortunately, the younger Stump, now running for CD8 was caught up in a corruption scandal while in that position along with Gary Pierce and Brenda Burns: Click Here and Click Here

With this information, it should be clear who would best represent CD8 in an honorable manner. Wouldn't that be something!


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Well, Clair Van Steewyk knows electioneering is not allowed on this site as has been mentioned several times over the years I've been here. Looks like he found a way around that rule.  I have to wonder if this is the type of candidate we want to go to congress? Don't we have enough underhanded politicians there already?  No other candidate does this so consistently than Van Steewyk.

Thank you, Pat J, for letting me know that the comment I thought of, and posted in my own name, was considered "electioneering."

Clair Van Steenwyk did not ask me to post any comment to this Discussion.

I apologize.  I had no idea that my copying & pasting text from a candidate's post in a different venue would be considered electioneering, nor that the candidate would be blamed for my action.

I actually thought I was joining other members in providing AFA's CD8 Voters additional information—including the missing Web-site—about a candidate, along with the extensive comments about another of the candidates.

You're good, Itasca.  We have had problems in the past of candidates using our site as their personal campaign site and that makes it seem as though we endorse or support those candidates.



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