It seems two parts on the topic of deceptive campaigns was not enough.  We post this press release from the Ugenti-Rita campaign but we could also cover the ugliness being wrought against super conservative Rep. David Stringer, Yavapai County.  Establishment Republicans can't stand conservatives any more than democrats can and they are making quite an unnecessary flap over some honest comments by Rep. Stringer.  We are in a climate that honest debate is no longer allowed: the democrats because they don't understand the concept and establishment Republicans because they are cowards.  Yes, cowards.  Below, Michelle Ugenti-Rita defends against false claiims and includes documentation.  Again, challenging candidates should stick to facts without misrepresenting the facts. We are conservative Repubicans.  We like facts.  Not only that, we have been watching legislation for nearly two decades and know that one must chat with a lawmaker about the motivation for their votes.  Motivation matters.


As you know, I have always conducted my campaigns to be focused on my voting record and the successes we have delivered to the district [LD23].  Unfortunately, one of my opponents, Timothy Jeffries, has been grossly mischaracterizing my record. In all of the campaigns I have been involved in, I have never seen an opponent resort to this level of deception.  I am disappointed I have no choice, but to set the record straight regarding his misleading comments.

On The Issues
  • Jeffries claims I opposed Pro-Kids education funding legislation. The truth is I, and ten other conservative republicans, opposed a $667 million a year sales tax increase. (SB 1390, 2018)
  • Jeffries claims I opposed anti-bullying legislation because I am “Pro Status Quo”.  In the House of Representatives the bill received 21 “No” votes, all cast by Republicans and five Republicans in the Senate also opposed the bill.  As a proponent of local control of education, I believe this is an issue that is better addressed at the school district level. (HB 2415, 2011)
  • Jeffries claims I opposed a bill that prevented all teenagers from texting while driving. The truth is, I and 19 other conservative republicans opposed a bill the prohibited texting while driving as a permittee or during your first six months as a licensee because the state already has laws prohibiting reckless driving. (SB 1080, 2017)
  • Jeffries claims I am a “Political Opportunist” because I opposed “pro-veterans tax-relief legislation”. The truth is I, and seven other conservative republicans, opposed this bill because I have always voted to treat all taxpayers equally which this bill did not do. While I have a strong record of supporting veterans, I do not believe giving one group an exemption from the vehicle license tax, which funds our transportation infrastructure, is sound tax policy. (HB 2153, 2016)
  • Jeffries claims I opposed the “sunscreen freedom for kids legislation” because I am again “Pro Status Quo”. I was one of nine conservative republicans who opposed this bill. The truth is I do not believe the state should impose its will on parents and their children regarding issues that are best handled at the local level.  I have been a consistent and ardent supporter of limited government and I do not believe in micromanaging schools and issues that are best addressed at the local level.

As you know, I have a record that is conservative, consistent and reflects the will of the district.  When you have a voting record, it is easily distorted and mischaracterized for political purposes and expediency.  I am grateful for your loyalty and support in the past and I am looking forward to having the privilege of continuing to fight for you in the State Senate.

Thank you,

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Republican campaigns: circle the Republican wagons, take out verbal gun, aim, shoot off mouth.

When a candidate is maligned, one must defend themselves and using facts to do it is a novel idea.  Maybe it will catch on and the creepy candidates will keep their tongues in check.

Campaigns are as usual although it seems more so these days employing negative tactics. A fallout of the war games the politicians and their pundits use from the national.

Good a setting the record straight was brought to bare. The negative tactics work because many voters will not look under the covers.

Personally I view this negativity as desperation. I wish it was not used but a wish is just that and not an action.

Thank you AFA for informing us.

I particularly appreciate the call-out "ugliness being wrought against super conservative Rep. David Stringer, Yavapai County.  Establishment Republicans can't stand conservatives any more than democrats can and they are making quite an unnecessary flap over some honest comments by Rep. Stringer."

While damage has been done there are good people who continue to support Stringer  in significant numbers.

Know also that what the YAVGOP ECs did will and is not going to turn out well for them.



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