We have information on the post election activities at the Maricopa County Recorders office. In a word, it's an office in chaos. What does that mean?

According to our reporter in the room where ballots are normally counted, “ballots are being thrown around everywhere.” What kind of ballots, we asked. Provisional ballots, early ballots that have not been opened, ballots from the voting centers and corrected ballots, we were told.

Many reports have come into us that voters went to their polling place to vote in person. The poll workers were so disorganized or under-trained that they would force voters to vote provisional ballots, ballots that would not appear in the original counting that is reported in the totals for the Secretary of State's site to put online. Provisional ballots are always counted, but much later... counted last. When you have poll workers forcing voters who are at their legitimate polling place to vote a provisional ballot, chaos will surely reign supreme. The other problem is that Adrian Fontes, Maricopa County Recorder and in charge of this election – not, by the way, ever is it the Secretary of States responsibility for the elections - opened quite a few early, early voting centers. These centers were in effect about 60 days prior to Primary Day and cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Because anyone could go anywhere to vote at the centers up to sixty + days prior to the actual primary, ballots were in disarray and have to be sorted and recorded to all the different precincts across Maricopa County. There are hundreds of precincts so we can easily see what a problem it would be to sort through those ballots and get them into the proper precinct to match to the voter rolls. A lot of extra work that must be paid for. The Elections Department is in the hands of the democrat Maricopa County Recorder to handle from start to finish. This is no one's problem but Adrian Fontes' who is the new recorder in Maricopa.

A member of AFA on site to help with hand counts and processing reports that Fontes is bringing in people “off the street,” which is to say, untrained and no idea who they are, to review ballots that are called “corrected ballots.” It has always been our understanding that if a voter “spoils” their ballot by voting for the wrong person, they are supposed turn in the spoiled ballot and get a new one. Spoiled ballots have never been counted on the races that don't comply such as over voting. What happens is that voters write in the margins what their intent was such as writing NO by the name they didn't want to vote for and then marking an extra name on the ballot. The machines can't read the margin notes and will kick the ballot out. What democrat Fontes is doing is hiring people who have no training, paying them $10 an hour to take the spoiled ballots – called by him “corrected ballots” - and handing over to a hireling to decide how the voter intended to vote and then counting that vote. Visions of Florida chads come to mind. There is a reason voters have long been instructed to request a new ballot but as we know, voters pay little attention. To put these ballots into strange, untrained hands is consistent with voter fraud. Someone who is untrained and unknown is making a guess as to how the person wanted to vote.

In fact, thousands of early ballots have come in with no signature on the envelope. The signatures are important and are supposed to be matched to the signatures on file in the computer. Again, those who have never been trained are looking at the voter rolls to make a determination if the signatures match, except where there is no signature. Sometimes, it appears, the ballots are visible to the inspectors so how the ballot was voted is also visible. This defies the concept of secret ballot. Our contact has also told us that the chaotic situation has allowed thousands of illegal votes to be counted and many are from those who are not legally qualified to be voting.  Our member told us that one candidate she noticed got hundreds of votes on the ballots they are just opening and counting.  The AZSOS online count shows that same candidate down a 1000 votes from the original tabulation!

As of this writing, “thousands of ballots are not yet opened” and ballots are being handed around the tabulation room at the recording officer's location. There are no control methods in place to handle these ballots that fall outside of the rules, no recordings of what is happening.  This election has to be certified the Monday after Labor Day.  What do you think will happen if all ballots are not properly counted?

Chaos! Perhaps the Attorney General should be looking into what is happening in the tabulation rooms at the Maricopa County Recorders office!

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Isn't it self-evident that I know there is no GOOD in evil.  Good overcomes evil hence my comment about the change of heart.

Nan; I understand that perfectly, my point is now the Purple GOP will once again use their Doctrine of Better of Two Evils to get the rank and file to retain all the Purple office holders that they pushed thru the primaries to another term and then another. I've spoken with several who tried to defeat them and most agree without the financial aid to compete it's a losing battle and most won't try it again. God Bless You; Van 

We reject the concept of "don't vote for the better of two evils."  The real problem is that good candidates rarely run and when they do, the conservatives in the GOP, even in the activist community, won't support them beyond voting for them.  We must get active in GOTV activities.  But we continue to talk to the wind.  Therefore, there is only evil 1 and evil 2 = which do you vote for?  There were a very few exceptions this year on the state level and a few more on the legislative level.  How many conservatives actually won?  The federal level was a disaster from beginning to end. 

if we think this is bad, wait until the Nov election.  That one is for all the cookies and I have to wonder what fontes has in store for us then.  But then we knew this would happen with democrats in that office. It's the reason Soros/Steyer put so much money behind him.



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